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Re: mucoid plaque? Dr. Natura, COLONIX, and other cleanses.

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: mucoid plaque? Dr. Natura, COLONIX, and other cleanses.

I would tend to agree more than disagree. THis is NOT exactly on topic, but still my opinion about this basic subject.
I am an IBS sufferer for over 20 years, and have tried several methods of cleaning the lower intestine, and medicines, and herbals, etc..
2 years ago, I had a complete (through to the small intestine) colonoscopy done. I asked the doctor if there were ANY fecal matter 'stuck' to my intestine walls, to which he answered, "NO". In all the years he has done this procedure, he never saw "impacted" feces or other matter stuck to patient's intestinal walls.
We did NOT discuss cases of Diverticulitis (spelled right?) and cases such that might allow fecal matter to impact or clog such areas that have pockets, etc..

Nonetheless, the answer to the question of having "years of "death" stuck to my colon" are likely not true.

NOw, what about the question of what goes on in the small intestine? This is a whole different arguement where I think the real problem exists. Digestion or the lack of proper digestion , in my opinion is probably the culprit of most person's abdominal stresses. Again my opinion.

Finally, I still think products such as Psyllium, and the products with psyllium in them are helpful for creating bulk, and controlling fecal consistancy. These fiber products allow a balance of bulk and moisture in the lower intestine, and in my experience help IBS sufferers (and healthy people for that matter) to have more normal bowel movements.

Here is the answer to another post I made recently...
I don't completely disagree with your testamonial. I have used the product and it provides excellent bulking of the stool. I have seen some of the photos relating to the DrNatura Colonix Cleanse. Here's my take on the product. It works but not exactly as people believe in my opinion). I do believe that it may help in reducing or eliminating parasites, givin its ingredient list contains several herbs, etc.. that are believed to fight parasites. But, that said, it is important to note the ingredients of the product have highly mucilagenous properties. That is to say they are highly water retentive, capable of absorbtion of approximately 10 times their weight in water, along with exhibiting a gummy rubbery consistency. The Colonix blend of herbs does a great job of gelling up, almost like rubber. Psyllium, the fiber in the Colonix product is the bulking agent, while most of the other ingredients are a blend of parasite fighting and arguably, whole food and/or herbal supplements that seem to "stick together" well in that formulation. Ok, what did I say? The product is great at creating bulk in the stool, and does create interesting fecal matter to look at! If you eat any foods and take the product as a daily routine, I would imagine that on a fairly regular basis, you will find bound up rubbery mixtures of what would look like sausage casings with "stuff" inside, as well as any other 'creatures' one could imagine. Most persons have parasites, so I've read. But I doubt we are filled with poetntially days/weeks/months of excreted parasitic matter, coming out by the foot/yard , etc.. Here is test for you. Mix a couple of tablespoons of the product in 8 ounces of water. Let it sit for several minutes on the counter. What happened? It is now a speckled jello-looking rubbery glass of gunk. Keep in mind the colon also absosrbs moisture (water, etc..), and your stool (fecal matter) is "dryed-out" as it transits through it. Soooo, imagine the burger you ate, mixed with this product, and then run through your digestive system.. ..nuf said

I would like to add that this is my opinion based on personal experience and also research I have done over the years to help my medical issue. I don't claim to be an expert on the subject, but claim a common-sense approach to this obviously wide-spread problem.

Finally, even though I have posted it before... I do believe fiber products, or those products with herbs, etc., have beneficial uses, but only to a certain extent. I think psyllium (or something its equal) , if one is not allergic to it, should be taken every day, to help maintain and balance fecal transit.

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