Master Cleanse;40 days to a new way of living.
by ger1

8 days post fast..a really troubling time!   16 y  
My break wasn't smooth but the journey continues...
As I sit here 8 days post fast, I have a story much different from the one I had anticipated to be telling once done the cleanse.  I decided to break the fast on day 34 because I had ’accidentally’ dropped 3 bottles of juice and thought it was time to take a universal hint. The juice also seemed to burn my mouth and the taste had changed in a negative way. The next couple of days I juiced. I made veggie juice(carrot,celery and parsley) and really enjoyed it. I then transitioned into orange juice and made the veggie soup from Zoebess’s recipe. The best veggie sou ...   read more

Day 31 the countdown begins...10   16 y  
Only 9 days to a whole new lifestyle.
Instead of counting up to 40 I am now counting down to 1. I have come so far in this journey and am excited for the future. I seem to be looking at things more through spirit than ego so my days are more peace filled. Last night I gave myself a white clay face mask. When I rinsed it off there were all these bumps everywhere and I thought ’oh no what have I done!’ Come this morning all I was left with was really beautiful looking and feeling skin. I changed the oil I use for moisturizer to Sesame mixed with coconut oil and a few drops of lavender because the coconut oil al ...   read more

Day 25 and lovin it!   16 y  
I have officially lost my mind. Thank God!
I just watched Jamie Oliver on Food Network and now Nigella Lawson is making cupcakes. lol I can hardly wait until I can start cooking again. Actually, I wasn’t cooking much at all before the cleanse. I was eating out a lot, spending a lot of money to eat badly. I want to get back to cooking because I am so inspired! I am inspired to create beautiful food, colorful, textured, and fresh. I can hardly wait to make a multi-colored tomato salad like I just saw on tv, full of herbs, garlic and vinegars. I went to Capers Health Food store in West Vancouver yesterday and spent abou ...   read more

Day 22..a really good one!   16 y  
My choices are showing up in my life already..
I am the secretary at my regular AA meeting(home group). I have been a part of this group for over 15 years and on a consistent bases(every Wednesday) for almost 3 years. Tonight I had so many people comment on my skin, my eyes and apparently the fact that I am positively glowing! What a hoot when they find out I am on day 22 of the MC. Jaws drop and although it blows them away that someone has not taken in any food for this long, they see that this is indeed a very healthy thing to do for ones body. Or my body After the meeting I wanted to go shopping for pos ...   read more

Day 21   16 y  
Body image improves with a bit of work(ok a lot of work)
It has been 4 days since my last entry. The longest cleanse I did was 21 days so I am on my way to a new record. I feel good! Been doing lots of self care stuff. First of all the exema that came out on my hands came and went just as fast. Also I think the age spots on my hands are fading and my cellulite may be going as well.  I will keep you posted on that. When I put my jeans on yesterday I looked in the mirror and said "damb you look good" lol... I am losing weight and fitting into my clothes much better. I am still not at the weight I want ...   read more

Day 17   16 y  
My thoughts on acceptance and being open to change.
 I am so focused on what I am doing that I have been isolating somewhat and mostly consentrating on my life. I have no desire to go out or to see my friends. I am spending a lot of time on the computer looking up recipies and reading everything I can get my hands on about health and the many ways I can improve my life in a more holistic way. My 3 year old granddaughter Sophia lives with her parents in the same apartment building as mine and I find she is the one person I really like to spend time with. She is so natural, real and accepting. She just wants to play, watch videos an ...   read more

Day 16   16 y  
I love food, can I really give up meat?
Food food food food food food food. The world seems to revolve around food, or is it my world. I watch food TV, search out recipies, and take in whatever whiff of food aromas I can. I love it! I made vegan cookies with my Granddaughter yesterday and of course couldn’t try them, or the batter...she ate one and seemed to like it. I will have to make them again when I am back eating again. It was wierd not being able to eat something that I cooked. Especially when I usually taste what I am cooking for seasoning purposes(and the pleasure)of the taste. I am doing foster care r ...   read more

Day 15 Made a decision(another one)   16 y  
Meat and Dairy Industry,
Greetings, Upon doing some research on healthy diet it was suggested I look into the Rave Diet & Lifestyle by Mike Anderson. I read a bit and was compelled to order the book for the website The book got to my house yesterday just before I was heading out and so I thought I would just take a peek at it. Well, I was hooked. I ended up going out on my porch and reading a great deal of it. When I finally went out to do my errands I was deep in thought about what I had read and decided not to turn on my radio so I could absorb the information that was stimulat ...   read more

No more liquid please..   16 y  
One day at a time...please pass the feta..
I just can’t seem to drink today. The LA is too strong and the water just won’t go down.I am really tired and I found myself craving a bit of food today... German didn’t last long though. I felt a bit daunted by the fact that I have a long way to go but corrected my thinking knowing this is just one day at a time. My guts are sickly and I have a rash on my face...Oh Joy!! It is good to know I am getting cleaned out even if the rash is on my face. I had a detox bath last night, it was great! I used: 1 cup sea salt 1 cup baking soda 1 cup e ...   read more

Day 12 Low energy   16 y  
Day 12
Hi All, Today and yesterday have been low energy days. My face is starting to break out a bit and I have a weird deep itch on my wrist... My chest is sore today perhaps it is my lungs..I can’t believe how little I know about the inside of my body having been in it for 48 years. I am tired so I have honored that and allowed myself to sleep as much as I need to. I am so lucky to have no commitments (job wise) for the duration of this cleanse. I can put all my energy into getting the most out of it. I am doing deep breathing, breathing in purity, breathing out t ...   read more

A big lesson learned!   16 y  
dealing with emotions in a healthy way.
This is my 4th cleanse the others being 12 days, 21 days and 10 days. I decided to do a 40 day because  once again I had polluted my body with processed foods and I felt awful. This is day 11. I use food to deal with my emotions, good and bad! I am a recovered alcoholic/addict and I am involved in a 12 step program which has had a tremendous effect on my life. I have worked on many many issues and I know that it is time to get a handle on my health and diet. I have abused my body for many years and yes, I know, having quit hard drugs, alcohol and cigarettes ...   read more

A bit of background   16 y  
time to heal, time to change,
Today is day 10 of a 30 to 40 day Master Cleanse. I am embarking on a journey of recovery. I have recovered from alcohol and drug addiction and believe I am now ready to tackle my problems with food. I have once again eaten my way into a toxic, overweight body that contains no energy and is full of aches and pains. I have no desire to socialize and tend to stay in my apartment, going out only to maintain my commitments which are few! I have made the decision to change. I will use the master cleanse as a tool to help me accomplish my goals which are: To respect my body and trea ...   read more


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