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Fecal/urine/fart odor
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Published: 5 years ago

Fecal/urine/fart odor

Hello everyone. My back story is that in 2012, I worked for a government company. I've gone through life, up until that job never once thinking I had a bad odor problem. It was about a couple of weeks of me working at this company that I started hearing grumblings that I smelled awful. I would ask these very same people in private and they would always flat out deny that I did. So I thought that I misheard them and was being paranoid. Then I started anot her job and again....started hearing talk of me smelling. I knew that my hygiene was great, so I was baffled as to where the smell was coming from.
I went to about 8 different doctors in 5 years and they all said, "I don't smell anything!". Talk about frustrating!
I've been visiting this board since 2012 and have tried:
Zinc tablets
Fiber pills
Bentonite clay
Aloe Vera juice
B 12 pills
Vitamin d
Vitamin c
Renew life probiotics
Glutamine pills
Three lac
Black walnut pills
Caprylic acid
Coconut oil (3 tbps a day)
Grape seed or grapefruit seed capsules
Pau d Arco
Candi-gone (also by renew life)
parasite cleansers from Thailand
2 tbps of baking soda a day
Candida diet
Palo diet
Pescatarian diet
Vegetarian diet
Vegan diet
Nystatin pills
Just to name a few

Now of those listed above, what has shown some results were:
Wormwood and Black-Walnut got rid of some parasites that I didn't even know I had.

The parasite cleansers from China got rid of other parasites I didn't know we're still in me.

The glutamine pills (1000MG x's 5), stopped the tingling feeling in my bum.

The juicing helped my nails grow strong and stopped my hair from breaking (it took almost two months for me to notice the difference)

Aloe Vera juice....that felt like it was clearing some things, but it caused me to smell like cat pee after drinking it. What I didn't know is that drinking anything caused me to smell like cat pee.

Caprylic acid capsules helped my joints not click so much. And it cleared up the rash that was in my groin area. But the minute I stopped taking it, it would come right back.

Vitamin c (1000th x's 3) gave me more energy because I was always tired.

Threelac for me helped me with my weight loss and clearing up my rash down there. It took 2 weeks after taking 3lac for the rash to go away, but took me 3 months for me to lose 60lbs. (This to me was an indicator that I had candida. I also noticed that the coating on my tongue went away too). Once I lost the weight, I thought I could go back to eating normally....wrong! I gained 5 lbs in one week. Read on this forum that I should cut out gluten and any products with yeast and I haven't gained any weight since! It's also stopped my tonsil stones

The candida diet didn't work for me....and yes, I followed it to a T.
The pale diet didn't work for me either. If anything it made me smells worse.

The pescatarian diet, gave me energy, but did not help with my smell.

I'm now a vegan and though my smell is still there, it's not AS bad as before.

I still can't drink anything without wreaking of cat urine and because I work, I don't eat anything during the week, but pig out come Friday evening and Saturday. On Sunday, I either drink magnesium citrate or some kind of stool softner to make me go on sunday, so that by Monday, I don't offend too many noses at work, as I'm empty.

I wanted to add that I'm a girl, so when it's my cycle, I've heard that it smells like a sewer...and yes, my stomach is empty on these days. I also have the worst musty smell during this time as well.

The renew life probiotics did nothing noticeable for me and the coconut oil also gave me more energy.

**do NOT eat chocolate, coffee, or ANY dairy. For me this makes me smells for blocks and I'm not exaggerating***

I'm currently taking prescript assist and I also don't feel/see any noticeable results from it either.

I still have a smell about me, but believe I'm only 20%cured of it. So if any body has any other ideas, I'd very much welcome them.

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