Juicing for 30 - take 2!!!
by raddish
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part 2, day 2   17 y  
The first day was a bust, but I started over, and made it!
Well, part two day one was a mess - on May 31st. I had the worst day ever and ended up eating a vegan burrito! It was really a bad day. I got back on the horse yesterday - June 1, and managed to successfully juice fast. It was very hard. I was having intense craving for food! I mean, really, really intense cravings. BUT - I didnít give in to them, and made it through! I canít believe how much better I feel! I canít believe how fast nutrition works! Because on Wednesday, I was a mess - with mood swings and deep depression, and felt fatigued and terrible. Thursday, my first full d ...   read more

part two, day one   17 y  
day one AM
I got up and just had my juice, grapefruit/orange. I feel better mentally already. I am hugely bloated from the food Iíve been eating. It might take a week to move all the wheat residue out of my system! I go back to work this morning. That should be interesting. I am exhausted. Iíll update more on my first day back on juice later.   visit the page

Back again!!!!!   17 y  
Back on track!
I had a wonderful trip - but I learned a lot about myself!! Not all of it was good. I totally freaked out about my weight before I left on my trip. I couldnít handle eating, even if it was raw. I think some of my disordered eating was rearing its ugly head in response to the stress of getting ready to travel, and to deal with family. I decided to juice again. But I was on the road, so I knew it would be hard. I was able to juice another four days on the trip. But my parents juicer stunk and I didnít bring mine, and everything got really overwhelming and hard. I ended up eating aga ...   read more

Raw Again   17 y  
how I'm doing off the fast
Iím enjoying eating raw, but the food does feel odd in my stomach. Iím not having problems or anything, just a sort of heaviness I didnít have with the juice. I miss juicing. I am going back to a juice fast by mid june. I think Iíll incorporate more juicing into my raw routine. I may do one day one/one day with solid foods. Iíll see how I feel. As far as what I am eating, lots of good stuff. Still my grapefruit/orange juice in the mornings. Iíve had canteloupe, strawberries, watermelon. and a banana. I have had an avacado daily, with lime juice and tomato. Iíve also had some raw ...   read more

Day 51   17 y  
I choose to break the fast
I just ended the fast about an hour and a half ago. I knew I had to do it. It was time. This morning I had my normal grapefruit/oj combo. Then I had to go to work. It was a hectic afternoon. Iíd planned on going to the sotre and getting some raw food to break the fast with. But I didnít make it to the store and I realized that it was late and I needed something about four pm. I had four raw pecan halves. I know nuts are not the ideal food to break the fast with, but they donít seem to be upsetting my tummy at all! Then, I did make it to the store, and I got lots of raw delicious ...   read more

Day 50!!!   17 y  
notes on day fifty
Today is day 50!! I canít believe it!! Also, as of today, Iíve lost 50 pounds on my weight loss jouney!! I started back in September at 175 and now I weigh 125! Iíve lost 24 of the pounds on the fast - in 50 days! Iíve lost 33 pounds since the first week of March when I went raw. I lost the first 17 pounds slowly, on a vegan diet. Iím really happy. Iím proud of my weight loss. Itís been a huge struggle. But now I finally feel like a success. Iím hoping to be at 124 in the morning. If I am, then I am going to break the fast, I think. At the very latest, I will break it Thursday ...   read more

Day 47, late afternoon   17 y  
A quick post with a link to a picture of me
A picture of me - Iím the brunette. My sister is the one in the tiara. http://www.360nightlife.com/gallery/Sin_Saturdays_at_Saki_05-06-2006/pages/sa...   visit the page

Day 47   17 y  
A little confession
Every time that I enter the days in the headline bar I canít believe it. I canít believe I could have possibly not had a bite of food for 47 days. Itís unreal. But the proof is in the results. I really look different, and I feel different. Today is pretty much par for the course - Iíve got my routine down. I drink my grapefruit/oj in the morning, and my pineapple/ginger in the afternoon. Right now I have to deal with the fact that I need to probably start eating again in just a few days. Iím not worried about what Iíll eat. I know Iíll stay raw, as Iím pretty committed to that. A ...   read more

Day 46   17 y  
A little girl talk
I was down to 126.5 this morning. 1.5 pounds to a fifty pound total loss. I canít wait. I think in the next week Iíll hit it. I feel really good! I went to Sephora last night and got all kinds of fun stuff. I needed new makeup and got some great new mascara from bourjois, and a starter kit for the bare escentials foundation. I got samples, too. I a sample of the best fragrance. I NEED this perfume. It is called Hanae Mori and it is exquisite! It smells really different. I love going to Sephora. I always spend too much money - but it is so much fun! Todayís juice is the same and ...   read more

Day 45   17 y  
A good day so far
Here we are - things continuing to go great! I feel great! Today I have to do errands and plan my sisterís bridal shower. That should be a fun time! I canít wait for all this wedding stuff, now. Iím going to get a new outfit to wear to the shower. I think Iím going to get a pink lacoste polo shirt and wear it with cute skirt of some sort. Thatís the plan so far. Weíll see! I also need some new bras. I hope my pants size goes down by next week! I want to be a perfect six, instead of a maybe six. Iím almost there! Today - same juice, same routine. Iíve continued to have bms at ...   read more

Day 44   17 y  
Down another cup size!
I am having a hectic day! The next few weeks are going to be, with getting ready for my sisterís wedding. Iím holding at a weight loss of 47 pounds(total, not just from fasting). I canít wait to be able to tell people I lost 50 pounds. I plan on telling everyone at the wedding! I also got measured again today and have gone down to a 32 C cup. Thatís wonderful! Iíll be happy if I stay a C or even go down to a B. As far as my juicing, Iím in a routine. Itís either carrot apple ginger or grapefruit/orange in the AM, and pineapple ginger every PM. Iím sticking to the 2 juice a day th ...   read more

Day 43!!   17 y  
Short recap of trip and juice fast update.
Today is my 43rd day on the fast. I had no trouble maintaining the fast on the the trip. It was much easier than I thought. I kept my schedule of two juices a day and it went great. The trip was wonderful! We had so much fun with my sister. The bachelorette party was great!!!! It was so wild, but I only had water to drink. The clubs and bars were so cool. And three different guys hit on me! That totally amazes me. After all, I am an old married lady. (not really that old - 28) But I have had three kids and it feels good to know you still have it! As far as the fasting itself ...   read more

Day 40!!!!   17 y  
A quick weight up date
I made it to 40 days!! Woohoo!! I was 129.5 this morning. That is a drop of 19.5 pounds in 40 days - or a fraction under a half a pound a day. I am really please with that. Plus - Iím in the 120s!!!! Itís been six years since I was in the 120s!!!! My intial goal for weight loss was between 120 and 125. Iím not sure now how much lower I want to go. Maybe as low as 115, but thatís the lowest. Weíll see how much more Iím able to lose. My loss is really slowing down. Iím really happy!! I fly out this afternoon for the bachelorette party. I will be wearing my size six jeans on the ...   read more

Day 39   17 y  
A great day!!!!
Iím so busy!!! Just a quick update. Mark this day!! I fit into and bought a pair of size six jeans!!! I canít believe it! I also got a great pedicure (and have bronze toes now)! Iím in a great mood. Iím so happy! Fast notes - Friday morning marks 40 days!!!! That is amazing! Ten more days. I donít know that Iíll be ready to stop then, though. Weíll see!   visit the page

Day 38   17 y  
My test results
I had my physical. Everything was good, mostly. My thyroid is normal without meds!!! Thatís great news, as I have had hypothyroidism for years. My cholesteral is down 20 points! Thatís great news, too. But my kidneyís tested abnormally. My urine was too alkaline, and I was spilling protein. I knew it was because of the fast, but I didnít really want to say that. I have to have it retested in a month or two. It isnít a serious problem, they just want to see what it is doing. I didnít tell my doctor I was fasting. I didnít think sheíd understand. I asked if the results could b ...   read more

Day 37   17 y  
A quick update
I am having some stress in my daily life, but feeling pretty zen and I think it is the juice. I used to reach for food in times of stress, even healthy foods, but it isnít healthy to eat for any other reason than hunger. Iím glad that I seem to be over that. Iíve lost a lot of inches. Iím not sure exactly how many, but I know that in January I rounded my measurements way down when I ordered the bridesmaid dress for my sisterís wedding. By a few inches! And now, my measurements are actually below what I rounded them down to! Thatís amazing to me. I try on the dress this weekend. Pl ...   read more

Day 36   17 y  
A decision on fast length
I canít believe it is already day 36! Iíve made a decision about the length of the fast. Iím going to go 50 days! I think I can do it, easilly. If I feel the need to eat before then, then I do, and I will. If my bloodwork I had done last week comes back bad and Iím anemic or something, then Iíll reconsider. But as of now, it means Iím fasting through my trip. I think it will work out okay. Iíll pack my citrus juicer and just buy a bag or two of oranges up in DC. Seems easy enough, right? So, Iíll break the fast on May 16th. Iím still going to do juice in the AM, I think. Iíll p ...   read more

Day 35   17 y  
when to stop the fast?
I am still going strong on the fast. I donít feel ready to stop. Part of it is not wanting to stop losing weight. Iím afraid of gaining it back, too, even on raw foods. Iím not quite sure what to do. I fly up to DC on Friday and stay through Sunday night. Iím concerned about juicing on my trip. I have a small, electric citrus juicer, that I could pack. Then, I could just buy some oranges and a serated knife up there and voila - I could juice to my heartís content. That may be what Iíll do. Friday will be day 40. I still might stop the fast before the trip - I just donít know. I ...   read more

Day 33   17 y  
A quick physical update, and my weekend plans
I canít believe I am so far into this fast. I canít imagine chewing at this point! I feel great. I am sleeping so well, and waking feeling really rested. I am also really on an even keel emotionally, which can sometimes be hard for me. My skin is starting to improve (crosses fingers!) and Iím pleased with that! My skin is very soft, my eyes are so bright, and my hair is really soft, too. I feel really pretty! My face has really slimmed down. I think I look much younger and better. This is going to be a great weekend! We are celebrating our 10th anniversary all weekend. My mothe ...   read more

Day 32   17 y  
A short update on day 32
Another day on this juice fast down. Iím in quite the pattern now. I went to have blood drawn for a physical this morning, so I had to delay my morning juice til about 10AM. Itís funny, I wasnít really hungry, though I hadnít had juice since about 3pm the day before. I have very little real hunger now. Certain foods do hold some charm. My husband made curried rice this weekend that smelled so good! But I really feel clean inside and donít want to mess that up. I went shopping this afternoon for our anniversary and bought my husband a very nice watch. I hope he likes it. Then I c ...   read more

Day 31   17 y  
happy day!
Today is my 10th wedding anniversary! I canít believe it. I am pretty happy today. It is also the 31st day of the fast. From here on out, I have no real goal in mind for the length of the fast. Iím taking it day by day. I was at 132.5 today. 3 pounds and I will probably resume eating. Iíve been averaging a .5 drop a day for the last few weeks. So maybe another 6 days. It will hopefully be before my trip to DC next week. I had an upset tummy this AM, with a watery bm. It was painful and irritating. I am still having issues with the lump in my breast. I went for testing and did ...   read more

day 30!!!   17 y  
I made it, and I'm going to continue
I did it! I made it 30 days on this fast!! I canít believe it. I am feeling great. My break from the computer was sorely needed. I am so happy and proud I have done a 30 day fast. I am very close to getting to a weight that I will feel comfortable breaking the fast at. Thatís what is going to be my criteria for ending it. Starting weight on the fast - 149 Weight at day 30 - 133 16 pounds gone! New goal - 129! Then, Iíll start introducing a meal or so of raw foods to my daily juice. Ultimate goal - 120 Weight at the end of September, 2005 - 175 Total weight lost in 7 or so mo ...   read more

Day 18, late afternoon   17 y  
A Hiatus!
I spend too much time online. I have another blog that I have maintained for a few years. I have wasted another whole day staring at a computer screen. Iím not living my life to the fullest. I want to record my experiences on this fast, but I canít be online right now. I have made a promise to myself to fast from the computer for a week, too. Iíll be back, and Iíll keep a paper journal and Iíll finnish detailing this fast, for all who are interested in reading it. But this is my last update or check in for a week. Until we meet again - in a week or two - raddish And keep up the go ...   read more

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