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parasite fast: day 18   13 y  
My fast ended yesterday, until I can get a diagnosis for my physical problems and go from there. I am hoping it has helped with Bipolar mood swings though.
well, I think this fast has come to an end. After 12, albeit, not consecutive, days of fasting, I do not feel that it has benefited my physical symptoms much. They come on strong and then subside independently, it seems, of whether I eat or not. My bipolar disorder is another story. Its hard to say where I am at but I have had great energy besides very debilitating physical symptoms and for much longer than normal. Maybe fasting helped. When I ate cooked, acidic food today, I noticed that my mood immediately slid a little. Interesting. When I get a formal diagnosis, I will decide if may ...   read more

parasite fast: day 17   13 y  
juice fasted to transition away from the food I ate yesterday. Hypomanic still. Feel absolutely terrible. Low point for physical symptoms. Feel like I'm dying.
16 oz. veggie juice 5 out of 17 days, I have eaten. 2 were intentional, 3 were not. Pretty good day until the afternoon. My energy is great. If I am still hypomanic, I have been this way for a long time now. 9 days. That’s a long time for me. But I can’t think about bipolar, my physical symptoms are so bad. Almost went to the ER tonight. I felt like I was dying. The last time I felt this way all my blood work and vitals were normal. Colonoscopy on Tues. Things are not looking good for me. But I’m fasting because it seems to help.   visit the page

parasite fast: day 16   13 y  
cheated--ate food today. Bad diarrhea. Not caused by food.
cheated today. Got very discouraged about something. Discouraged on a life determining level. Gave up what I was doing and reached out for food for comfort. Had the worst diarrhea I’ve ever had. Lots of lots of straight water and bloody stools. Bad day   visit the page

parasite fast: day 15   13 y  
Doing better--symptoms reduced. Yay! 2nd time they decreased after water fasting for 24 hours. We'll see what happens this week. My new theory about my symptoms: Electric Hypersensitivity. Bipolar mood is euthymic.
water today 2 tsp. of baking soda and maple syrup (for potential cancer) Well, I am doing much better today. When my dog had cancer, my vet told me that the symptoms would wax and wane. I hope that is not what is going on with me. I took a long nap this afternoon, and it made me feel great! I felt, again, like I was a self cleaning oven. When I woke up all the bad symptoms I have been experiencing on and off were much better. At 4:00 today when I woke up from my nap, it had been almost 24 hrs. since last nutrients--since my last juice the day before. Hmmmm, that’s what happened last ti ...   read more

parasite blog: day 14   13 y  
Feel awful. Bad physical symptoms unrelated to fasting. Going ahead with fasting. Ate yesterday. Continuing with water fast.
32 oz. juice I feel terrible. I am nervous. I am beginning to realize thought that there are many possibilities as to what my problem is. I am continuing with my fast with the belief that it will restore and repair what ever is wrong. My GI doctor doesn’t know anything about the healing power of fasting, but he didn’t tell me not to do it. Today I had more blood in my stool, stiffness all over my body, sore lower back, ”stiffness” in my brain--it feels like my whole body is freezing up. Some headache, acid reflux, some nausea, I yawned and it felt like I pulled the muscles around my ...   read more

parasite fast: day 12   13 y  
I am very sick. I feel the cancer in my brain.
just water, and two teaspoons of maple syrup and baking soda for cancer. Well, this is no longer a parasite fasting blog, this is a cancer fasting blog. I am very sick. But, fasting seemed to help today. 24 hours without and food at all seemed to help. Going to oncologist in am.   visit the page

parasite fast: day 11   13 y  
I have bad symptoms. I feel awful. The way I felt before the fast, that caused me to fast. Not because of the fast. Starting water fasting tomorrow.
32 oz juice I start water fasting tomorrow. The 9 day water fast part of my fast. I don’t feel well. The symptoms that I had that caused me to do this fast are back. I thought maybe they were due to the parasites that I have. But the fasting should have improved them. These symptoms are too bad I think to be caused by parasites. My body is numb all over, my head aches and my occipital lymph nodes hurt. My lower back aches. There is a tightness in my head and all over my body. I look pale. There was blood in my stool two days ago, however it may have been beet juice. Because I t ...   read more

parasite fast: day 10   13 y  
Not much change in energy or detox symptoms since yesterday. Some black, tarry stool. Good mood and energy. Hypomanic.
32 oz. juice Another day. It is definitely a little harder to move than usual, but not much change in energy or detox symptoms since yesterday. Some hunger pangs and cravings, but not much. My intestines felt a little different this am. Like they were shrinking or cleaning out a bit. I had a bm and a small part of it was black and tarry. It had that awful smell I’ve always heard about when you cleanse out like that. It was great! I’m hoping that my leaky gut is healing up. I feel good. Good energy, good focus. Hypomanic, very productive. I am using my newest mindfulness skill to ward ...   read more

parasite fast: day 9   13 y  
juice fasted today. Mild detox symptoms. Euthymic. Productive despite fasting. Revised fasting plan. Feeling more confident based on my experience this week.
32 oz. veggie juice Uneventful day in terms of detoxing symptoms. Usual of late, slight pain in back. The pain in my hips has decreased quite a bit which is great. I only had a twinge of hunger a couple times. My mood is good. Euthymic right now--love that word, means even-keeled. Juice fasting is definitely easier than water fasting. And the detox effects are much less. Based on my experiences so far, I decreased my fast plan from 29 days to 25. I was going to go down to 21, but juice fasting is a bit easier than I thought it would be, so I’m going try to push to 25. I am going to d ...   read more

parasite fast: day 8   13 y  
Good day. Mood was good. Steady, not too aggressive detoxing symptoms. I was quite productive on the computer despite fasting.
juice: 34 oz. Today is my fifth pure fasting day. I have eaten some 3 other days, 2 of which were intentional and 1 was not. But I didn’t eat much on any of those days. Today was not terribly hard to resist food. I was hungry and craved food a bit, but not much. I was mindful of my hunger and just noticed it, and reminded myself that it is temporary. My body is slowed down and it is harder to do things, but mostly my energy was really good today. I am laying low in my house. I got out in the fresh air because I know that is cleansing. Detox symptoms were mild to moderate today. I still ...   read more

parasite fast: day 7   13 y  
Good mood today. Happy and productive. Not hungry much today since I ate yesterday. Thinking about reducing the length of my fast due to the intensity of some detox symptoms.
juice: 33 oz. Well, today was a much better day. Yay. My mood is way up though. I had very positive thoughts which is great, but my energy was sort of ”artificially” high. No one would ever know by looking at me, but I know based on my usual energy level when I am hypomanic. I had no problem resisting food today. I need very little food these days, so I am fine for a couple days without any. That is different than common accounts of fasting that say that the first couple days are the hardest. For me, the fourth day of fasting was the hardest so far which was yesterday and I caved in ...   read more

parasite fast: day 6   13 y  
Sadly, I broke my fast. I was depressed and have a very old habit of reaching out for food for comfort when depressed. But, I am not giving up! Found some great new concepts and ways for dealing with depression. I can do this!
Oh dear. Bad day. I have been diagnosed cyclothymic (sp?) by a number of docs, which is a form of Bipolar where there is mild to moderate, frequent mood swings. Fasting makes my moods swing very very rapidly. I am going from depressed to hypomanic (I never get really manic) and back again in 24 hours. Well, today all alone at home as usual, I declined in mood and caved. I should say that I am quite alone and when I am depressed I feel more alone that I actually am. I have a tough history so when depressed my self esteem and sense of self-efficacy slide dramatically. Being in my house al ...   read more

parasite fast: day 5   13 y  
Feel great today. Mild detox symptoms. Lots of detoxing from the tongue. High energy--my manic states are simply lots of energy and confidence. I listed the symptoms I had that caused me to fast. Circles under my eyes are disappearing.
32 oz. juice today--8 oz 4 x a day Okay, here is the list of symptoms that I was having that made me think I had parasites: 3 inch long white, flat worm in my stool (good sign, huh?) sore hip bones for about 6 months insomnia for about 5 months couple weeks before I started fast: loss of appetite poor cognitive/pre-frontal lobe functioning blood in my stool about 5 times in Jan. Jan 20: swollen lymph nodes (a sign of general infection) painful lower and upper back--it felt like my kidneys, it was so bad I couldn’t stand up straight headaches general muscle and bone sor ...   read more

3 days of fasting and parasite symptoms are greatly reduced. My plan feels a bit ambitious, but I am going to try. Worried about bipolar depression.   13 y  
Dealt with depression today. I'm worried about bad depression while fasting. May have to amend my plan. Or cut some symptoms with a little avocado. No matter what I do, its going to be beneficial. I am confident and determined to get rid of these parasites.
Tough day. I was depressed. It was very hard to get things done. Today and yesterday, I ate a little food in prep for my fast. The 3 days prior, I had just 32. oz. of veggie juice. Finally my mood rose in the evening and I was able to get done what I had set out to do. It came up I think because I ate some alkalizing foods. My pH was 5.75 this morning. I guess fasting makes you acidic. Or maybe that is toxins in my urine. I’ll have to read up on that. Because I ate some food for the last 2 days, my detoxing symptoms have decreased a lot. I still feel it my head a bit. I think I am in ...   read more

parasite fast: day 3   13 y  
Elevated mood gave me more energy than I usually have when I am depressed despite fasting for 2 1/2 days. Less aches and pains. It feels great to be detoxing. Created more definite fasting plan--extended to 29 days. I have 42 symptoms of Pyroluria.
energy: My mood has been quite high today as evidenced by good energy despite very sobering fasting effects. By good energy I mean I was able to get around and do relatively quite a few things today in the house--let’s just say I had much more energy and motivation than I do during a depressive episode and that’s after 2 1/2 days of mostly water, some juice fasting. physical sensations: In the morning I had lots of cognitive energy--meaning I got a lot done on the computer, a sign of an elevated mood state. I then crashed hard at 4:00--definitely not a bipolar crash. It was a fastin ...   read more

Parasite fast: day 2, Very sore but I believe it is due to detoxing.   13 y  
Negative symptoms seem to be mixing with detox symptoms. There is a flux in energy and mood. I am very sore and it is hard to move, but I believe my body is detoxing and it feels good because of it.
parasite fast: day 2 It is 1:00 pm. I am juice fasting today to slowly build up to water fasting for longer periods of time. All I have eaten since the night of 1/28 is 8 oz. of vegetable juice that I had about 1/2 hr. ago. That is a day and a half, or 39 hours. Wow. I feel good. First let me factor in symptoms that I am already dealing with: Bipolar: My mood is up, I am positive in my thoughts. But my energy and motivation are pretty low which is an unusual mix. Parasites: for the last week, particularly, my whole body has felt tight and rigid in addition to other uncomfort ...   read more

parasite fast: day 1   13 y  
First day of fasting. Water fasted today. I feel great! The symptoms I have been suffering from are already reduced.
Today is my first day fasting. I decided yesterday to do it. I have been studying natural healing on my own for a year in an intensive fashion. By that, I mean at some point in the last two years I discovered the incredible power of healing through natural medicine and nutrition. In the last 6 months I have noticed increasing signs and symptoms of parasites in my body. They became acute on Jan. 20th. I have not had a formal diagnosis. I should say immediately that I am going on the hypothesis that I have parasites. It is an educated guess. But, whatever is the matter with me, I belie ...   read more


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