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so many reasons / validity
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Published: 16 years ago
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so many reasons / validity

Did any of you stop to consider reasons WHY gays might wish to marry?
Many would like to know that their other half has death rights,
that should be theirs as it does in any marriage.
A house they share, would remain as the survivors house,
items they bought and shared in their life.. would be protected
from the other persons family barging in and taking away precious
memories... simply because the survivor has no rights.

If the other half has to go into a hospital in critical condition,
family members only allowed to visit, he/she is tough out of luck.
When the very thing the patient might need is their other half there,
giving them love and support and continued sharing of the ups and downs of life.

Another benefit is health care insurance.. one person may have a job
that extends health care to family members/ spousal sharing of pensions,
spousal rights to business, and reduces taxes to be able to file jointly.

My great grandmother was blessed literally by having a gay man help her thru
the last 30 years of her life.
Her only daughter did not speak to her for about 40 years.
My great grandmother hired a man to help take care of the farm
she owned. He happened to be gay.
He took care of everything on the property, and as she grew older,
helped her with her life.
She adopted him as a son after about 15 years I think..
which only enangered a great many that knew her.
When she passed at a great old age (I think about 94)
Her daughter & grandchildren that were close in age to this man,
were outraged that she left about everything to him.
The house, the property/farm all the belongings in the house...
(she did put tags on backs of some things to go to certain other
family members (she even left me a beautiful painting)

Anyhow, her daughter and the children of this woman went to court..
to try to get the property. (even though they had not shared interaction
with her while she was living)
They were unsucessful mainly because she had had the foresight
to legally adopt this man as a son many decades prior..and he had
remained there an taken care of the property for most of his life,
and had been the only one that took care of her when she got older
and incapable of taking care of herself. He truly treated her as
any beloved son would. In my opinion, he deserved the inheritance he got.

I think my grandmother did end up with like 5,000.$ and her 2
children with 2,000 $ each.
So legal means are very much a needed thing.

Also, the way the world is, concerning adoptions by gays.
There are legal fathers that rape their own daughters,
abuse in so called normal families is commmonplace..beatings, emotional
abuse and neglect.. drinking drugs manipulative controls over children
by needy mothers etc..
There are *sexual perverts* in any walk of life.
There are also truly caring and sensitive people that want a child,
to help that child have better opportunities in life than living
in a orphanage.

I have rarely met a gay person.. male or female, that was truly
interested in trying to force a straight person into a gay relationship.
They want to share a life with a person that is open to share back caring
and love with them.
You know, for all the gay *bashers* don't you find it odd, that
gays are more tolerant of you, than you are of them ?

I would rather be raised in love, by two caring folks,
than by the so called normal abusive family I was raised in.

I think if 2 applying potential adopters met the requirements,
and had no sexual criminal history or felony records of any criminal activity,
(ie: assaults abusive behaviors, etc)
were not drunkards or drug abusers , and met the financial shared
requirements.. steady job employment etc.. that there should be
NO reason to disallow a child a better start in life.

It has been proven, that ANY child raised with love, already
achieves more in life, emotionally more stable,
than one raised in a bad home, or orphanage.

One last thought;
If a woman died, leaving behind a child, or perhaps more..
and say the father and her *gay brother* were both caring for the child,
society would not even question that..(the gay issue)
they would just see family taking care of family.
what if the woman had no husband?..
but her sister and mother took the child to raise?..
perhaps her mother might be gay..
again, would society question that?
Of course not!!

I see no difference in these issues at all..
end result? child is raised by 2 loving people..
and sometimes of same sex. (actually more often than might
be imagined.)

My thoughts anyhow,
Ami Joi Benton


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