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Re: Pinworms - Enterobius vermicularis - threadworms
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Pinworms - Enterobius vermicularis - threadworms

Normally pinworms can be healed by washing your bum regularly when it itches and taking OTC drugs. Basically it works like the Noxzema method.

Yet nowadays OTC drugs like Albendazole, Mebendazole & Pyrantel just don't work anymore!!!!!!! i've also tried them at maximum dose (Albendazole @2x400mg + Pyrantel @2x375mg daily) months ago without any convincing result and there are so many things untrue about these worm infections you hear from the doctors. One thing i know is that they have mutated. These worms have become resistant to these drugs. Actually the least thing they could do is to tell PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES & governments about this DEADLY SITUATION faced by people everywhere. It has been kept hidden by the doctors. You have good english so I hope you would help spread the word to many people to avoid many more victims of DISINFORMATION by the medics.

We are all victims of DISINFORMATION by the medics. I've heard of a similar case last week from out of town. These reports mostly do not reach the public & the authority and have never been taken seriously by these people for decades already. Pharmaceutical companies might never know of this threatening situation to humanity. There are ACTUALLY SO MANY PEOPLE out there suffering from this SERIOUS CONDITION without even realizing it aside from the FUNDAMENTAL UNRELIABILITY OF LAB TESTS also because the doctors are inhibiting this information. And many times also for their lack of knowledge of the seriousness of the situation. The patients' report due to their lack of access usually can not reach the right people. Most people have no idea about this situation because unlike us here, they never read from sources like CUREZONE here. So they just believe in whatever the doctors & lab tests are telling them. In REALITY the doctors & lab tests can never even be relied on in such cases.

From my experience with many of these worms, we got it from consuming food that is served through unhygienic people and unhygienic process. Either they use raw vegetables / meat or they use well water (to wash the dishes).

But if you want to know a cure method that has worked for some (+to test whether you really have these pinworms with you) probably i can suggest you to perform the COCONUT OIL method. I have done this and others too. Yet you can only do this at home. It might take sometimes at least 3 days to find out.

So I'm trying my best to save people's lives here. YOU MUST DO IT QUICK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!!!

You must fast without eating anything during a 3-4 days period. You should only take (cold pressed virgin) coconut oil as much as you can (between 5-12 x 25 cc/day). I bought my coconut oil from the traditional market (they sell it in tiny 25 cc plastic bags). I recommend you to start this Coconut Oil fasting period late in the afternoon about 5 hours after lunch to get a quicker result. Take another one after about 5 minutes or so and some more afterwards (don't push too hard or else you'll throw up ok!). The last one to be taken about 1 hr before you go to bed so they will have reached your intestines and not go back up. Hopefully you could probably have some of
them scrambling out from your behind by the morning after. If you feel sth is coming out from your behind you must wiggle it and check the floor by rubbing your footsole on the floor to find them. Collect them in a jar wrapped with a linen cloth and show them to your doctors or parasitology clinic. In most cases worms can not be detected from stool samples.

Several HINTS to note:
- You must not wear any undies underneath even after the process. Rather you should wear some loose boxer shorts underneath your trousers. You want to expel them, not trap them. Depending whether you have bad Body Odor , you don't really have to change your boxer shorts daily since these pinworms are somewhat attracted to certain sweet smells.
Usually they will come scrambling out from your behind and you will find many of them scattered on the floor wherever you sit around.

- On the days after these 3-4 days sessions you must eat as much as you can. This will expel many of the remaining worms that have reached your colon. It is better if you have sth to help you do this (improvise w/ herbs, etc. whatever). You may also want to strengthen your intestines by taking powdered bladygrasss capsules/tea (it is a very effective traditional cure for leaky guts) from some (probably chinese) store. Bladygrass is this wild tall grass you find everywhere. Usually it is pretty cheap.

- Consider the adverse effect from taking (too much) oil. Eating lots of garlic on the days after along with your meal might be a good idea.

- Repeat the whole process whenever you're ready.

- You must repeat this whole process constantly from time to time.

- Rubbing something (Noxzema, garlic, coconut oil) onto your perianal area may not be a solution at all. It does scare them away yet it might only free you from the symptoms (perianal itching). As i have said these worms have mutated and can somehow breed inside you.

This method worked for me. I got it from a friend of mine. Some people are completely cured with just 1 session. As for me it took me more than 3 sessions within a period of 2 months to get rid of them.

In my case I notice there are at least 2 kinds of worms i'm dealing with just like what Humaworm says. The first one is the typical white-colored pinworms that you have. Seems like I have managed to get rid of them since I have never seen them for quite a while.

The other one is this strange very thin white thread-like between 1-2.4 cms long. I keep finding them every time i wash after defecating. Unlike any regular worms they move so fast which really really horrifies me. They can even climb walls at about 1 cm/sec. My condition has been severely deteriorating. I don't even know what to do anymore. So i hope you guys would all sincerely please, pleasse, please pray for me.

As for herbal treatments i don't know, but i've read stuffs about Paragone, Clarkia , Mrs Barefoot & Humaworm in this forum. i'm a newbie too so i wonder if any of you have any idea / suggestion about this?

if you don't want to speak it in the open you can always write to me.


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