The New Earth
by Deborah Lockett
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Reunion   11 y  
If there's someone you miss – someone in Heaven, or thousands of miles away on Earth – here's a little piece you can read that will set your love flowing to them, and make you feel happy and comfortable. They in turn will be nourished by your love. If you read it at bed-time, your love will give you a wonderful sleep and the feeling of warmth will carry over to the next day. The character in this piece is a little boy, but you can put your own special person in his place. The "me" in this piece, is you!
When the earth laughs, water and air bubble up from inside her. The water is warm and comforting. She is always laughing, because the bubbling is continuous. She loves to laugh. On my skin too, there are places where water and air bubble up from within me, creating a warm lagoon of pure energized water. I love to lie in this water and feel it pamper my skin. It makes my body feel weightless. A family of swans swim up to my head and snuggle under it as my pillow to keep my head comfortably out of the water. I can feel the soft warmth of their bodies lulling me to sleep. As I close my eye ...   read more

If you were God   11 y  
This blog forms the basis for a public speaking debate where one speaker defends the motion "Humans are imperfect" and another tries to demolish his or her arguments.
If you were God, and were creating human beings, would you deliberately make them imperfect? If so, why would you do it? One answer is, ”so that they can learn to be perfect”. If that is so, it means we humans are ignorant, otherwise we wouldn’t need to learn. If you were in God’s shoes, why would you make people ignorant instead of wise? One answer is, ”so that they can come to know me, and become wise”. If that is so, it means God has a big head, because he thinks humans would want to come to know him. He thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Following this line of thinking, th ...   read more

It's the steroids "It's the steroids"   11 y  
My hospital stay and operation, December 2011
The occupation of France during WWII gave rise to a saying ”c’est la guerre”: ”it’s the war”... people still use it to console one another about those things in life that they can’t change. For me, instead of ”c’est la guerre”, ”it’s the steroids”... for instance, some Persil-white patches have appeared on my ageing teeth, and at first I thought they were the white yeast candida albicans which lives in the digestive tract. But they wouldn’t brush off with my electric toothbrush, and so I concluded that they weren’t yeast and that my teeth were going to powder. Otherwise known as osteopor ...   read more

Unicorns in our Family   11 y  
My grandson Andrew had a dramatic entry into this life. My daughter Valentina became pregnant with him at 15 and was desperate for an abortion. But Andrew was equally desperate for Valentina to be his mother – and so the drama.
In my late teens it had been my ambition that, just once during my lifetime, I would be used as an instrument to save another person’s life. My ambition was fulfilled with Andrew, although I had never dreamed that the life I would save would be that of my own grandson. Valentina marshalled her teachers, our family friends, a social worker and the public solicitor for the protection of minors to work on me and get me to sign the abortion clinic’s consent form. Not signing was the one thing that stood between Andrew and death, since we lived in Tenerife where the law requires parental conse ...   read more

a miracle out of the blue   12 y  
The amazing thing about this miracle is that although I needed it very badly, I did not pray for it, I did not even ask for it, and it was so unexpected that it took me completely by surprise. The miracle was also highly significant because on that day, my closeness to my spirit helpers, whom I discuss my hopes and unanswered questions with, was greatly strengthened.
It was a mild day in August, I had just come to the end of three days dealing with important and urgent matters and I celebrated this by having a short sleep in the afternoon to recuperate a little. When I woke up I heard the cuckoo clock downstairs strike four. Since I had already dealt with everything that needed it, I planned to visit the doctor’s surgery to learn the test result on a vaginal swab sample I had had taken the previous Friday, and to be prescribed medications now that the doctor would have received the result of the test. It was Friday afternoon and I knew I must make th ...   read more

A shiny new coin for a new beginning   13 y  
The latest coin, which I found yesterday, is shiny and new...
... just as well, because night had just fallen and I had only the floodlights of the park to see it by. I was just entering the park on my bike, on my way from Ángel’s (Valentina’s boyfriend’s) flat where I spend my days, to the Municipal Hostel for the Homeless where I spend my nights. It was a ”classic” find, a one-cent piece which my front bike tyre rode over; it looks so shiny as to hardly have been touched by human hand. The date of minting is tiny but looks like 2008. The message with the coin? A new coin, a new beginning -- just like the little slim slither of a new moon that ...   read more

Grandad and Nanna accompany Andrew to the play tent   13 y  
My latest coin "find" was this morning -- a two-cent piece which my front bike tyre ran over (as usual) ...
... today is the first day of Andrew’s school Christmas holidays. I took him on the bike to a free children’s play activity in big white tents in a city square not far from his home. He was hesitant about going in, and wanted to be carried in my arms, so that is what I did. When he saw the big Scalextric track they had laid out on a table, fortunately he forgot about his hesitancy. After leaving him I went to the supermarket to buy some more food to take back to the tent and put in his backpack for his packed lunch. After riding along on the bike for a few minutes and turning the first ...   read more

Grandad and Nanna help buy the shopping   13 y  
This was a "classic" coin find: it was a one-cent coin, and my front bike tyre ran over it...
... the coin was lying in the middle of a narrow street just around the corner from the fruit shop near the flat I was recently evicted from. It was Saturday, 18th December and I had gone there to buy a tray of eggs. I found the coin just a few minutes after leaving the shop. All crises are under control for the present and I could not feel any message from this coin. It seems that this time, Grandad and Grandma simply wanted to contribute to the cost of the tray of eggs. I’ll be back when the next coin appears!   visit the page

Three coins in one day, all in different places   13 y  
This was the first time I'd had three separate coin "finds" in one day; it was on 14th December.
The first ”find” was my usual one, a one-cent coin. I had just picked Andrew up from school, and he raced ahead to the nearby park, while I pushed my bike after him. As usual, the front tyre ran over the coin, lying in a pedestrian precinct. The ”message” attached to the coin referred back to a meeting I had had that morning in the Municipal Hostel for the Homeless, where it seemed I might be losing my overnight accommodation in the Hostel. The message reassured me that, despite what might appear from this morning’s meeting, my helpers in Spirit were lavishing the greatest care on me an ...   read more

A reminder of being surrounded by Unconditional Love   13 y  
On 30th November Andrew and I were walking through the pedestrianized streets of the Old Town when I spotted a one-cent coin lying just in front of my feet. It was my usual “find”, i.e. the smallest of all the coins ...
... but the circumstances were unusual in that I usually find coins as my front bike tyre runs over them; of the many coins that I have found – sometimes more than one at a time – I think this is the first where I have found it in my path as I was walking. The interesting thing about this “find” is that it was right outside a chemist’s shop which held a memory of slight disappointment for me. Each month I have a prescription of two bottles of emulsion for my face, which is gradually clearing up my problem of rosacea. I had gone to this particular chemist for this month’s prescription, and ...   read more

An "Extra Strong Pill" from Grandad and Nanna   13 y  
I was racing on my bike from school where I had just delivered Andrew shortly before 9 a.m., back to my daughter's boyfriend's flat, having received a mobile phone call from my daughter Valentina to say a domestic crisis had arisen.
I had just become homeless and was staying at the Municipal Hostel. My daughter’s boyfriend was storing my personal possessions for me in his flat, and I was staying there during the day, since the hostel bedrooms were only open at night-time. The domestic crisis arose because it was taking me some time to learn the ”house rules” of the flat, and consequently I was upsetting my daughter Valentina’s boyfriend. As I raced along on my bike through the narrow streets of the Old Town, a 5-cent coin appeared in the usual place, under my front bike tyre. I had arranged to meet Val outside the ...   read more

Grandad and Nanna: "We're with you every step of the way"   13 y  
The latest coin, which I found on Wednesday 3rd November, is shiny and new-looking (minted in 2008). As usual, my front bike tyre ran right over it. It cannot have been lying in the road for long, as I can't see any scratches on it.
It was in the road that runs in front of Andrew’s school, and I was delivering him to school in the morning as usual. I am in the process of moving (being evicted from my flat next Tuesday and going to the Municipal Hostel) and the message that came from Grandad and Nanna with the one-cent coin (my most usual type of coin find) was clear and simple: ”We’re with you every step of the way”. It was the reassurance of unconditional love from two people long departed from the earth plane.   visit the page

A penny for Andrew's new beach shoes   13 y  
The cent coin was lying at an angle on the edge of a drain grille and I had no difficulty spotting it as my front bike tyre ran over it as usual.
Yesterday Saturday, Andrew and I were on our way on the bike to look for a new pair of beach shoes for him, as one of his flip-flops went missing on the beach last week-end. The one-cent coin was just a tiny gesture on the part of Nanna and Grandad but brimming with kindness as they showed their desire to help buy his new beach shoes and most importantly, that they are with us, watching over the little boy as he grows up and helping in any way they can.   visit the page

A local coin, and one from across the Atlantic   13 y  
Yesterday, Saturday, Andrew and I were riding my bike to sports store Decathlon when we found two coins, one from each side of the Atlantic...
As usual my front bike tyre ran over the coins, lying at the edge of the road on a roundabout at the approach to a flyover over a motorway. At first I saw only one coin, and taking advantage of a break in the traffic, I dismounted and picked it up. I then turned the bike around in order to get off the road before re-mounting and spotted a second coin that I had run over but not seen, a couple of metres from where I found the first one. When I got the coins out of my pocket in the park shortly afterwards, their details had been partly obliterated by the car wheels passing over them, a ...   read more

Grandad and Nanna feed Andrew for a year   13 y  
Andrew and I were on the beach as usual this afternoon and for the second Saturday running I found coins: this time they were one five-cent and two two-cent coins, lying amongst shrubs planted on top of a wall where I was picking up litter.
The message that came with the coins this time was ”you don’t need so much money now Deb, so we left you a smaller (and more usual) amount than last week”. Last week’s find on the beach was a 2-euro coin and I understood it to be the first contribution towards this month’s school meal money payment for 4-year-old Andrew. But it turned out that the 2 euros was not needed for that purpose, because during the interval between last Saturday and this, the school secretary’s assistant told Valentina that she should reclaim from her bank the money just paid by direct debit to the school, becau ...   read more

Grandad and Nanna feed us   13 y  
Today after taking Andrew to school, on the way home my front bike tyre ran close to a potato lying in the middle of a pedestrian area. I rode on, but...
... then I understood, stopped, went back and picked it up. It was a local specimen, my favourite variety with pink colouring around the eyes. I realized that this was my 1-cent coin for today and that Grandad and Nanna found it more appropriate to leave me a potato this time, as they know I love baked potatoes. The potato was charged with symbolism as I was on my way to the supermarket to spend the last 2.15€ in my account. Here were Grandad and Nanna telling me they knew of the food situation and were looking for opportunities to send food my way. Well, that’s the ”message” from G ...   read more

A new coin "find", for a different purpose   13 y  
Today is the first time I've ever written about two different coin "finds" in one day (I already blogged one this morning, now I'm here with one that happened this afternoon)...
At about midday Andrew and I went on my bike to the beach, as we do nearly every weekend (we live in Tenerife and the beach is a half-hour bike ride away). After a picnic and a siesta, I put on my ”Deborah the Ecologist” hat and set about picking up the rubbish off the beach, as I always do. At one point, I spotted a 2-euro coin on its side sticking up out of the sand. Its purpose was abundantly clear: it’s the first 2 euros out of a total of 130 euros that I need to find for this month’s school dinner money for Andrew, due now. I asked Grandad, who was always one for a joke, ” ...   read more

Grandad and Nanna, ever practical with their assistance   13 y  
I found the latest coin last Wednesday morning. Andrew and I were on our way to school on my bike. The coin was the usual 1 cent and it was lying right in the middle of a street soon after we left home. The street being narrow because of the parked cars on either side, my front tyre ran right over it as usual.
I picked the coin up, gave it to Andrew and as we carried on, I mused about what the message attached to the coin might be. I only had to wait 5 minutes to find out. We had stopped at a tram station to buy a new travel pass with the money I had just drawn from the cash machine. The station machine took our money and then promptly went into out-of-order mode without dispensing my travel pass or change. Immediately the message from the coin came to me: Grandad and Nanna had known what was “brewing up” and had left me the coin in advance to say, “we’re with you on this one Deb, we’ll m ...   read more

Another two have appeared! (Coins, I mean...)   13 y  
Today I took Andrew to a different beach than usual, and I invited Grandad and Nanna to come along...
When we got to the beach (on our bike with Andrew in his child seat), we headed for the only shady area, underneath the pier. It turned out we were in for a treat, because there in the shade we found a family group playing traditional Canarian songs on two traditional Canarian instruments. They continued playing and singing for several hours as Andrew played with the family’s 6-year-old daughter in the aquamarine waters under the pier, the waves calmed by a supporting stone wall in the sea. More children arrived with their families and swam near the water’s edge, while a youth took a ...   read more

The Fifth-Dimensional Energies are with us Now, in ever greater quantities   13 y  
The fifth-dimensional energies are with us on our Planet now, they are ramping up on a daily basis... let's make use of them!
According to Matthew , in this process which we call the Earth’s Ascension, she is travelling out of the third dimension, where she has been for millennia; she is now already partly in the fourth dimension, and will complete her journey when she reaches the fifth, which will be her Golden Age of peaceful co-operation and joyous, fruitful living for all. Although we, as earth’s resident population, are still partly in the third dimension, where the energies are quite dense but can be, and are, illuminated by the highest energy of all, that ...   read more

It didn't take long   13 y  
It didn't take long for another coin to appear... this time it was just outside Val's boyfriend's house, where she lives at present, which didn't surprise me as Grandad and Nanna take such an interest in Val's and Andrew's welfare...
It was a shiny, almost new one-cent coin, which is what most of my ”finds” are. On Saturday just past I had gone on my bike to pick Andrew up from Val and take him to the beach. While Andrew was getting ready, I did what I usually do, which is pick up litter in the street outside the flat where Val lives. Mainly cigarette butts, there are so many of them I only manage a small area. When Andrew came downstairs I tied the mouth of the bag and went over to where the bins are (the ones put there by the Council, in the street). Before I could lift the lid of the closest one, I spotted the ...   read more

More pennies from Heaven   13 y  
Grandad has now been joined in Spirit by Nanna (whom he used to refer to with much affection as "the missus") and when they visit us they're always together...
Since Nanna joined Grandad in Spirit the little gifts of ”pennies” (1 euro cent coins) -- and sometimes bigger coins -- have continued. I nearly always find them by running over them in the street with my front bike tyre. I stop to pick them up and exchange a few words with Grandad and Nanna -- saying mainly that it’s so comforting to know they’re still around our little family of 3 generations: proof that love lasts way beyond the grave. This morning I received my biggest ”treasure trove” yet: two 1-euro coins plus two 20 cent coins. This time my front bike tyre didn’t run over them be ...   read more

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