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Heavy metals and how it is related to candidiasis
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Published: 8 years ago
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Heavy metals and how it is related to candidiasis

Heavy metals and candidiasis rather play off of eachother. I feel a bit like I could try and explain..

Here's an example:
1) dentist puts in Amalgam filling designed with metals that are known for killing bacteria, to prevent re-infection after drilling out a cavity.
2) some of the metals leak, and act as an Antibiotic in the gut
3) candida, a normal digestive bacterium, recognizes it's under attack and changes to what's called a hyphal form. It changes behavior from being a normal bateria to a fungal form, which changes how it behaves.
4) Candida (just one example, several other bacteriums react this way too) in it's hyphal form eats glucose (sugars) and omega 3 fatty acids (the short form like from food oils, not fish), and converts these food sources to sticky threads called polyssachride matrices..

These sticky threads are like a mucosal barrier that stop Antibiotics and the metals from killing the candida.. It is a living being that does not want to die!
5) Other digestive flora and sometimes parasitic fauna take refuge in the sticky thread matrix, and line the gut wall...
6) These colonies are well protected from Antibiotics , and interfere with normal digestion.. candida is primary in the flock and releases formaldehyde-like toxins during it's digestive process while in the hyphal form. The primary toxins are Aldehyde and ethanol, which help overwhelm the liver and central nervous system.

6.5) Biofilms feed very well off the minerals and vitamins you need for effective chelation- so getting rid of them is... let's just say.. vital? ;)

7) body reacts to signals from biofilm colonies (which are based off of hyphal form candiasis) with carboydrate cravings, and since dominant colony in the gut is now candida, the carbohydrates are hyperprocessed into bodily fat.

Chelation can interact with candidiasis in the sense that when the liver dumps the heavy metals back into the digestive tract, the metals can re-introduce the anti-biotic effect that caused candida to go into defensive hyphal forms to begin with!

Therefore, the matters that need to be addressed are two-pronged, and it is (IMO) a good idea to use an alternative therapy like sweating/sauna and nutrition rather than the liver for removing the metals. There are many people here on CZ that support both methods, and it is well worth weighing the cost and benefit of both. ;)

Nevertheless, addressing the biofilms very much helps speed the process- and the biofilms are usually the very first matter than needs to be addressed! If you're feeling no difference using lugol's, it may be because it's just chipping the iceberg just yet. ;)

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