Juice Fasting for the second time - 7 days
by disturbance

Post-Days 5, 6 and 7   16 y  
As a conclusion
This is exactly how far my promises about a new diet go, Iíve already had a few tastes of lollies, and a donut and some rye pancakes werenít that healthy either... Generally Iíve kept my ground pretty well, Iíve repeatedly turned down offers of dairy such as ice cream, and I havenít _indulged_ on anything bad. All in all, Iím pretty happy with how things are looking at the moment. My elimination seems to be working fine and I havenít been douching any more, but Iíve recently added soaked and ground flax seeds to my diet just in case. Iíve had some skin problems, both during and after ...   read more

Post-Days 3 and 4   16 y  
Feeling fine, energised and clear-headed again.
Iím feeling better again, my headís cleared up and I donít get tired any more. Actually, not only do I not even get hungry easily, I also seem to have energy even when I havenít eaten in hours! My appetite, when I get to eat, is big though, maybe a bit bigger than Iíd like, but definitely nothing unhealthy, definitely none more than before the fast. I just havenít had enough patience to pay attention to the exact moment when I get full and finish the meal there. My meals are light and generally moderately sized, but I might be able to make them even smaller if I put my mind to it. Not that ...   read more

Post-Days 1 and 2   16 y  
It's all good!
Itís been awesome to be eating again, and my appetite has woken very rapidly to a healthy normal level. I started off with just juice for most part of the first post-day, then a tomato and some leaves of salad in the evening, then a bit of cucumber and a few steamed beans, all chewed very carefully and enjoyed greatly. Now Iíve been able to move on to oven-cooked pumpkin filled with a bit of rice (seasoned with the saltless Herbamare veggie stock cube), tuna and steamed veggies, and Iíve started my days off with some healthy porridge with fresh blueberries (lucky itís the blueberry seas ...   read more

Day 7   16 y  
Irritable, forgetful, exhausted, not a good day.
Irritable, forgetful, exhausted today. I think itís about time to get off this fast, Iíll finish today and will be happy to start muching on some salad tomorrow! I think I mightíve not been drinking enough today and that partly causes the irritability, but knowing my temper at times it might be something else altogether. My thoughts also seem to wander more today, not on food though, but just generally itís been harder to focus. Me and my brother went for a bike ride and that was cool, and we went to pick some home-grown veggies from dadís plantation, which was cool also. Then we rod ...   read more

Day 6   16 y  
A nice happy day, some flu symptoms, but overall feeling great.
Yesterday evening I got a bit of an itchy throat, a bit like on my first fast when I ĒaccidentallyĒ drank the cup of hot chocolate. I actually got the sensation earlier this fast when I drank my vege juice too strong but it passed. Yesterday I got rid of the feeling by drinking a couple of cups of the fast tea. But just like said in the Vogel guide, I havenít been able to drink my juices as srong now that the fast is getting closer to its end. I canít remember this happening last fast. Then again thereís probably a difference between store-bought and home-made juices, as our fruit juice I ...   read more

Day 5   16 y  
This must be the energy boost they all talk about!!
Iím definitely more energised to day, actually so much so that I donít know that to do with all this excess energy tonight! Today wasnít easy though, work was very hard, the most important and expensive part of our large equipment broke and we werenít able to do much today. However we got the hardest customers straight at the beginning of the day, and I was getting closer to losing it. But I DID have enough will power, and patience won. I just didnít take it too seriously, a lovely skill I learned during my two years Down Under! Iíve still had cravings today, but talking about and se ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
Feeling better today. More energised, and healthy! Feel free to comment!
Todayís gone somewhat easier! Mumís been a bit tense on her fifth day (she started a day ahead), but Iíve been able to keep my cool. No worries at work, didnít get that tired either, but I think the main reason for that is me drinking more juice today than on the other days. At least I feel so. Also, Iíve had a couple of glasses of that divine fruit juice which has given me a nice energy rush, so I think itís all for the good. So not really weak and tired any more, I even found the energy to drag the vacuum cleaner upstairs and get rid of my powder mess. Loose occasional cravings, bu ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
I know myself more after the first fast, and am able to keep my anger under control. Feel free to comment!
Itís hard, itís hard. I just read my previous blog Ējuice fasting for the first timeĒ, and it brought back some interesting memories. With hindsight I can now say I definitely did myself a big favor back then researching enough and taking it wasy for a pre week. Now, some half a year after that experience, Iíve definitely been more regular, and gotten energised after eating sooner than before, and I think I did indeed lose a bit of weight / lumps / something. At least my face seems skinnier, weehaa indeed... From experience Iíve now been able to recognise my anger pangs easier, an ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
Tired, hungry, spaced out. Feel free to comment!
I read some fasting blogs here last night, and I shouldíve known reading about someone missing brownies will make me dream about them! So did I not only roll around not being able to get sleep for about an hour, I got really hungry in my sleep, and woke up tired. At work I experienced slight weakness and even a bit of a spaced-out feeling, until in the afternoon I had gotten enough juice and Molkosan water and fast tea into me and I was starting to feel in balance again. Now at home Iíve been hungry again, and very much against my usual activities sat in front of the TV for a couple ...   read more

Day 1   16 y  
The first day was harder than last time! Feel free to comment!
Letís make one thing clear - I made this clearly more of a challenge for myself by not preparing properly. Just two days before the fast I attended a wedding and helped myself for a second piece of very sweet cake, and I didnít exactly get myself on much extra fluids at all prior to beginning. So, on the first day Iíve obviously been more hungry and experienced more cravings than last time. Against my initial plan Iíve allowed myself some ĒbadĒ food and too big portions in the last month and a half or so, with the excuse of me being in the middle of moving continents again, needing t ...   read more


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