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Re: Few questions about iodine detox and chelation
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Few questions about iodine detox and chelation

== reply below. Joe

I think I'm going to try DMSA with very small dose at the beginning (10mg or 12.5mg)

== From reports in the large yahoo groups, people who are still healthy enough to work seem to tolerate those doses reasonably well. Those with nasty chemical sensitivity or who are on--or should be on-- psych meds probably will want to start with 5mg doses.

== You never know who is going to be extraordinarily sensitive to a treatment. Why beat yourself up on round 1?

== Remember that DMSA tends to be tough on those with a nasty candida problem or low neutrophils.

If I actually don't have mercury or lead in my body I should have no reaction right ?

== That is commonly reported in the groups, especially with Hg. Additional fatigue and " brain fog" are quite common. If a person has tinnitus, that might be increased somewhat. Depression or anxiety might increase somewhat as well, so some people need to have a solid support combo--supplements, diet, maybe medication--prior to starting.

== A few might actually feel some improvement in one or another symptom. For example, a friend has more fatigue and fog, but she sleeps better even though she has struggled with sleep for decades and has to wake at night to take a dose of DMPS + ALA.

== Please don't take offense to the mention of mood or psych problems. Mercury affects mood in a variety of ways--imbalance of gut microbes, fouled up absorption and retention of nutrients, fouled up enzymes used to convert one body chemical to another, hormone imbalances, oxidative damage to brain cells, etc! Most people with a HM problem have some mood challenges. It is just chemistry; )

Just to be sure, I must take DMSA at :

Monday : 7am – 11am – 3pm – 7pm - 11pm
Tuesday : 4am - 7am - 11am - 3pm - 7pm - 11pm
Wednesday : 4am - 7am - 11am - 3pm - 7pm - 11pm
Thursday : 4am

== I think you mean 3AM; however some people can stretch their night time doses a bit. For example some people take ALA every 4 hrs at night. I'm not one such person. I feel better when taking DMSA every 3 hrs and LA every 2.5 or so. My head is clearer. Many people prefer DMPS in the early months since many people can tolerate doses every 6-8 hours.

Then I should have at least 3 days of rest before starting again, this is called a round, right ?

== Yes, that is what Cutler calls it.

== I wake a few hours after my last dose of the round to take extra antioxidants to help with mop up-- Vitamin C, E, Selenium, etc. Other supplements are theoretically helpful as well, including zinc and magnesium.

But after the first round I can wait more than 3 days to do it an other one right ?

== Yes, some people feel better with more time off round. Some people who actually feel better while on round do longer rounds. I wonder if these are the people with low body levels of thiols such as cysteine.

I don't speak english very well, and as it a serious matter I want to make sure I understand everything.

== Yes it is a serious matter. There have been many unpleasant reports in the groups from those who were too aggressive with dosing or who jumped in without being properly prepared. This is a recent one.

== The mice in the Gregus study that received ALA incorrectly according to Cutler excreted more Hg than untreated mice. However the treated mice ended up with *more* Hg in the brain and organs. Cutler explains why it is so important to be careful how we kick up heavy metals!

== Cutler also stresses that it is so important to take generous amounts of antioxidants--Vitamin C, E, etc--to protect against the oxidative stress from kicking up HMs.

== He addresses the basics in this interview with Jo Davidson.

== It would be nice if everyone could go to their doctor, cooperate with treatment and get well. Unfortunately this is still much too controversial. Most insurance plans don't cover it. You can imagine that most doctors won't even discuss it. Both Andy Cutler and Dr Dan Pompa discuss how their doctors had trouble diagnosing them.

== Dr Mark Hyman in one of his books says he want to ten other doctors before someone realized heavy metals were involved in his very long list of debilitating symptoms.

== There are support groups in Curezone, Yahoo and I think at Facebook as well.

== Much more could be said!

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