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The Juice Fast, Day 2/28

A calm day!
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Date:   5/13/2008 3:16:12 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2076 times

When I got home yesterday I had to heat a little bit of that tomato juice as soup, I was that hungry. And the juice was a pleasant surprise, thicker than I expected. It took away my irritability quite well, too.
Then I took my bike and the dog out for a quick round, but I got quite tired half-way through and walked the rest of the way - when I got home I could feel my arms and thighs ache a bit.

I had to borrow another €10, but with that I got myself a douche bag, and a 100ml bottle of Molkosan. The flush got a lot of gunk out and was definitely needed, since I can't even remember eliminating since Friday, when I had my first soaked prunes, and I had such a massive load on Sunday, and a few on Saturday, too. Sick!

After the flush I took a shower, and after that I was so tired I had to take a nap for an hour before being woken up by a phone call. The short nap did me mighty good, although my ever so pervasive social life often disturbs my sleep at most peculiar times, such as 1am between Monday and Tuesday. But I refuse to switch off the mobile only to save me from disturbances - I know from experience how at times it would be needed for a good friend to answer their phone, but they prefer to take the risk of leaving an acquaintance in distress by silencing all calls. Not only do I personally enjoy the feeling of importance I get from people bothering to contact me at any time, I also learned from experience to always keep my mobile charged and on me when a previous boyfriend was taken to the hospital, and I was out of reach.

I woke up with a headache, so I headed straight to the sofa with my doona, and rested watching ice hockey, it was around 8pm now. I then had a mug of diluted pear juice, another mug of diluted mandarin-banana-lemon juice, and a mug of Molkosan water. I also had to make a cup of green lemon tea, since I was feeling chilly - and I remained so for the rest of the evening, so it was pleasant to hide under the doona. I got some "paperwork" done (sorted out my fasting journal as well as a bit of that on my personal affairs) which surely cheered me up.
The unfortunate Finland-Canada hockey match started at 2230, and we (the whole family was present by then - me, the two fixed residents of the flat, and the hound we recently nicknamed Fluffy) couldn't even be bothered to watch it all the way till the end. I'm not sure what time I got to bed, but getting back to sleep was a bit tough again - just like around Xmas time, when - maybe because of the congregated stress - I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, and getting any peaceful rest at all. My sleep has been of relatively bad quality all through this three months I've lived with my friends. Not because I am unhappy, but because my life has been out of control. But that will change this Friday. Y A Y ! ! !


This morning I've been quite energised with noticably fewer remaining flu symptoms. However I have been clumsy (spilling juice on myself), and a bit dizzy, this probably due to natural blood loss.
I am not an ounce irritated, and have actually managed to crack a smile at things that even off the fast might put me off my good mood! The store-bought orange and apple-pineapple-passionfruit-peach juices that annoyed me yesterday are nowhere as closely annoying as yesterday. Maybe the enema has something to do with my overall improved condition!

In addition to the four juices mentioned, I also brought a carton of apple juice to the office with me, so now I've got five options available, and two more at home (pear and pineapple). The juices are plenty to last me until Thursday, there will be heaps of leftovers to be used as emergency boosts when I get to juicing myself. Excellent!

It's funny, by the way, how the factory-made apple juice used to be one of my beverages of choice - undiluted - when I was a child. Round that time I also drank full-cream milk and no other kind would do - how far I've come from those ways! But the most interesting fact to me would be that apart from those few instances I actually, intuitively, had very very healthy food affections: I couldn't stand much food combining, but ate only very plain and simple dishes. I hated cheese, at least heated. I couldn't stand pizza, or fizzy drinks (although I tried). Salad dressing was unheard of, as well as coffee, tea, olives (which are healthy, though), salami, mayonnaise, mustard, seafood (fish excepted - I LOVE fish) and pork. Quite impressive! I've believed for quite a while that children are born with some sort of an intuition for what's naturally good for them, and it's only us grown-ups that manage to mess up their delicate system first with jabs and medications and then all those preservative-filled baby foods, and then thinking it's only natural to allow your child lollies once a week or so. Jeez, wake up! That's one more reason for me to be passionate about nutrition - one day, when I'll have kids of my own, I want to be a bit more aware than most. No vaccines, antibiotics or dairy for my breed.

Getting a bit absent-minded (I just found quite a few typos in here that I had to fix), and the smell of potatoes and curry chicken made me dizzy again. Otherwise doing great. Still not getting quite as much of water in me than usual. I'm not even keeping notes on how much I consume of my juices, since it's hard to count half-mugfuls, I reckon. I only count by the degree of any possible hunger experienced. I do consume a bit less than on the fasts before, I reckon, and the most probable reason is me being a bit put off by the dull and uninspirational juices, they make me a bit down. Usually when I'm depressed I never lose my appetite, same as when I've got the flu, but now I definitely have no motivation to consume any more of these unavoidable fluids.

I still need to keep a portable radiator under my desk, I've been a bit cold indoors since the winter and even when the warm weather got in.

I cannot emphasise how happy I am for going through the pre-week properly - it has made adjusting to this fast so much easier, and now (knowing what to compare to, since my two previous pre-week experiences were such farces) I reckon I am much ahead of the 'schedule' than even on my well-planned first fast.


Just past 3pm now, and I've definitely needed to consume more juice and water than yesterday. I've also had half a mugful of hot tomato juice, twice, and two cups of plain chai tea to keep me warm.

Mentally I've been very alert and on a good mood. However, about 45 minutes ago I did snap, randomly, and all of a sudden. I got a couple of tough calls for which I didn't find the answers, and there was no one to help me. While being able to do nothing but keep the customers on hold until I found something, anything, I chucked a pen hard against my computer screen in a burst of sudden rage. The blinding cloud faded within seconds after finishing the calls, and I couldn't help but only wonder what came into me. I'm not known for a feisty temper, more like mild, longer-term annoyment.

I'm looking forward to the different juices at home, and maybe making some broth out of the remaining three quarters of a cabbage I bought when I still had money left. My friend, who should be looking into a much lighter menu this week, can have the cabbage pieces if she pleases. I'll probably lay on the sofa and chillax for the rest of the evening, since I still feel at a lack of excess energy. Yesterday my bad mood gave me a boost, today I am way too mellow to concentrate on tasks much harder than boiling some veggies, and glueing articles into my personal journal.

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