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Re: The whole story... added most of my story Need cures and identification. This is insanity. My life gone the past 6 months
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: The whole story... added most of my story Need cures and identification. This is insanity. My life gone the past 6 months

Guessing the formulas your mentioning are??? Somewhere in this website? I guess I missed a lot of thread...

Last night I was thinking it's got to be 2-3 because there's no way they could have that numerous stages..

The drs trying to say psychosomatic is the worst. I'm guessing you didn't catch all three posts I did. I added key words might be why plus responses to others comments from
Long ago. I should make my own new post just one real long one with

Have you tried the food grade diatomaceous earth? I ran out and was forgetting to take it myself as my pugs have a couple of whatever I have.

Glad to hear the order n treatment. I'd like to know what all I'm dealing with. I spend several hours trying to keep all the things off the floor, food n water. Moving will help a lot. I'd like to be armed and ready so to speak. As well as all of us beginning to be cured.

You suggest there's no cure???? I had a bad feeling this could be possible. Newest worm showing up is a clear Ish one with a tail. Longest being about an inch long. Finding in dogs eyes brings a hole new meaning to the getting bugs out of your eyes term. Gees. I really fear blindness. One puppy has one under the white clear layer of the eye above her iris. If I had to guess she's only got a mater of time especially if it lays eggs...!!! I did find a home for one puppy 2-3 weeks ago. Vet seen her a week after they had her n checked out healthy.

My vet missed the mouth crap going on tho. It's pretty much the one observable symptom or general area that won't go away. White n yellow under tongue n back of mouth on sides shows in photos I have them the two flesh colored circles below inscissor area on lower lips with like a 16th" dot in the center. Inflamed gums with like roundish beads on the inner lip areas. Black to flesh colored.

I don't throw up but I got a really bad 3-4 day stomach type flu tho only one thing I threw up was one brown worm looked like a dog tape worm that's only an inch long.

Then their are the black ones that don't ever seam to move. None do actually. Accept the ones that were round and jumped. Some black some reddish. I don't find those any longer in my room or on my pugs. I'd only seen one large black one leave a puppy just the one time. Switched rooms ((moving asap. Probably take a week)) and bought new dog food as it was in the dog food. All food can't be left out in this house. Seams like two different types of bacteria or mold
in the air. Orange or yellow food gets speckled darker and meat especially innitially just turned dark brown black within an hour or I've seen it more get big black pepper specks.

Ever since the floors upstairs got a real cleaning instead of just a swifter. It's been a lot better. I pulled out all sorts of bug material under furniture upstairs. There's no way to clean or sterilize everything in this house. It should be condemned. Inside outside cats I suspect started the whole mess. As I doubt the dog lice the people had their daughters dog a couple days here without telling me what it had. The audacity. Then them being in denial all because my pugs are still acting and looking (((unless you know what to look for))) kinda
normal. They think they'd be dead which with secondary infections could or inevitably would kill them if left untreated.
I'd mentioned several times that parasites don't typically kill their meal supply unless it's running out of food. I lost 40 pounds. That's when my knee started becoming a lot more painful. Not broken no falls. X rays show nothing!!:-( not like an MRI would which when I meet with the back dr surgeon they'll want a new one. I've shrank 1 1/2 inches in under 6 months. Loosing muscle=loosing core strength and scoliosis may not be operable now because of this parasite right rib area like a side ache 24/7 also started overnight same time knee got really worse. Only day I'd taken an ice cold shower after scrubbing down with

Pretty sure all family members have the seed looking weird stuff in their stool like the dogs do and isn't showing in mine any longer.

I thought alcohol would kill it off. Might have the seed ones. Your saying more likely exacerbated it:-(. The eye worms are now in my saliva only as large as 1/4" tho. Alcohol probably not helpful there. Nasal too.

2 drs think I'm making this up in my head. Inflamation blood marker, shriveled, not dry or cracking, fingertips like I'd been soaking in water only haven't. Used to run below normal 97.8. Now I'm low grade fever for at least two months.

The darker specks on my skin and extra freckles. Noticed tiny dark red specks too strange of areas to be scabies but I phone full magnification looks like one. Might be bellys faceing out. Red specks could be young burrowing under or new ones born coming out then finding new homes?? Seed things look like a pepper or tomato seed. Flat like one. I phone mag shows they're like hexigonal not flat or difined edges just the general shape. Are a light greywhite with black flecks specks etc.
Maybe their the ones that end up releasing the 1/4 inch long hair things. Though a couple of months ago I found three different nest type things in the upstairs bathroom. One was like a grey (kind of appeared dark olive in color) was 2"x 1/2" and 1/16" thick,

one looked like three or four 3/4 " miniature hotdogs if I had to describe with naked eye.

One looked like half hazard laid 1 1/2 or so Piled up maybe 30 or so laying in the same general direction. Each has like hairs on it. Only noticed one getting into a fold on puppy's face when they were just starting to walk. It kinda attached with each feather like hair along the one strand. I pulled n scraped it off. It was p
I have photos of al. Samples kinda time stamped in zip lock bags too

One last thing I noticed 2 days ago. If I hadn't seen it I wouldn't believe it. I had a small sore next to top of index/ pointer fingernail. And I'd placed some newer parasite material I'd
found on this piece of wax paper. And when I went to ad another it acted like it was being pulled to the sore by magnet. It was 1/4 th inch thread thickness black piece that started to enter before I got to it part broke off in it. So I put vinager and a trance of the johnsons foot bath powder
It came back out.

Sounds too weird to be true. I better go. Hope to hear thoughts solutions and identification possibilities. More appreciated that you know. Thank you


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