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Obama and The Golden Age of Earth   13 y  
These are my clairvoyant perceptions of the U.S. General Election scenario, as a lightworker resident "across the pond" who has no particular connection with the U.S. but nevertheless has felt intimately involved in the election process. There is more you can read on this subject at the following link (although I am not claiming that anyone endorses my blog entry in any way):
What I remember of my pre-birth time was that at one point I was ushered into a large auditorium in what I take to be Nirvana (the heaven-world). The hall held about two thousand people and it was filled ten times in succession, meaning that twenty thousand people entered in all. They were all preparing for Earth lifetimes and they would come in at different times depending on how much karma from previous lifetimes they needed to deal with, and what role they would play in the preparations to get Earth ready for the beginning of the Golden Age. However, these meetings where pre-birth ag ...   read more

Great-Grandad goes on the 'Plane with Andrew   14 y  
Andrew (now 13 months old) and I were speeding downhill on our bike on a last-minute shopping trip before the baby and his mother, Valentina took off on a 'plane the next day for a holiday with our family in Britain.
And suddenly I spotted it – a shiny one-cent coin lying in the very middle of the road. I screeched to a halt and went back to pick it up. I informed Andrew that this was Great-Grandad saying to us that he was going to be on that ’plane with Andrew and his 17-year-old mother the following day. I added that I wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t find a handful of coins scattered around when I accompanied him and his mother to the airport. Of course, I forgot all about it. Until the next day when the three of us were sitting on a wooden bench waiting for the bus driver to let passeng ...   read more

YOU ARE a Walking Sound and Light Show   14 y  
You know your aura is of many colours, like Joseph's coat of many colours or "Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". But ... surprise, surprise! Did you know your aura also EMITS SOUNDS ...?
In these days of heightened awareness we’re sensing more and more our ”presence” within the cosmos. We are created by the hands of angels, out of pure light and our auras are radiant with flashing multiple colours. This ”presence” of ours is quite plain to see for other beings, especially non-incarnate ones, or ones with bodies less dense than ours; of which there are countless numbers in the infinite spaces that surround our planet, with their cosy planetary homes for all manner of civilizations. What is so very important at this time, is that our light-presence be like a buoyant, ...   read more

Great-Grandad Makes his Debut into Computing   14 y  
This blog is different from all my previous ones about Great-Grandad. The previous ones were all about something that had happened. And this one is about something that HASN'T happened ...
It’s taken 5 days (since my last blog) for Great-Grandad to get in touch again. And this time he seems to have taken a course in computing ... On Saturday morning Andrew and I were shopping at the local fruit merchant as usual. I had just paid the rent and I had 17.26 euros left in the bank to last until I next get paid by a customer – around the end of the month; I hope it’s no later. The shopping came to 6.99 euros; I paid with my bank card and put the voucher in my bag. That afternoon at home I knew there was something strange going on. I was looking at my bank account onlin ...   read more

Was this Great-Grandad's Confirmation?   14 y  
I have found so many coins (and had banknotes handed to me) in so many places in Tenerife that I lost count long ago. And I have the most interesting theory to explain it ...
Andrew and I had almost reached home this evening after our daily outing and I was pushing the bike up the steep street to our block of flats, when in the very middle of the road I spotted a one-cent coin. As I bent to pick it up it was obvious to me that it was from Great-Grandad. But why? The spot where I found the coin was close to the spot where the events which I blogged 48 hours ago occurred. I wondered if today’s coin were Great-Grandad’s confirmation that what I wrote about him then was right. Of course, it’s always possible that the people of my district habitually cros ...   read more

Great-Grandad Goes One Better   14 y  
I continue the true "saga" of the spirit communication motivated by bonds of love between my father-in-law, George and his great-grandson, Andrew (my grandson whom I look after, as his mother Valentina is only 17).
This afternoon Great-Grandad walked up to Andrew in the street. That wouldn’t seem so strange if it weren’t for the fact that Great-Grandad left the Earth in 1987. Andrew and I had gone out to the Chemist to get some change of a 50-euro note, hoping to get a 10-euro note so that we could ask for the gas man to call with a new bottle of butane. At the Chemist we didn’t get quite the right change but we thought we could pay the gas man with a 20-euro note and ask him for change, so we set off home again. On the way we passed a skip which contained amongst other things, a carrier ba ...   read more

Great-grandad's Birthday Gift to Andrew   14 y  
My father-in-law George, although he's been in Spirit since 3rd March 1987, is very good at remembering the birthdays of his family on earth.
My father-in-law George, although he’s been in Spirit since 3rd March 1987, is very good at remembering the birthdays of his family on earth. And this year, he gave his great-grandson Andrew a dozen new sets of clothes for his first birthday. This is how it came about ... Back in March, a mini-catalogue of baby clothes arrived in the post for my 17-year-old daughter Valentina, who is Andrew’s mother. Valentina got me to order him a dozen sets of clothes for the summer online. By late April the clothes had not arrived, so I chased them up via the catalogue company ...   read more

The Universe with the Infinite Menu   14 y  
The Grand Chef of the Universe and the Menu of Life
The things you see around you now are the ingredients which the Grand Chef of the Universe is using to cook up that special dish for you — the one you’ve never even dreamed of yet. If some things that are happening to you right now taste bitter ... he’s making sweet-and-sour sauce. If you feel you’re taking a battering from life ... she’s whipping the cream for the top of the Ice Cream Sundae. If you want to taste the delights of the Universal Banquet in ways you never could have imagined ... savour the ingredients; because these are going into the dish that’s going to be put on y ...   read more

Grandad the Heavenly Banker   15 y  
Grandad (my twenty-years-dead father in law) has been speaking to me for years in the unique language we share – the "language of coins". Today, Grandad expanded our vocabulary by introducing a "language of banknotes".
I was walking away from the supermarket till with my shopping for the weekend. I had 18 cents left in my purse, which meant I wouldn’t be able to call at the fruit shop. I had got 15 yards from the till when someone behind me started calling. I turned around to see the lady after me in the queue waving a 10 Euro note in the air and wanting to know if it was mine. ”A gift from Grandad for me to buy my fruit with” flashed onto my brain, but I wanted to put this to the test. So instead of accepting the money, I answered stupidly ”I don’t know”. The lady who had found the note and ...   read more

Dennis Bell (full name Harold Dennis Bell, aka Harold Bell) of Beverley Beck, Licensed Debt Counsellors, UK   15 y  
Self-help circle for past or present clients
If you are or have been a client of this gentleman and you wish to get in touch with other past/present clients in a self-help circle, please email me on Deborah   visit the page

Grandad Surfaces Again to Greet Andrew   15 y  
After months of not hearing from my father-in-law who lives in the Spirit world, out of the blue he re-surfaced today.
It’s just over a month since his great-grandson Andrew was born here in the Canary Islands to his 16-year-old granddaughter – my daughter Valentina – whom ”Grandad” as I call him, never met in the flesh as she was born after he died. As I recount in earlier blogs, Grandad talks to me in a unique ”language of coins” which he’s developed specially for this purpose. So, this morning Andrew and I set off on our mountain bike to deposit money at the bank so I could buy him some toys I’ve found on eBay. Andrew was riding in the sling on my chest and had the usual slightly surprised lo ...   read more

James and the Identical Twin Angels   15 y  
When our mobile (cell) phones are out of radio range and we can't communicate with one another that way, other forms of communication may kick in: for instance, angels may appear, to guide and protect us – as in today's true story.
Today I continue the anecdotes of my personal life, and I start by introducing to you my 21-year-old son James. James lives in a flat in the university city of Bangor, North Wales. For two years he has had schizophrenia, and during that time the love on my side, and the trust on his side, have developed into a soul bond that goes far beyond the mother-son bond. At present James is staying with me in Tenerife to soak up some of the natural beauty of this Island and its healing properties. Last Sunday we left home early for a circular walk with friends from our MSN Group. ...   read more

The Story of Peter and Paul   15 y  
There was once a man called Paul who had a very clear understanding that there is no such thing as a "victim" or a "villain": that these concepts are an illusion. This is the story of what happened when he died and went to heaven.
There was once a man called Paul who died and went to heaven. He was met by a shiny man who introduced himself as Peter. Peter greeted Paul warmly and then said: ”Paul, a home has been prepared for you here, and I’ve been instructed to escort you there directly. It’s in a valley in the mountains, in one of the most beautiful parts of the whole Realm. ”But I have something on my mind that I’d like to discuss with you first. Would you mind sitting down a moment, please?” Peter gestured to a chair and Paul sat down nervously, not knowing what was coming next. Peter looked ...   read more

The Physical Structure of our Connection to All-That-Is   15 y  
Is it true that each of us is inseparably connected to everything else in existence? What if this connection had a physical structure, and you could see it – would that make it seem real?
Since about 1994, authors such as Neale Donald Walsch have been tossing out the idea that each of us is inseparably connected to everything else in existence. Each of us has been doing what we want with this idea. For me, as for many others, this idea has been a working hypothesis in my interpretation of life. But this morning, in my meditation, it became more than a concept: I was shown the physical structure of this connection. I found myself inside a kind of electrical switching station. Radiating out in front of me were a number of channels made of square section tubing. In ...   read more

Grandad goes Shopping (Invisibly)   15 y  
I continue where I left off with the last blog about my dead father-in-law called "Grandad".
The same evening, I picked up a shiny 2 cent coin that must have fallen out of the pocket of a client that had just left my flat. That was the second coin I had picked up that day but I didn’t know what I was supposed to make of it. Yesterday it was time to go to the supermarket again. On the way there I stopped to buy the last packet of antibiotics that I need to finish my course. At the first pharmacy which had sold me a packet last time, there was a different assistant and she pointed to a poster on the wall that said I needed a prescription. So I set off again on my bike for t ...   read more

Grandad in the Pharmacy (Drugstore)   15 y  
It continues to amaze me that someone who has been dead for 19 years can take an active part in my life. If "Grandad" (my father-in-law) were alive today he would be 94 years old – too frail to play the role that he does in my life. So I count myself lucky to have his presence and supportive love.
The other day I visited 8 pharmacies (drugstores) in my city of Santa Cruz in Tenerife. I was on the hunt for enough packets of antibiotics to finish my 3-month course. Since the beginning of this year, new Spanish legislation forbids the sale of antibiotics over the counter, i.e. without a prescription. I was looking for those pharmacies that are unaware that what I am asking for is an antibiotic and therefore sell it me. In the last of the 8 pharmacies that I visited I was able to buy my second packet of antibiotics that day. The curious thing was that I handed the assistant the ...   read more

Your Good Resolution for Today   15 y  
Your guardian angel is always right by you, closer than your breath or your heartbeat, and does not even need to be called when you want to speak to him/her. Voicing this Good Resolution will bring you inner peace and tranquility, no matter when you do it.
”Guardian Angel, my Best Friend, my good resolution for today is to look for the things that give me most joy, and to do them all. ”And, although it’s an enormous sacrifice, I also resolve to give you all the things that cause me pain, so that you may take care of them for me with your heart full of love. ”And so it is.”   visit the page

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