30 day juice fast!
by chels30day

missing the juice   16 y  
here I go again
Well I would be lying if I said that I had been perfect in the past little while, since my phase of fasting. I have been significantly better than I had been in the past though, so at least that is progress. Right now I am reading the Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe and it is reall inspiring me. Although I try to eat mainly raw, there are many (far too many) days where cooked food crosses my mouth. I am going to start juicing again- everytime I do it I try to aim for a higher number of days than the previous one. The last juice fast was 12 days, so this time I figure 2 weeks won ...   read more

juicing to raw food   16 y  
off of juice fasting, onto raw foodism
well i went home for a weekend, from my university house, and forgot my juicer. it was devastating..i had it all washed and packed up...so i started eating raw fruits and veggies and find that this is what I am going to be doing right now. The juice fasting was awesome, it ended up being 12 days total...but for some reason, juice fasting doesnít feel right to me anymore. I am so in tune with my body that I know that right now I need to be eating solid food. I did a week of water fasting, a week of food, a week of juice fasting, a week of food, then 12 days of juice fasting. I feel like tha ...   read more

day 11   16 y  
1/3 of the way there
Well today I had lots of fruit juice, mostly orange. No veggie juice, I just wasnít feeling it even though I know itís a good thing to drink. I made a bouillon cube, veggie, and it was delicious. Today I really felt like I wanted something to eat, nothing was satisfying me. I drank entirely too much maple syrup, but Iím craving something and I donít know what it is. Other than that life is good...I really donít feel like Iím being deprived by doing this or anything, I often forget about it. I do enjoy the juices, however I miss eating something somewhat solid. Anyways, I feel awsome- fe ...   read more

day 10!!!!   16 y  
still truckin'...
woohooooooo....double digits! I canít believe it! This all feels too easy for me...I donít crave anything at all.....I can easily make eggs (which I love) for someone else and sit around people eating swiss chalet with out craving anything else...as I type this my roomate is eating pizza and I really want to eat some!!! I will go make more OJ to satisfy me!   visit the page

end of day 7!   16 y  
juicing with minor cheating?
well it is the end of day 7! i feel awesome, i feel lighter and just feel so much better about myself already and its only been a week! I have to admit that I have been a bad girl and had not only gum, but slushies as well. I know they are horrible, but I think of it as at least I am doing something 90% or so good for my body...it is just so hard to be on this while at university..i know there is no excuse but i feel completely fine about it..it doesnít deter me from continuing on juices, it doesnít make me want to eat anything. i am just surrounded by people right now that completely doní ...   read more

end of day 5   16 y  
molasses + gum= bloated stomach
Well today I had entirely too much molasses, about 1/2 C or so lol. oops. anyways it did not go over very well at all with my stomach and now I feel so bloated and gross. I was also chewing gum today-both of these things I will never do again while fasting. Other than that Iím doing great- just found a new favourite- romaine, kale and a green apple....delish! Happy fasting! My journey continues... thinking maybe tomorrow I will do a water enema...   visit the page

day 3!   16 y  
feeling weak but juicing tons!
Well today I have actually been hungry, I think itís because I am just studying all day and not really out and about. This leads to boredom which leads me to recognize my yearning for something to drink/eat. Today so far I have had: 1 apple, 1 kiwi 2 carrots, half cucumber, 2 romaine leaves, and an apple (had this drink twice) and just recently a pear I feel like I am juicing a lot today, but again thats just boredom! Tomorrow after my exam I am going to go get some groceries and buy the book Thrive by Brandon Brazier- I am sooo excited for it! (the book)... Anyways tonight I will ...   read more

day 2/30--   16 y  
good times...
I was just about to write 1/15th of the way there, but then it occurred to me that I am not going into this fast counting down the days until it is over. I am truly excited about the changes that are going to occur in my body and so excited to become super healthy. I had decided a while ago that being a raw foodist is something that truly resonantes with me, so knowing that after I stop juicing I will be going to a raw food diet is also very exciting! Exciting, and it keeps me from having really strong food cravings for shitty food. On my other fasts TV commercials have triggered cravings ...   read more

day 1...again   16 y  
here we go!
well today i started what will actually be the 30 day fast! this is the last possible time that i could begin this- i have to start work on the 15th of May in a resort and wonít be able to juice. So there is no quitting for me! I am excited knowing that I canít quit- I dont know why this is different than before, but this time I know that I really donít have any more time to delay it! Anyways, I really secretly hope to lose 30lbs...down from 140 to 110..but I donít know if that will happen. Today i have had 1 orange, 1 pear, 1 bunch of grapes and then a veggie drink made up of carrot ...   read more

still eating...   16 y  
tomorrow is actually the start...i can feel it
well iím still not back on fasting...the past 2 days I have been SO close to making it- and then around 6pm I cave and eat something. I always read other peopleís posts about how they cave, and wonder, what exactly is going through their minds when they walk over to the kitchen knowing that they are about to eat and do something that they will FOR SURE regret later on? Well for me, eating has become my addiction. I get a surge of adrenaline, my heart races and I canít even think about anything else. Once I have decided that I will eat (this could come about by me rationalizing that I stil ...   read more

really angry at myself!   16 y  
starting again..hating myself for quitting
Well I definately gained back all that weight, and then some. Stupid me, eating like I had 4 stomachs. It is so hard to start again when I am like this- I feel like there is no way I will feel as good as I did before ever again. I know it will happen- probably in 6 days or so, but its so hard to start. Anyways today is the beginning of a long long fast- donít know how long, but I really like the juices and could literally go forever, especially now that I know how it feels to have quit. I FEEL HORRIBLE. Oh well, at least I did 7 days before, that is an accomplishment. Here we go! ...   read more

fell off the bandwagon....hard   16 y  
round 2!
Well it all started with my ex-bf coming up to visit- this lead to me caving and having an Easter dinner, not the best way to start eating after a 7 day juice fast. I have then been eating my face off for the past 3 days....sooo not good and it makes me feel like shit. I feel so amazing when I juice fast- so full of energy and life and all that good stuff. Anyways, I am stupid for doing it and have regretted every minute of breaking the fast. So tomorrow begins again- I need to get back into the juice fasting world- I miss it incredibly. here we go! round 2....no more failures- no mor ...   read more

day 6!!!   16 y  
still doing awesome
woo hoo....i love seeing those days increase. I am at the library right now, studying for my pharmacology exam. I am really looking forward to the increased mental acuity that apparently accompanies juice fasting- or fasting of any sort. So far so good, nothing major to report! Still having regular bowel movements while using just laxative tea at night time- I wake up in the morning with cramps and have a strong urge to go to the bathroom- but hey, as long as I am still regular I am happy! The BMís are becoming less and less in volume, which I would assume- I wonder what is going to come ...   read more

woohoo day 4   16 y  
no detox symptoms again!
well day 4 is here, and almost over. I am having my dinner- 2 apples, 1/4 grapefruit and a handleful of grapes. For lunch I had a tomato, some spinach and some garlic. It wasnít as appetizing as I thought it would be- I have learnt that I really dislike grapefruit, and donít particulary like juicing spinach, although I do enjoy spinach in salads. For breakfast I had 1/2 grapefruit with 2 oranges. I have discovered that I truly LOVE orange juice. Even when Iím not juice fasting, I will definately make it for breakfast. I also really like the taste of green apples juiced. Today my roomate ...   read more

end of day 3   16 y  
almost day 4...
oh man, i canít wait until the numbers get up there. Day 3 seems so little. I had a carrot/cucumber/apple mixture for dinner and thought that would be it for me for the whole night. But I came home, and not becasue I was hungry, but just because I wanted something to taste I juiced an apple and 2 oranges. Oh well, at least Iím not binging on something else. I need to figure out how to stop eating when Iím not hungry- baby steps though. At least I have been sticking to this juice thing for 3 days! Almost 4! woohoo! The thought of having to clean my juicer after is almost enough to make me n ...   read more

third day   16 y  
going well!
Hello! Well this morning/afternoon is going awesome again! I have juiced 2 oranges and 2 apples. No hunger pains, no desire to eat anything. Other than when I cut up my apple in order to juice and I desperately want to just take a bite! But nope!!! Anyways, life is good...no real detox symptoms. I donít know if thatís because of the 7 day water fast I did before, but then again its only day 3 so maybe the detox symptoms will come shortly. Lets hope not! I couldnít be that philthy inside, I have eaten horribly over the past 5 or so years, but I am only 20. So hopefully my youthfulness help ...   read more

end of day 2!   16 y  
binge juicing?
eating with no hunger purpose but only the desire to have the taste of something in my mind. i will be working on that during this fast. anyways, other than that, so far so good. no desire to eat- loving the juices. they are amazing and very satisfying! onto day 3!   read more

day 2!   16 y  
My second day of juicing!
Hello all. I have not yet found a juice fasting blog for someone around my stats, and I know how desperately I want to read one, so I am doing this for other people! I am a university student who is hoping to go from 135ish to around 115-120ish in the span on a month. I recently completed a 7 day water fast, but it left me too weak to continue. I am now trying out juice fasting! Oh yes, I am 5í5Ē. Height is very important! Today I have had 1 orange and half a lemon (juiced of course), and for lunch I had a carrot, 2 inches cucumber and a green apple. Oh yes and a little garlic. I use the ...   read more


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