My Juice Fasts And Weight Battle
by reek
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Pre Fast Day (minus) 2   17 y  
It came to me last night why I shouldnít weight myself each day. The reason, when I have a day where you eat a lot, but my weight doesnít change, I think i can do what I did that day, every day. Start Weight: 292.5 Todayís Weight: 281 Total lost: 11.5 lbs.   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 3   17 y  
Time to start thinking about fasting....
You know, the last time I fasted, I really read a lot and got into the mindset before the fast. The unknown had me curious. This time, I wonder if Iím taking too much for granted. Iím going to spend some time the next few days getting into it. I need to read and remember what is coming. Iím excited that it looks like Iíll reach my goal of 278, almost right on the money on Sunday morning. It is encouraging to think that I have set four aggresive but reachable weight loss goals and I will reach the first one. The second one, go from 278 - 263 in two weeks during a juice fast, is ...   read more

Pre Fast Day (minus) 4   17 y  
Cheating Well.....
Soon I wonít be able to cheat. The Juice Fast is all or nothing, which I like. But Pre Fast, well, I had two hot dogs and a soda for lunch. Now, to understand that this is Ēcheating wellĒ I might have had a Cheese Steak (I live in Philly) and fries and a giant soda before. But, I kept it lighter than I normally would. I just donít see it as falling off the wagon. Sunday is the big day. Iím getting excited.... Start Weight: 292.5 Morning Weight: 283 Total Lost: 9.5 lbs   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 5   17 y  
Feeling Great Already...
Well, after all of these years - 37 - I donít take small progress lightly. One of these days Iíll start something and months later realize that I kept it up. The amount of times Iíve made it even this far over the past three years is mayby two out of 40. My friends out there with weight problems know what Iím talking about. Making it to the third day is way harder than getting from day three to day 10. The few times Iíve gotten to day three, Iíve usually made it much further. So, anyway, Iím feeling good right now. Iím really lucky to have such great food outlets here in the cit ...   read more

Pre Fast Day (minus) 6   17 y  
Waking up
Victories are simple on the first days of something like this. For me, the feeling I had waking up was significantly different today. I popped right up and felt better than I had in months. There is no doubt in my mind that the reason I felt so good today was the significant drop in calories yesterday. I am always amazed at how quickly the body responds to treating it well. Iím very focused on hitting Sunday feeling great and ready for the JF. Feeling good right now..... Start Weight: 292.5 Todayís Weight: 289.5 Total Lost: 3 lbs.   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 6   17 y  
Waking up
Victories are simple on the first days of something like this. For me, the feeling I had waking up was significantly different today. I popped right up and felt better than I had in months. There is no doubt in my mind that the reason I felt so good today was the significant drop in calories yesterday. I am always amazed at how quickly the body responds to treating it well. Iím very focused on hitting Sunday feeling great and ready for the JF. Feeling good right now..... Start Weight: 292.5 Todayís Weight: 289.5 Total Lost: 3 lbs.   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 7   17 y  
Moving The Body.....
I, for the first time since my knee surgery, did my 6 mile walk this morning. Wow, it reminded me that starting anything is tough. My feet hurt, probably from the extra weight. I time these walks too, and it was a very slow time, over 2 hours. Looking at the next 21 days (and this being day one of the 21) Iíd like to do that walk 16 times. That would mean I get 5 ĒbyesĒ. That is only one a week plus 2 extra. If I can eat very light this week and juice fast the next two, along with the walking, I think I can reach my goal of being below 263. Weíll see. The main goal right now is ...   read more

Pre Fast Day (minus) 8   17 y  
More Thoughts....
So, Iíve been thinking a lot today about my goals for the next week, 3 weeks, 8 weeks. ****This week - switch to low cals totals and only fruits and veggies: 10 - 12lbs. *****3 weeks - 2 juice fast weeks: 22 - 27 lbs. *****8 weeks - Hardcore diet and exercise: 35 - 40 lbs. (Goal - Finish day on Sept 1 250 lbs.) *****Then, finish 2007 225 lbs. I feel like 250 lbs. is an important number. I also believe that the best way to lose big weight is to do it fast and quck. The first 40 lbs. will be a tortureous 8 weeks. Then, when I reach 250, I can start eating normal ...   read more

Pre Fast Day (Minus) 8   17 y  
getting used to being hungry...
Something feels right today. I feel like it is all coming together now. Iím looking forward to the future. I am coming to terms with my binge eating addiction and I have to treat it like a narcotics addiction or any other. That is why I believe that fasting is a great Ējump startĒ. Momentum is key. Once I get going, I tend to do well. It is very important for me to do the work the next 8 days to be ready for the fast. The biggest rule is to get used to being hungry. That is the goal for the week, to make myself hungry and get used to enjoying that feeling without acting on it (e ...   read more

UGH - The realities of turning the tide......   17 y  
Fourth try since my 10 day fast.
The first time I fasted, it worked. I did an excellent pre-fast, and was highly motivated during the actual fast which lasted almost 10 days. I had no plan for the post fast and slowly lost all of the momentum gained from fasting. My first try to fast again was a ĒfailureĒ. My second try was interupted by knee surgery. My third try was the biggest failure yet. I gained weight and didnít get close to starting the fast. I was the highest weight Iíve ever been in my life this morning: 292.5 So..... The fourth try. Pre-fasting starts tomorrow. The plan is: 8 days of pre ...   read more

Pre Fast Day (minus) 8   17 y  
Tomorrow starts raw....
Tomorrow is the big day. Starting raw fruits and veggies only is a big change. Week one is easy, week two decideds success or no success. If I can get 7 days of raw (organic) fruits and veggies with water and a little juice, I should transition well into the juice fast. Start Weight: 285 Todayís Weight: 281 Total Lost: 4 lbs.   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 11   17 y  
Iím really excited. Can I get down to 250 in 6 weeks (35 lbs)? Time to put in the effort. Time to make it happen. like I said, Iím excited. Iíd love to end six weeks feeling like I was ready to START something, rather than seeing it as a finish line. Knowing that I can safely start running at 250 is a huge motivator. Once I start running, the other stuff all seems to fall into place. Start weight: 285 Todayís Weight: 281.5 Total Lost: 3.5 lbs.   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 12   17 y  
The knee is clear and good to go.
So, today was a big day. My 4 week appointment from my knee surgery. All clear. The doctor said that I cannot run until Iím down to 250. Iím hoping that I might be there by the end of these 6 weeks. That is the goal. Start Weight:285 Todayís Weight: 282 Total lost: 3lbs.   visit the page

Pre-Fast Day (minus) 14   17 y  
Past "failure" = experience to help me now
The six week process starts today. It may be very boring to those of you who are reading it, but for me, as Iíve mentioned before, the process of blogging through it is important. Iím feeling good and looking forward to getting on with it. I think looking at it as a six week process adds value to the post fast. Iím doing a simple, two week pre, two week fast, two week post. Iím happy that my knee is better and happy to be starting this. Feels like a real start. My experience from the past is not a past failure but a stage that has me here now. Start Weight: 285 Todayís Weig ...   read more

Surgery - A gift from God   17 y  
And more importantly, my doctor.
The last time I wrote in this blog, I was about to start my second juice fast. That was interupted by a (qickly) scheduled knee surgery. I had been dealing with knee pain for about a year. While my MRI showed a torn meniscus, that was incorrect, it was plica syndrome. To make a long story short, removing an inflamed plica, the doctor said, is like taking a splinter out of your foot. I was better almost right away. Iím four weeks out and I feel great. Time to start over with the fasting. I gained a little weight while I was down with the knee, so Iím starting this at an all time ...   read more

Change in the plan...   17 y  
Surgery next week....
So I found out Tuesday that I need knee surgery, which Iím having in one week. Iím considering fasting during recovery, any thoughts????   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 7   17 y  
Twice a year....
One week from today I will start the fast. I noticed that it has been 6 months since my last successful fast. It seems like a good idea to do one in the spring and one in the fall every year. Starting tomorrow, Iíll drop the calories in a big way. So far, my diet hasnít changed too much, but I plan on eating the same thing Monday through Sunday: 11am - Salad 6pm - All-Bran Water and Juice only. This wil start Monday morning. Today, I Ēlive it upĒ for the last time. Start Weight: 287 Todayís Weight: 285 Total Lost: 2lbs.   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 8   17 y  
One thing I learned from the last fast.
I made a point to start the fast on a Sunday, like last time. It worked out well to be off on day one of the fast and working on day two. Start Weight: 287 Todayís Weight 285.5 Total Lost: 1.5   visit the page

Pre Fast Day (minus) 9   17 y  
New Start
Here we go again. This time I am going for a 10-10-10 10 day pre fast, 10 day juice fast, 10 day post-fast. More to come Start Weight: 287 Todayís Weight: 286 Total Lost: 1   visit the page

One Quick Post Fast Observation   18 y  
chewing food.....
It is not a secret that it is important to chew food. We all have heard this. But it is interesting, as I started to eat solid food, I found myself chewing longer. It was not a conscious decision. I was very naturally doing it. *****CORNY ALERT***** As I thought about it, it was really like turning my ĒfoodĒ into ĒjuiceĒ with my teeth and mouth. Good for my system I would guess. It has become a major priority in the small amount Iíve eaten since the fast and something I hope will last longer. Start Weight: 281 Todayís Weight: 259.5 Total lost: 21.5 lbs. Best, REEK   visit the page

Juice Fast - THE END   18 y  
I'm amazed and proud - Now the hard part begins....
Sure, I fell about 21 days short of 30 (HAHA), but the first thing I would suggest to a first time JFer is aim high. I think that there is something to shooting for the max and then seeing how it goes. If I had pick 7 days, I would have missed the wonderful experiences of the past two days. If I had picked 10, I may have stretched it one more, for my benefit or not. I think as a first timer, it is best to go in shooting for as long as you can, but with the understanding that youíll know when youíve had enough. The fact is, if you told me that I was only going to do 9 days when I sta ...   read more

Juice Fast - Day 9   18 y  
Getting harder now...
Iím running out of steam. Physically I think I could keep going for a long time. But mentally Iím feeling like I canít go much longer. Before doing this I would have thought that someone that quit on day 9 quit early. Now I know that making it nine days may be a once in a lifetime accomplishment. Donít get me wrong, I plan to keep going. But Iím really hungry!!!!!!!!! And really tired of being hungry. At this point my goal is to make it until next Monday. One more week. That is the maximum Iím going to shoot for: Day 16. But frankly, Iíll be lucky to get through today. I lik ...   read more

Juice Fast - Day 8   18 y  
Thinking about life after the JF.
Still feeling good. Walked (6 miles) again this morning ahead of the rain. Didnít need to SWF yesterday or today. Some successful BMís helped that situation. Iím still doing two apple juices a day, one around 11am and the other around 7/8pm. The rest of the day I dream about food. Just kidding, but you do notice EVERY FOOD thing: advertisements, people eating, smells, all of it. There is no doubt Iím hungry all of the time, but it is not that big a deal once you get used to it. Iíve been thinking that at any time now, the fast might end. Frankly, I feel like I can do another w ...   read more

Juice Fast - Day 7   18 y  
Wow - one week!!!!
Until you actually go a week without solid food, you can only hope that you can. I canít believe Iím here. Weíll, one week will be offical at 9:30pm tonight. But still, I feel pretty confident Iíll make that. The apple juice still tastes great to me. I do not feel tired with it and I feel no ill effects. I just got done walking around the city (Philadelphia, BTW) for almost 3 hours. It was such a beautiful morning. I had all kinds of energy for it. Big weight loss happening too. See below.... I went to my friends to hang out and watch sports last night and he asked right a ...   read more

Juice Fast - Day 6   18 y  
Rolling along
Wow - Day 6 without solid food. Itís getting a bit surreal. I feel good. I wake up feeling really rested. A nice feeling. And while I wonít say that I have all of this amazing energy, I am more productive. I donít hesitate to do things. I guess that is the best way to explain it. Soon after I wrote what I did yesterday I had a solid BM and the discomfort has been gone since. So no enemas yet, but I will be buying one today just in case I need it, I wonít hesitate. I basically do an apple juice around 11am and one in the evening. It is working. I canít believe Iím on Day 6. ...   read more

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