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Candida diet, already super skinny- really work
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Published: 8 years ago

Candida diet, already super skinny- really work


I have been diagnosed with intestinal Candida (confirmed by a stool test) and leaky gut. The naturopath also noted that my TSH was slightly high (3.8 and 4.2 during two separate blood tests). A few months ago I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance and SIBO and placed on Antibiotics (Rifaximin), which helped my digestive issues, though they subsequently returned about a month later. With regards to the Candida, I have been placed on a very strict Paleo diet by the Naturopath I saw- I am only allowed to eat meats/fish and veggies (no potatoes, though sweet potatoes are okay) and two small pieces of fruit a day. This is supplemented by Oregano Oil supplements (10 days on, 10 days off), probiotics, and digestive enzymes as well as melatonin for insomnia. I have been tested for Celiac and gluten intolerance (via genetic test) as well and those were negative.

I am incredibly skinny and lost alot of weight earlier this year due to some personal issues and an attempt to eat healthier that in reality (and without realizing) was way too calorie restrictive, while also exercising way too hard for my calorie intake. I was never anorexic in terms of thinking I was fat but i definitely became too obsessed with eating healthy and my caloric intake was probably less than 1000 calories after working out for months. I think this may be the root of why I started to have digestive issues, though I have no idea (I also moved abroad, etc).

In terms of symptoms,I started with alot of bloating (especially during the evening), horrible gas, going to the bathroom rarely with loose stools, and feeling of fullness/pressure. I was also pretty easily irritable, depressed, have Raynaud's (cold hands/feet), trouble sleeping, and had alot of trouble concentrating/memory. Post the rifaximin, I felt much better for awhile but eating a "normal" and thus higher calorie diet caused severe diarrhea and abdominal pain. I am supposed to be going for a colonoscopy soon, as the Dr. suspects that the bacterial and now Candida infections point to digestive issues as the root cause.

Anyways, has anyone had success on the Candida diet? I have had less digestion issues since following the strict veggie & meat/fish (with some fruit) that I have been on but I find myself very tired and still losing weight.

To be honest, looking online is so confusing with regards to the Candida diet. Ie, Quinoa & grains is okay in some sites, not on others. Others say completely no grain and no fruits, others no. I'm willing to follow the diet if it will help cure me but I am honestly losing more weight and have very low energy, despite consuming spoonfuls of coconut oil and being very liberal in adding olive oil. I am 5'10" and have dropped to 100lbs so continuing to follow this diet and possibly lose more weight scares me. I have yet to see that it has really helped cure many people. Any thoughts/suggestions on how I can help cure my digestion issues?
I would like to incorporate some type of grain or carbohydrates if people have seen that it works for them in the battle against Candida so as to up my caloric intake. I just find the low sugar/low carb confusing, as I understand (though correct me if I'm wrong) that the body will convert fat and protein to glucose if needed so it seems like Sugar will eventually be in the body anyways for the candida to consume...
Thanks for any help and advice

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