Blog: Juice Fasting for the third time - 28 days
by disturbance

Pre-days 5 and 6!

A minor setback... Am I going to starve myself?
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Date:   5/11/2008 2:31:01 PM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 1961 times

Before going on a fast it is most useful to make sure than you possess enough credits for your juices and other reserves.
On Friday I realised I have access to only 14 euros until Thursday - Day 4 of the fast and my pay day - out of which all is borrowed. Whooooops.
So, what can I do - I went to the store, and bought as much of pastourised artificial ingredient infused non-organic "juice" as possible with such a small amount of money. They'll be enough liquid until Thursday, and probably won't consist of as much fructose as home-made fruit juices would've - and when I'll blend them in water, I should be fine. I did get two cartons of tomato juice, too, and am not too excited about tasting those.
Oh well. Typical of me.


The gig was much more modest than expected. I had a good time, and didn't even feel tired, although I stayed almost until the end, around 2am. I had forgotten my ID at home so couldn't enter the serving area, not that I would've been tempted anyway. I had taken two boiled eggs with me in case I got hungry late, and I did have to consume the other. I resisted the temptation to eat the other on the bus ride back home, since I knew the slight hunger was only because I was tired.

I made the carrot-swede-tomato soup on Saturday, and didn't add any seasonings. It was edible, but nothing heartily yummy. I took a small container with me when I went on a whole-day picnic in a park with a group of friends, but I did slip a bit and eat a bit of popcorn. I had taken with me two bottles of water, and with those reserves I was content until some 5 or 6pm. We then changed the spot onto some nearby rocks, and tired after not eating too much and sunbathing the whole day I had to buy a jar of pea soup, which I mixed into some cold water, and ate just as cold. This was enough to keep the hunger away until 1am. I remained completely sober the whole day, didn't have a single drop, although we went to a karaoke bar after it got chilly outside, and I even sang a song. Sober. But by past midnight I had to leave my friends I head home, getting a bit tired and bored.
Oh, I forgot, before going on that bar tour we went to the sauna with that group of friends! Here in Finland almost every block of flats has their own communal sauna in conjunction with the below-ground storage and outdoor equipment storage rooms, and one of my mates has a private hour reserved every Saturday. So, being in the company of a drunken lady and six or seven drunken men, we obviously had to have a battle on who lasts the longest. It was some good old sweating there, and for my honour two or three men left before me! It was some 120 degrees celcius, honestly!
I intend to go to the sauna several times a week during my fast, hopefully my friends have different days of the week reserved. At least Saturday and Sunday are covered, and now that I will move to my own flat on Friday I'll get to reserve my own turn.

Today, Sunday, is the last day of the pre-week, and today - like yesterday, mostly - I have eaten only that soup of mine, had some water (still not enough, though), and soaked prunes (heaps of them, although - for some reason - nothing has come out since maybe Friday. I need to get that douche bag, fast.) I've been quite tired today so I slept until 11am maybe, and also had a two-hour nap in the afternoon. Been really lazy, and couldn't be bothered to go outside despite the fantastic, typically aseasonal warm and sunny weather. Instead I packed my stuff ready to be moved, and sat on the balcony reading a Helsinki guide book and some quotes in Latin.

Mentally I'm doing well, getting used to the idea of actually not eating for the whole month of May, plus a week out of June. Previously I haven't advertised my fasting too much since it's been hard to get support. Now I have not only recruited one faster, but two good mates just decided to join me on my boozeless May (sounds better - Tipaton Toukokuu - in Finnish. The concept of Tipaton Tammikuu, literally 'dropless January', is legendary round here, since so many Finns make such a hilarious New Year's promise after the tough festive season. Some actually stick to it, too). So now I have even more trust in me making it all the way through, after seeing I'm actually not going to eat in a long long time, and can still keep my fun ways and social circles all through the night, will probably acquire more respect and supporting manners out of my comrades.

My friend is very concerned about the douches - so much so that she has even thought about dropping the fast altogether. I read some quotes from people's fasting experiences online, and talked some sense into her, and I might have been able to change her mind. So far I think she reckons she'll give it a go, ho (ha ha, we watched an Xtina concert today including Lady Marmalade), and if it's not that bad, she'll douche whenever felt necessary. Better than nothing!


Oh, and now that I'm still by the computer and remember: I can already feel, after getting on the liquids quite well on the pre-week, that my waist is more curvy. Did I express that well? Mu tummy is still bulky, but my sides just feel more feminine, like I've lost a bit off the waist! Yay!
Also my tongue and teeth have gotten coated - I take it as a good sign, although the flu still holds. I've lost the cough, though. I'll probably keep on sucking on bits of ginger, although I can't chew it.


It's somewhat decided now - I'm going for a full 28-day long fast. I have advertised this too much now to turn back, and I think I finally have some good support with me.
Wish me luck!

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