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by Deborah Lockett

Obama and The Golden Age of Earth

These are my clairvoyant perceptions of the U.S. General Election scenario, as a lightworker resident "across the pond" who has no particular connection with the U.S. but nevertheless has felt intimately involved in the election process. There is more you can read on this subject at the following link (although I am not claiming that anyone endorses my blog entry in any way):

Date:   11/22/2008 3:19:45 AM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 2937 times

What I remember of my pre-birth time was that at one point I was ushered into a large auditorium in what I take to be Nirvana (the heaven-world). The hall held about two thousand people and it was filled ten times in succession, meaning that twenty thousand people entered in all. They were all preparing for Earth lifetimes and they would come in at different times depending on how much karma from previous lifetimes they needed to deal with, and what role they would play in the preparations to get Earth ready for the beginning of the Golden Age. However, these meetings where pre-birth agreements were made were held in the continuum, outside linear time, so it did not matter when each person had chosen to incarnate.

I was standing in the back section of the hall, which was occupied by a group of lightworkers who were undertaking to provide "background support" to Obama's role as spiritual leader of the U.S.A. who would guide the planet's entry into the Golden Age. This "support" role consisted largely of helping with the release of our past collective karma in order that the Obama "Golden Age Transition Team" could be effective.

Near the front of the hall on my left was Obama himself surrounded by concentric circles of others who were accompanying him from his home planet to incarnate on Earth and who would serve as his campaign advisors in key support roles. It is no coincidence that the two heads of the campaign would be called David, as they carry the energy of King David of the Old Testament which is an archetypical energy of courage. Or that the one who would be his wife would be called Michelle, which comes from the name Michael, because she wields the sword of Truth of the archetypical energy known as Archangel Michael. She would have an important early role as First Lady literally sweeping out all the energy of secrecy, which is the cloak under which the current occupants of the White House and some other occupants of Washington D.C. had worked to cause physical pain or imprisonment to many innocent souls around the planet. The secrecy would then be replaced by transparency and answerability to the people under the new Administration.

The stage of the hall was empty apart from a wall-to-wall video screen on which was shown a tutorial video of likely earth scenarios in which the persons watching were preparing to play a role.

I and the other lightworkers were there as observers, as our role in the Transition to the Golden Age was to be a general one, simply receiving light beamed onto the planet at specific geographical points on the web of ley lines, and transforming it to an intensity that could serve the planet.

Besides the future President Obama's circle of close supporters, there were others with specific roles agreed before birth, as follows:

John McCain: a valiant and noble soul who agreed to serve as a "place holder" during the election -- someone who would fill the role of Obama's opponent but with the intention of stepping aside for him at the right moment. What I "saw" of his pre-birth agreement is that very close to the election, he would do something to put himself out of the running -- which I pictured as falling while dismounting from the stage at one of his town hall meetings and having to be taken to hospital for a hip replacement, or some other non-life-threatening circumstance that would nevertheless leave Obama as the clear choice. In the end it turned out that this was not necessary, and Senator McCain fulfilled his agreed role in other ways, doing "crazy" things like suspending his campaign to go to Washington and participate in bailout talks, all done under his soul-level agreement help Obama.

Sarah Palin: her agreed role was that of healer, coming in, with a sudden and astonishing entrance, to bridge the chasm that had opened up between Hillary's supporters and the Obama camp during the protracted Primaries. The press often observed, with some accuracy, that many of Hillary's supporters couldn't come to terms with her defeat, and therefore wouldn't vote for Obama in the election, because their hopes of being able to vote for the first woman President had been dashed. However, after John McCain's running-mate pick was announced, the press stopped making their remarks about the Hillary-Obama schism, and all eyes swivelled to see whether Sarah could help John carry the election. Meanwhile, Hillary's supporters began to feel a little less mad with Obama as he temporarily became the underdog in the polls, and the issue of the schism, once the press had taken its attention off it, melted away.

Hillary: Barack's "jousting partner", like a personal coach who, in the Middle Ages, would have jousted with a knight to give him practice. She came in as Barack's "personal coach" with no other purpose than to help him win. To do this, with her remarkable energy that had Barack running to keep up with her, she led him systematically through the nation, state by state, during the protracted Primaries. As she entered each State with him, she opened a door which allowed a breeze carrying the sweet energies of the Golden Age to blow through it and carry away the stale energies created in the past and still lingering and clinging there. Her training of Barack and his campaign team was totally thorough and professional, replacing his inexperience and that of his campaign team, who were fighting a general election for the first time, with the strength that would ensure a win.

Not only did she train Barack during the Primaries, but even before the Democratic Convention she swiftly pivoted to become a hard-working surrogate of Obama as per her pre-birth agreement, enlisting her husband Bill as her fellow surrogate so that together and working closely with V.P. pick Joe Biden, they would carry Obama to victory in Pennsylvania, Florida and the battleground states in general. It was noticeable that when the Obama campaign asked Hillary, along with a few other high-profile Democratic women, to be a surrogate to help steady the campaign, which was newly reeling from the "Palin Effect", she agreed to do so only on the condition that she would not attack Sarah or confront her in any way, which reflects Hillary's intuitive recognition of Sarah's role as healer. Hillary's transformation from bitter rival to hard-working surrogate was as remarkable as it was complete, and there was no-one in any of John McCain's camp who filled a similar role for him.

Bill Clinton: Despite the bitter comments which Bill made about Barack during the Primaries as he fought for his wife's election, and which, by the time the Democratic Convention came around, had been replaced by friendly overtures, there are many parallels between the former President's life and Obama's. Two notable ones are the fact that Bill's father died before he was born, whilst Barack's father was carried away from him by life's circumstances, with the result that both men shared a longing to know their biological fathers that was never able to come to fruition. Also their very similar ages when elected to the Presidency.

Bill came in as a loving "elder brother" to Barack ready to help him by sharing the wisdom garnered during his presidential years, and also providing him with a ready-made team trained during the Clinton Administration with the experience to step into the Obama Administration and swiftly begin the sweeping changes that Barack envisages, especially swift measures to establish U.S. respect for human rights which have been systematically undermined under the present President, causing so much physical suffering and anguish. This will make a huge difference to the progress of the planet as a whole, enabling the light of the Golden Age to penetrate through the worst of the remaining vestiges of the darkness and continue at a swifter pace than before with building new governmental systems within the light.


When one saw photos of youngsters weeping with emotion at Obama rallies, it was because of something much deeper than the "Messiah-worship" which the press put it down to. The tears were tears of "recognition", like the tears which one sheds on meeting a long-lost friend or family member... intensely personal, and nothing to do with worship. These people, of whom there have been many, are simply having flashed back to them their pre-birth meeting with Obama.

There is a phrase that has crept into press reports and blog writings -- the "Obama Movement" (at the time of writing, this exact phrase scores 53,100 hits on Google). Although it is a real phenomenon, it is not actually a "Movement": it is a "Collective Entity". Barack Obama is the nucleus of a collective entity or soul that has incarnated on Earth; that is why his grassroots organization, which was the making of his election win, is so powerful: his grassroots are the "Obama-Entity Collective". That is why he trained, after completing College, as a community organizer instead of as a polical figure (as Sarah scathingly remarked during her Convention Acceptance Speech, not realizing that it was Obama's greatest strength); because he is the nucleus of a "community of souls" that includes all those around the world who wish him luck as he prepares to assume the daunting task of turning the U.S. Administration to face in an entirely different direction from at present.

His training as Community Organizer was also the exact experience he needed to build and lead the Obama Campaign, which is nothing other than a Community, and a very large one at that, including a huge team of paid staffers throughout many States and an even larger number of volunteers. It is ordinary people's innate feeling of being a part of this Obama Collective (to which many people have given the name Obama Movement) that has made them feel so intimately involved with all the many ups and downs of his primary and general election campaigns, with his victory and with his current transition process where his Administration members, as if drawn to him unconsciously and instinctively knowing the role they have agreed to fill, coalesce around him.

In fact the "Obama Phenomenon" (another phrase which has crept in gradually, and currently has 47,100 Google hits) is simply a way of saying that the most outstanding thing about President-Elect Obama isn't any quality of the man himself; it's the quality of his support, and the unwavering nature of it -- according to the pre-election polls, Obama's support was firm (the vast majority of those saying they intended to vote for him said they were unlikely to change their minds) while John McCain's was "softer": there was less of a feeling among voters of "certainty" and commitment. It was as if the Obama supporters felt "this is the person I've been waiting for", and this is true in a very real sense for those who feel it.

However, Obama the man has such an outstandingly conciliatory, all-inclusive nature that many who didn't vote, or who voted for Senator McCain, will come to feel that for them too "this is the person I've been waiting for"... indeed, there is evidence that this is already happening, because surprisingly, in the three Senate races which still hung in the balance after the General Election result was announced, in each case, the Republican candidate appeared to be the likely winner, but now the situation appears to be leaning towards the Democratic contender... perhaps basking in the after-glow of the election where even people who didn't vote for Obama are beginning to be hopeful and to feel "all will be well" under the new Administration.

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