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Re: Momma Of 5 do it Again- A story you can follow... 40 day plus journey.
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: Momma Of 5 do it Again- A story you can follow... 40 day plus journey.

WOW! Your story sounds alot like mines. I can definately relate. I hope and pray God take you beyond your wildest imagination in achieving your desired weightloss.

Thank you for sharing. Yes you are Correct! I love to rely on God's strength- He gave it to me, without it I would be in the fleshly and carnal - mind way of thinking, and reasoning within my own self of why I should just eat a little of this and a little of that and possibly go back to my old comfort zone.

But I'll tell you "Prayer changes things". I'm glad about it!

I am loving my progress. I am loving my answered prayer, I am more forgiving so I can be forgiven. I am so much more calmer. and way less aggervated or irritated. So I am changing- This is called a inside out Make over! I am getting my boldness back for sharing Jesus Christ with others, Oh my confidence level has went up - big time!

I won't be defeated! I gave my struggles over completely to the Lord because the Battle is not mines, it's the Lord! If I hold on I will struggle and go backwards. But I am pressing forward. I give God all the Glory- because there is no failure in God.

Looking at the US Dollar Bill >> In God we Trust<< Do I really trust Him? Do I really TRUST HIM with my life in helping me make right desicions for my life and family, etc.

Yes, and I prove that with my actions!

With my progress... My arms, hands, calves, neck and face got the thinnest the fastest. My thighs and stomach I guess has way more fat to burn off so it will take about the remainder of my 18 days left to get burned off. I wouldn't be as toned as I am getting without the excersize though. I am so happy with where I am at- but I will keep going until I reached the finish line!

You'll be surprised what God can do- you just may lose more than what you have planned by your God-given Birthday!

I was on my 16th Fast day when I posted I just felt guilty if I did post because I sorta wanted it just between me and God in secret and share my testimony afterwards. But then I wasn't so happy about not posting either. So a couple days went by and curezone was on my heart again, so I said I believe in my heart I should post ( I haven't posted in years on curezone) so I just knew it was meant for me to post. When I did I felt releived and so happy. I am glad I did. I can share my plans, give my personal testimony and pray for others that are just like me and fellowship! So it is worth it!

I had the vision and dreams of seeing a new energized, happy, healthier and thinner me! So I know through proven research and the Bibical knowledge that if you write your plans and goals down and analize, strategize, etc. it is most likely to come to pass. I got me a pad and pen and wrote down my vision and dreams, goals and plans "I am making the vision plain". And day by day I am seeing so much of it fullfilled, litle by little- It's amazing!

The other day The word "Strong" came to my sprit so clear and I was like Lord what do that mean, I picked up the Bible, and strangely I go to a Book in the Bible I really never read "Haggai" Haggai 2: 4-..., It really just ministered to me and blessed me and made me stronger in all that I do.

It says, Yet now be strong, alert, and courageous,... says the Lord; Yet now be strong, alert, and courageous, all you people in the land, says the Lord, and work! For I am with you, says the Lord of hosts.

According to the promise that I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt, (In other words for us that would mean that dry place, bondage, spritually, physically bound, captivity , wrapped in our hopelessness we was in), so My Spirit stands and abides in the midst of you; fear not.

Read on - it is so wonderful and uplifting. I even got delivered from the fear I recently had of gaining this stubborn unhealthy weight back! I am set free from that.

I have a plan when I come off this fast, because I do not want to gain1 single pound back I lost PERIOD! So I will eat small portions up to six times a day with servings of fruits and vegatables (during snacking time) and other healthy snacks that are less processed. I will eat a low glyglemic food plan like the Nutri System, Chefs Diet, and Nutropia Gourment etc, food plans for weightloss and weightloss maintence.

I found on that I can take the supplements for my thyriod to keep it in top condition for a more effective metabolism to burn off fat and not store it and with the Sugar intake as well. And I want to order the cheat supplements that the Body builders take when they would eat their meals that is a little haevier than their normal meal plan. And they say they never gained any fat back, so it keeps the fat from getting into the system to be stored, etc.

Ok, I'll keep you posted and I hope you do the same!

Have a blessed day! And enjoy your first day on your fast!

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