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Congratulation on your success so far !
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Published: 5 years ago
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Congratulation on your success so far !

Hi Fedup10,

congratulation on your success so far and thanks for the detail report.

If you smell anything like urine, it is a very strong sign your kidneys (and maybe urinary bladder) are not working well.

It is the job of kidneys to filter blood and remove urine from the blood. If kidneys are unable to remove all urine from your blood, you will have too much urine in your blood, and you will sweat urine on your skin, making you smell bad.

Diabetic patients and people who are on dialysis often smell like urine, as their kidneys are not working well.

It is the job of urinary bladder to collect the liquid that kidneys have removed from the blood, and to eventually extract water (and return water back to blood) from the urine, concentrate the urine until it is released out when you pee.

People smell urine when kidneys are underperforming.
People also smell urine when urinary bladder is malfunctioning and is absorbing urine back to the blood flow.

Many old people smell urine because medications they have taken for many years have damaged their kidneys and the bladder.

Celery seed tee , water melons , water melon seed tee , stinging nettle tea , juice fasting, Water Fasting , .... are just some of the herbs and remedies that can help cleanse kidneys and improve kidney function.

You may also need help from someone practicing traditional chinese medicine, someone who can help you balance energies by acupuncture and by chinese remedies.
To me it sounds like your kidneys are in a very bad shape. Do you have dark circles around the eyes ?
Or any change in skin color or skin texture below the eyes ?

FMT as home therapy can also be of great help, as it will help you heal you colon.

I have not seen Liver Flushing on your list , if you have not done it, you need a serii of at least 12-20 Liver Flushes and it will take some time.

When intestinal bacteria is unable to thrive in the colon , the problem is not only with the colon, the problem is also with the stomach, and the liver.

It is good you lost some weight, any excess weight adds to bad body smell.

Vegan diet will definitively help you loose weight.

What is your blood type ?
Please check the Blood Type Diet food lists, and eliminate foods that are not good for your blood type .

Diet, regular exercise, sex, sweating, sauna, all those things can help with Body Odor .

The more you sweat while exercising or while having sex, or in sauna, the less you will smell after you take a shower.

Sex, exercise and sauna can also help with stress and with anxiety, and both stress and with anxiety can affect how much you sweat, and the smell of your sweat.

Read also what others have done to heal bad Body Odor , if you haven't already.


coffee enema may also help cleanse the liver.

These are just a few suggestions from the top of my head .... I hope some of this will work for you.

Liver Cleansing can take up to a year or longer, a you are not suppose to do Liver Flushes too often.

Kidney cleansing can take months too.

FMT can take weeks or months to establish good bowel flora.

FMT may not work if the liver and kidneys are too weak, so cleanse both liver and kidneys.

Keep us updated of your progress!


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