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Re: Fecal/urine/fart odor
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Fecal/urine/fart odor

Hello who are you normally,
I'm going to answer your questions in the order you asked:
1.) I have looked into tmau but a genetics said that it was highly unlikely because of how clean my diet was.

Don't play games. Get tested so you can have a definitive answer. The words likely and unlikely should not be part of your life right now.

2.) No...I don't sweat normally, but during my cycle, I have a strong musty smell that even I notice

Lack of sweating is part of the vata depletion syndrome. Google

Anything that gets worse during your cycle is liver related. You need to keep working on your liver. Even though things did not resolve yet with the flushes, you should keep on them or coffee enemas long term. Eventually it will pay off.

3.) I have tried Chlorophyll but it didn't make me smell any better. It actually made me smell worse

I asked if you tried juicing leafy greens as a source for your chlorophyl. Bottled chlorophyl is expensive green food coloring .

4.)yes, cruciferous foods do make me smell worse

And garlic, onions, eggs, do they also make you smell worse?

If you find that all sulfur makes you worse you should start looking into heavy metals.

5.)I'm already vegan, so I get plenty of greens in my diet.

What is your blood type?

Are you sure vegan is the right thing for you to do?

kapha blood type A is a good candidate for vegan. Type O not so much.

6.)I am totally gluten free

7. ) my weight is now normal....although before I was overweight until taking threelac.

Have you experimented with different probiotics. I think I suggested making your own rejuvelac. I would try fermenting beets, cabbage (or maybe not due to sulfur), vegan kefirs, and see if these are better than threelac. Try adding cooked fennel and chicory to your diet. Prebiotics imo are better than probiotics. Try extra strong black tea to see if it works on biofilms or has any positive effect on flora. Or green tea 3x per day.

8.)since taking iron suppliments, my temp is normal. Before I was always cold. In my doctors attempt to figure out what was wrong with me, she discovered that I was very anemic

Hint hint about being vegan.

Good that you addressed your anemia. There is a good iron supplement called ferrochel patented by albion labs.

Anemia is often associated with low stomach acid which is associated with blood type A. Did you find that in the past when you ate meat it just sat in your stomach for ages and then caused gas. This is a tipoff for blood type A.

You might look into betaine hcl pills. Or eat lots of beets.

9.)I have tried magnesium sulfate and that too did not work for me.

sulfate is high sulfur. I think you should try magnesium glycinate.

10.)pineapple juice I've always drank. I don't feel any different when drinking it though, but the next day I smell like cat urine

Fresh made or bottled. There is nothing good about bottled. Fresh pineapple juice is a great antiparasitic and high enzyme food to help clean the whole body.

11.)I've also tried the Niacin and this too did nothing noticeable for me

12.)I'm vegan, so I don't take any animal products

13.) I have done Liver Flushes but I'm still with this odor.

What were the results of your liver flushes

So with this being said, I called a naturopath and she said that it sounds as if I have several things going on, like s.i.b.o, candida, and leaky gut.she informs me that I will have to go on some planned cycle to clean out my gut entirely and then rebuild it. I have an appointment on 2/10 and will post her findings in hopes that it helps others with this issue.

Thank you for your questions and help :-)

Well, it's sort of good what she said, but I would imagine you will waste your money with her. A lot of these types think they can just run you through their program du jour and otu pops a healthy person. Unfortunately life doesn't quite work out like that.

In general yes you are going to need a workable gut cleaning program. But this might take years or more. If it's more than a few months then the best thing to do is to supertweak your diet so that you can live with it long term.

I wonder if your smell got worse after you lost weight. Did it happen after going vegan? If so then it's just a longterm detox.

What sort of overweight were you before the loss. I'm trying to find out if it was a kapha or pitta overweight. Sounds like maybe you had a kapha imbalance, then went vegan and lost weight and now you're depleted/ vata imbalance.

I think lemons and citrus would be very good to break up fatty deposits.

Find out whether your constitution is kapha or vata. If you're a kapha the fix will be relatively simple.


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