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by Deborah Lockett
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Unwanted child or adult: how to heal yourself of being unwanted   15 y  
This is another window into my personal life. I’ve already introduced you to my 15-year-old daughter Valentina, who is expecting a baby in June. My very dear girlfriend wrote me of her concerns, given that she knows many people who have not been fully wanted by their mother and suffer from this for all of their lifetime. This is my solution to that problem for those who are interested.
I grew up in Wales in an ordinary lower middle class family. Like so many others of my age (51), I was born to parents who had met during the 1940-45 war, and married after it ended. My parents both wanted me – my mother cried for half an hour after I was born because she wanted a girl so much after having my two brothers; and I was my father’s favourite, a real Daddy’s girl. The only thing I would have liked different about my childhood is that I wish my parents had had the money to send me to kindergarten. However, as I grew up I was aware of a dark shadow which had been clingi ...   read more

Tooth Whitening   15 y  
One way to quickly remove stains and restore the natural whiteness of teeth without going to the dentist
Just letting everyone know that I have found hydrogen peroxide very useful for restoring the whiteness of my teeth. I have bottles at several strengths, the strongest being 30%. The usual way to express the strength is in ”volumes”, and 30% corresponds to 110 volumes. At one time I used to brush my teeth with it in place of toothpaste because Hulda Clark recommends it, but then when I read some more I came to where she says it cannot be used in a mouth with metal as it reacts with the metal. As my crowns have metal bases I stopped using it, and switched to a solution of bicarbonate ...   read more

The Power of Music   15 y  
You can harness the power of music to attract to you sweet and loving "visitors" that will grace and bless your living environment.
The most curious thing happened this evening while I was playing Mike Rowland’s ”Magical Elfin Collection”. I was sitting on a mattress in the middle of the room, working on a recumbent client. It was dusk and apart from the remaining glimmers of natural light coming in through the window, the only light in the room came from a candle. One of the tracks has a march tune, and I was imagining what a group of angels would look like in a parade or procession, marching to this tune. Gradually, the air in the room took on a ”sticky” quality – the sort of stickiness that makes metal obj ...   read more

Abundance and the Giant Turbines that Generate it   15 y  
My guardian angel gave me an animated image to help me generate Abundance. It’s so apt and striking I thought I’d share it with you.
As you look up at the moon she seems a long, long way from the Earth. And yet, even from that distance, her pulling power is so great that the oceans respond. The ocean tides are like giant turbines that generate enormous power: primordial, natural Abundance. Whatever you need in life, you can draw upon this inexhaustible, constantly renewed Abundance to supply it. Imagine yourself standing on a beach of white sand. Notice the azure blue of the sky, and the turquoise and green waters of the ocean. Feel the warmth of the shallow water that envelops your bare feet. Dig down wi ...   read more

ALIVE on Arrival!   15 y  
Last night – a full 18 years since Grandad "died" – I realized for the first time that while he was on earth, he was much wiser than anyone had given him credit for
”Grandad” (my father-in-law) was born on 17th October 1911, two months premature. He was so small that they said he would have fitted into a pint jug. They summoned the Priest to baptize him straight away, as he was not expected to live. They laid him in a drawer packed with cotton wool to conserve his body heat. Eventually he grew into a normal little boy and, when he left school, his father took him into the family business – originally a bicycle repair workshop, but also servicing cars as the first of these began to appear on the roads. Grandad was 75 years old and still in goo ...   read more

Grandad goes into Overdrive   15 y  
Today there’s more about Grandad, whom I introduced you to in “Gift to a Great-Grandchild”.
“Grandad” is my father-in-law, who “died” in 1987. Grandad was born and bred in Lancashire, England. He was steeped in the local folklore and often quoted sayings. One of his favourites was “See a penny, pick it up; all that day, you’ll have good luck”. Since Grandad died, “pennies” have become his personal language for talking to me. The other person in today’s piece is my teenage daughter Valentina. In October, she went to the doctor complaining of vomiting. The doctor told her that before he could prescribe her medicine he needed to have a pregnancy test done; that came out ...   read more

Old Earth, New Earth   15 y  
As the power steps up in January, you become aware of yourself as Creator of the New Earth
You are the one. You are the one who is creating the New Earth. You are the ONE because you have united the TWO: the realm of duality, embodied by the Old Earth. Some bad news reached you and you asked: “Has this come from the Light or from the Darkness? Is this a gift to help me on my evolutionary path; or is it a block placed so as to trip me up?” The answer came to you, that it makes no difference. You can take this bad news and work with it just the same, wherever it came from; and as you infuse it with your love, it becomes beautiful. You have adopted this event i ...   read more

Gift to a Great-Grandchild   15 y  
Today I start doing what a blog is supposed to be for – chronicling my daily personal life. I live in Tenerife, the largest of the seven islands in the Canaries Archipelago, off the coast of Africa.
Before I can go on to tell today’s ”story” (absolutely true) you will need to bear with me while I introduce four of the people in my life. ”Grandad” is my father-in-law, George. He ”died” 18 years ago at the age of 75. Although I am aware of many people in Spirit helping me with my life – including even a teacher I had in primary school in the early 1960’s – Grandad is the only person in Spirit whom I am certain is in my life, as he has proved his presence to me again and again until it has become irrefutable. ”Leopoldo” is a middle-aged man with the mind of a child and a heart ...   read more

The Love in your Veins   15 y  
You are living in a vibrant web of love, both within your body and in the natural world.
Listen to your veins. Can you hear your blood singing? Listen intently; the song is very soft. The song you hear your blood sing, is a song of love. Some deep notes; some high notes; a rich melody in all the colours of the rainbow, like the purest of notes from silver bells. As each new note is struck the others fade into it, melting into the silence in which the music is structured. What does your blood love? Your blood is the water element in your body. It sings its love for the earth element – the calcium in your bones. It sings its love for the fire element – ...   read more

Working with Power   15 y  
Using the power of Forgiveness to boost your Personal Growth and illuminate your life
We may have been told in school that Jesus taught us to forgive, and this teaching may also have been passed on to us by a clergyman on Sundays. The beauty of the New Spirituality is that we can now fully appreciate why forgiveness works, and why Jesus taught it, on the basis of science and logic. Of all the types of energy that can be used to heal a situation, forgiveness is the most powerful, and can have dramatic results. Forgiveness as a feeling is very close to unconditional love – which is what we are. Unconditional love is a substance so fine there is no place in the w ...   read more

Abundance: YOU ARE the Fulcrum   16 y  
For those with questions about Abundance
Many people are questioning why “Abundance” isn’t showing up in their lives. Me too. This morning I was musing about my brother and his wife, who are self-made multi-millionaires. They can snap their fingers and have a delivery van turn up with whatever they want. I’m saving up for a dishwasher for my son, who’s disabled and lives on his own. Why, I asked myself, do I have to save up? Why can’t I just buy it and send it to him? The answer was given me in a brilliant metaphor: the Fulcrum. Imagine you’re in a children’s playground with a see-saw. You sit on one end and a mu ...   read more

Morning Sickness: Gone - Almost!   16 y  
Once you know the cause of morning sickness, the solution follows naturally.
I say “almost” because I still felt sick. However, it was more a sensation in the background, not an active feeling. And I always remained a very safe distance from vomiting or fainting. The solution to morning sickness is obvious once the cause is known. When I read Dr. Clark’s The Cure for All Diseases, I was surprised to see she doesn’t know the cause of what she calls “Nausea of Pregnancy”. So I’m blogging it here. In 1982 my pregnancy was being supervised by Colin Porteous at Ormskirk & District General Hospital, Lancashire, U.K. He explained to me the biochemistry of morni ...   read more

Bringing Holy Mother into your home   16 y  
It only takes a few minutes to bring the nurturing, healing energies of Holy Mother into your home. These energies linger with you a long time, like the fragrance of attar of roses, and you can renew them whenever you like.
In the heaven world there are hundreds of thousands of saintly women who have spent a long series of lives developing on the earth. They come from a wide array of cultures: Japanese, Arab, Hindu, Australian Aboriginal, Mauri, South African Bush, Native American, and many more. They include Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Teresa. The name “Holy Mother” expresses the essence of all these saintly women. The Chinese call this essence “Quan Yin”. Your female ancestors in the heaven world --- mother, grandmothers, great-grandmothers --- also carry some of the ess ...   read more

The Holo Universe   16 y  
When you created physical matter, you built it around a hollow core. And yet it behaves as if it were solid. Of all the technical feats that have ever been performed, this one is the most astounding!
A while ago George told me enthusiastically about a book called “The Holographic Universe”. I still haven’t had that book in my own hands. But if it had a companion volume, it would be called “The Holo Universe”. The “Holographic Universe”, as I understand it, states that every individual thing in the universe is an expression of the whole, and is also expressed by that whole. Just as the universe is holographic, it’s also holo (hollow). All physical matter is hollow at the centre! And guess what that means? Due to current shifts in consciousness, when you look at a table, ...   read more

John Paul: An Intimate Visit   16 y  
John Paul speaks emotionally of the "living stream of love" present at his funeral
Last Friday, April 8th, at about 7:15 p.m. Italian time (one hour earlier where I am in the Canaries), I had John Paul with me in the room where I was working. I didn’t see him or notice him come in, just had this force field surrounding me, and it was unmistakably him. I’ve no idea why it should have been me that he visited. However, he was in a highly emotional state, and just needed someone to open his heart to. He said that as he looked around, the room was accessible to him, and I was receptive. It was rather intimate, but then that’s how blogs are meant to be, that’s why I’m ...   read more

Cockroaches: 100% success without commercial poisons   16 y  
You can eliminate cockroaches from your home completely, permanently, without using any commercial poisons
Is anyone putting up with cockroach infestation at ANY level? If you are, you don’t need to continue. You can eliminate them completely, without using commercial poisons and thus avoiding contaminating yourself. You can also use the innate intelligence of the cockroaches themselves to stop them ever coming back. They will post signs at all the ways in to your home saying “Danger, out of bounds”. I’m blogging this information because I didn’t find it anywhere on the net when our own cockroach problem emerged. I had moved from Wales to Canary Islands, at a latitude of 28° North ...   read more

Double Choosing   16 y  
"Double Choosing": gives immense power to life
There’s a process called “Double Choosing”, that gives immense power to life. It consists in choosing again something you’ve already chosen. It makes your choice twice as powerful. It works like this: · You acknowledge that everything which comes into your life for the rest of today, was chosen by you. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be coming into your life. · Then, you choose again for that thing, or person, or event, to come into your life today. You simply say, “I choose that which is coming into my life today, as what I truly desire above all things in THIS day”. Through this ...   read more

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