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it's ovah!   17 y  
the relief is awesome, ceremony/wedding was amazing
I feel awesome and the ceremony was awesome, it rained all day but we had the tent much more to come when I get my shit together, love you all! Iím eating pizza and not posting for just until MOnday. Then Iím back on the wagon!!!   visit the page

Getting Married today   17 y  
today's the big day!
I feel OK, did an hour of meditation/stretching and breathing and Iím about to jump into my day. Iím getting married today! 3:30 PM! IĒm so excited for the day and for the party at night. Love to all and keep the good weather vibes pointed our way. - Anna   visit the page

3 is the magic number   17 y  
3 more nights
3 nights left. this afternoon is probably going to be my last chance to post though Iíd love to post again. Weíll see. Just got back from a 4 mile run. My brother is here and heís travelling to Georgia for kayaking nationals next week. So heís brought his kayak and has been going down the driveway, across the road and into the lake twice a day. He motivated me to go running in the 90 + heat. Iíd say I probably trudged through 3.5 miles and walked .5 miles in the shade. Man is it hot. Tomorrow the tent arrives and all systems are go for decorating. Everyoneís good vibes rea ...   read more

Wedding Week! It's fun!   17 y  
the weather looks nice and the family has started arriving, it's really really wonderful!
I am a lucky girl (lady? Mrs? Wife? All these labels seem insane to me ha ha) This week is so much fun as I have the time off work. Last Friday on a whim we decided to drive 3 hours to Maine to have dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. I ate too much veggie Indian food but other than that it was awesome. Saturday and Sunday we comparison shopped, got all the goods, and generally relaxed to prepare for the upcoming week. My brother arrived and itís been wonderful hanging out with him. Last night we played horsehoes on the lawn till it was too dark to see the stakes (at whic ...   read more

Future brides something for you!   17 y  
Something that's coming for you if you're planning a wedding!
Tambee posted about feeling a strange stomachache as she toured potential wedding sites (a year away). This is what I posted to her and Iíd like to put it in my blog too: Get used to it. *that strange stomach ache* Itís anxiety. It kind of feels achy and you feel far away from yourself and kind of cranky, and edging on nauseous... unable to talk, loosen up and function like you normally do... About two months from the date youíll start to feel it affecting your life, like youíll feel it when youíre not thinking or talking about the wedding. It will seem very strange. It may b ...   read more

Last day of work.   17 y  
and next week's schedule.
Awesome. Last day of work. Itís so great to be getting away from work. I got paid today, and Iím so so so ready to get out of here! The fiance and I are a little stir crazy at home and tend to rub each other the wrong way cause weíre both a little on edge. So tonight weíre driving about 5 hours roundtrip to go have dinner with my sister and her boyfriend in Portland Maine, just to change it up a little bit. I have been exercising and trying to keep a lid on the eating - I donít think I could really pig out if I tried. I do think that I will be eating raw 99% of the time next wee ...   read more

10 days...   17 y  
Colonic #2 and pray for no rain whammies everyone!
Every day, every hour seems so poignant and so full and so deep. Itís a strange twilight these days before the wedding. Yesterday I worked my butt off until 2PM and ended up crashing bigtime, sans food and not enough water... I felt so horrible that I walked calmly into my bossís office and said I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE Iíve done everything I can for tomorrow. I went straight to the store, bought the most yummy beer I could find and had some chicken bites. (I know itís bad but it was the only thing I was craving and I was in a really bad place). Came home, sipped a beer, read and ...   read more

11 days   17 y  
11 days till the big day.
Well after leaving the colonic therapists office after a very awful colonic, where we didnít really get anywhere because of the discovered blockage in the descending colon, I was sent to the drugstore to get some magnesium citrate, a liquid laxative. I took it at 4:30 yesterday and though I was running to the bathroom off and on, no real relief. However this afternoon I think I got rid of some of the blockage and immediately felt better. So today I had a protein salad for lunch (organic greens, carrots daikon pumpkin seeds sunflower seeds and marinated tofu, brought to you by the awe ...   read more

Colonic 1 of 3   17 y  
12 days to wedding
Thereís gunk in there even a colonic canít get out. Seriously I did a series of an hour of fills and releases and the therapist sent me to the drugstore for a laxative to clean me out before the next one on Thursday. I had a nice weekend. Iím stressed about the wedding. Etc.   visit the page

Commenters, how freakin right on you are!!!!!!!!!!!   17 y  
it's gotta be modified.
Yesterdayís commenters - you win the big bucks. I didnít even last through the evening. Fasting this close to the wedding is NOT A GOOD IDEA. So I got home yesterday and there was a note from our landlord, who owns our house and the house next door, which he uses for his lake house. Of course they show up for July, he wants to do repairs, he comes into our house with no notice, etc. He got here the day of my bachelorette party and went into the house, which really unnerved me. So I went over there and asked him to hold off on his repairs (replacing the deck doors) until after my ...   read more

Day 1 down   17 y  
1 of 7-11, I'm not sure how long I can hack it.
Iíve never fasted starting in the afternoon before. It makes my day Ēturn overĒ at about 2 PM. So Iím feeling cranky and crappy. Of course. Wedding stuff is piling on and I hardly had a moment to myself this morning as I was working the emails kept coming in and coming in, my brother will be spending lots of time with us the week before the wedding which is good. major headache action this morning, Iím feeling bettter. Tonight Iím doing yoga and giving myself a manicure and continuing to work on the music for the wedding. Iím hoping to make it through one week fasting, as my f ...   read more

hey yeah it's time to fast!!!!   17 y  
17 days to go, starting the juice fast tomorrow
Well I had an amazing bachelorette party. It was 4 days long. My future sis in law and my sister arrived on Friday night, we had some sister bonding time, my sis & I ran 4 miles before the festivities kicked off. My NYC girls arrived at midnight and we drank about 6 bottles of champaign! It was an amazing weekend, lots of swimming, grilling, they took me to a resort for a day, then yesterday we all stayed home, my fiance came back and we enjoyed the fourth at the lake house. It was an amazing amount of fun, and an amazing amount of partying, which I havenít been drinking at all to ...   read more

23 days, about to be one rockin party weekend   17 y  
bring on the weekend please (it's only thursday)
Iím very ready for the weekend. READY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!! Iím going to run 4 miles when I get home Friday afternoon with my sister, so I can drink some booze & eat some bbq and not feel bad during my bachelorette party this weekend. Yesterday I was able to get out of work early and go home and relax... It was really nice. I was sore (from lifting) and crampy etc so I didnít exercise yesterday but Iím really proud of myself I woke up at 6:20 and ran 3 miles. I went plenty slowly and gently, because I donít usually run in the AM. But it was not hard and Iím at work. Yesterday lun ...   read more

24 days... juice is yummy   17 y  
drank some wine it was good.
Carrot Ginger juice is really delicious. Itís just freakiní good. I had about 32 ounces of carrot ginger juice today. Now Iím off to lunch, later itís a 4 mile run for me and some tanning. Yesterday I went to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of weights. Came home and went swimming in the lake! How refreshing. Then to dinner - I wanted FOOD! So the fiance and I made an emergency trip to get some chicken, some fajita wraps and some salad stuff, and some wine. We did indulge in the wine a bit but Iím glad. It feels nice to enjoy. Oh and we got some frozen french ...   read more

25 days to go   17 y  
anyone want to fast starting 7/7 for 11 days?
I donít much think anyone around hereís tuning in for my daily ranting these days, itís not that exciting. Iím continuing to lose weight, exercise and get ready. This week I have my period so Iím bloated and cranky. Iím also totally in a daze. I love my fiance but Iím really craving outside company, which is good cause my ladies are comin up this weekend for the bachelorette party at my house. Every day feels like a daze as I just try to keep up with the schedule Iíve set out. Today I had 2 cookies, a piece of fudge, a lowfat yogurt and a banana. Yesterday I had a few cookies ...   read more

Hiking rocks   17 y  
Camels hump, and we got our wedding bands ordered
The fiance and I did Camelís Hump over the weekend, the tallest mt. in VT without ski trails on it (3rd highest overall, I think). It kicked butt, my legs are burning! I was SO GOOD last week that I rewarded myself, maybe a bit too much, over the weekend. But that hike was aweosome and we burned between 1000 - 1500 calories, so I didnít feel bad. Had pizza and beer. So yummy. I canít even tell you. Had some ice cream too. It makes me feel crappy but itís worth it. I also have my period today so Iíve already indulged in chocolate. Itís OK, Iím going to the gym right now for 20 m ...   read more

under a month to go   17 y  
feeling hungry :(
This week Iíve been really good at eating just yogurt and nuts, a salad once in a while, and tons of water during the day. Monday night I ended up having steak, potatoes and broccoli (the potatoes were so yummy and so sinful). Tuesday night I had (canít remember), Wednesday night I had some cheese & crackers, last night I had carrot ginger juice, cheese & crackers, and some miso soup. I finally ran 4 miles on Wednesday (it was tough after a few days off), then 60 minutes of cardio yesterday and 15 min. upper body weights. Today itís going to be 20 minutes on the bike, 20 minutes on t ...   read more

Wedding plans heat up   17 y  
a wonderful weekend
Itís official, this Thursday there will be ONE MONTH TO GO. This weekend was amazing, I went down to NYC, stayed with some friends. Friday night I got in late, it was hot, and it felt good to be in the city. Saturday after some morning soccer, I met one of my bridsmaids in the city, had a great omelette (turkey, broccoli and spicy pepper jack) then went to Macyís and got a makeover at the mac counter. Iím not much of a girly girl, I rarely wear makeup, but they were so great, suggesting colors Iíd never try. Thatís why you go to the pros. I then got a killer haircut, my long long ...   read more

Goin to the citAY   17 y  
and I've been good
Going down to NYC in 5.5 short hours! Iím so excited and canít wait to get out of work! Iíve been good good good the last few days. Yesterday a handful of nuts, lots of water, a roasted pepper and a chicken breast with jerk sauce. 1 hour workout. Today - woke up and did a few sun salutations (yoga) and sat and tried to quiet my mind for a bit. Wedding preparations are coming along VERY nicely, I shored things up with the caterer yesterday and am feeling happy and ready for the weekend. The fiance is off to Montreal for his weekend of debauchery, and Iím off to NYC to see one o ...   read more

Juice for dinner   17 y  
and no snacking (proud!)
Yesterday - I was not the best eater all day long, but I kept portions small. I did work out for 2 HOURS SOLID yesterday - over 800 calories of cardio (40 min bike 40 min elliptical) then 40 minutes of weights. Rock awesome. I also had carrot ginger juice for dinner and NO SNACKING. I think this may be the thing I need. I canít go full fledged fasting, it really disrupts my home life, and cleaning the juicer a million times a day makes me crazy. But I can do juice for dinner, which is my most dangerous meal of the day - once I start eating I just donít stop - nibbles of this, nib ...   read more

But... the dress looks awesome.   17 y  
39 days to go
After a day of beating myself up and hardly eating anything, I got home and tried on my dress, thinking - well maybe the outfit I was wearing at the shower was a little unflattering. Got to try on the dress. Itís what matters. Looks really great. I got this crazy body-suit thing with a really low neck. Itís very high tech and cool, and it holds everything perfectly in place. That plus a girdle for my tummy and thighs - Iím going to look awesome. So the emotional roller coaster ride continues. I wrote my wedding vows over the weekend, while waiting for a plane in the Philly ai ...   read more

Hmmm... Size 10 didn't actually look that great!   17 y  
40 days left and there's way too much to do.
Wedding shower was great, trip to Pittsburgh was great. However... Wow. I think Iíve been in some serious denial for a little while now. I wore my size 10 jeans, thinking I was the shit. Iíve been watching my progress and I think I look good, standing in front of the mirror. However, seeing my shower pictures was an extremely rude awakening for me. I look OK, but I look pretty much like what I thought I looked like before I started losing weight (wow, imagine what I ACTUALLY looked like 20 pounds ago.) I still look BIG. Bigger than I have any intention of looking for my wedd ...   read more

size 10 jeans!!!   17 y  
Very proud
Awesome - this morning I made it into my NEW FRESH OFF THE RACK size 10 old navy jeans. This is extra good, because theyíre new, theyíve not been stretched out by me wearing them years ago or anything, REGULAR CUT. So itís official, Iím a size 10 now!!!!! I put them on (squeezed them on) and my fiance cheered as I buttoned & zipped. ĒTurn around,Ē he said, Ēman I havenít seen you in blue jeans in years. Praise the lord!Ē Theyíre tight, but Iím not spilling over horribly. Iím going to wear them to my bridal shower tomorrow. Yesterday I did a good thing - I know itís not much t ...   read more

back into the swing of things   17 y  
king of the world, thank you coffee!
Great thing - eating mostly raw and not drinking alcohol now feel normal to me. Everything else is a treat! Yesterday I DID GO FOR A RUN! IN THE RAIN, NO LESS! And this was no drizzle, let me tell you. I did the full four miles, no walking, all continuous jogging. I was very pleased that after 9 days off running, I was able to do the whole thing with a minimum of awfulness. It wasnít bad at all. Yesterday all good food during the day, nuts, yogurt, and salad with feta cheese, no dressing. Dinner - a big honkin piece of broccoli, and some ground turkey with asian black bean s ...   read more

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