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Re: Infantile Eczema .... Is it curable by medicines?
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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Infantile Eczema .... Is it curable by medicines?


Atopic eczema or any other eczema is curable; and it doesn't take two years to accomplish it. My nieces severe (total body) eczema flareup (atopic eczema) was cured in two weeks time (no visible scars remaining on the skin) without the use of harmful medications, and with the implementation of a basic common sense approach to healing. My nieces, who were diagnosed with eczema in their infancy, have been eczema free for a majority of their young lives. The oldest niece, for five years; and the middle niece for four years. Because we had learned so much about eczema by the time the third niece was born, her short bout with eczema was much less severe; and was cured in a 3 day period of time. This happened at about 9 months old from an allergic reaction to gerber pears. We removed the pears from her diet, continued to implement the girls' daily, natural skin care regimen and received quick results. She will be two years old next week. Because we understand what an eczema flareup is signaling to the body, we don't fear eczema in any form. We simply respond to the body's alarm signal for help, with wisdom; and as a result, true healing is achieved.

I've spent a lot of time trying to articulate the wisdom (answering the why questions) behind our success in healing severe cases of eczema; so that the fears and 'wrong mind-sets' regarding eczema could be eliminated, allowing people to clearly see (with understanding) their way towards healing. The human body heals itself. When the body displays symptoms, it's messaging a need for an individual to re-evaluate their nutritional health and to examine any outside toxic forces or behaviors that may be causing the body harm. In the case of eczema, the body is messaging a need for an individual to address their immune health by restoring balance through the proper nutrition; due to the fact that the immune system is being overwhelmed by a toxic invasion or accumulation. When the body messsages a symptom, it's not saying "medicate me to shut up the symptom"; however, it is saying, "feed me the nourishment I need to restore the balance so that I can commence to healing".

The diagnosis of atopic dermatitis is probably correct; however, as my nieces have proven, it's very curable (in days/weeks; you don't have to wait years).

Whether conventional medicine, chinese medicine, or homeopathic medicines; all of these approaches will prove frustrating if the nutritional deficiencies aren't addressed and the allergen/irritants (culprits of the flareups) aren't removed from the child's or the adult sufferer's environment. Fortunately, at the time of my desperate search for healing for my nieces, I didn't have access to all of these other forms (chinese or homeopathic) of medicine, which further prompted my own search for natural healing. I didn't know of anyone who had success in treating eczema. All I heard was the negative - 'no cure' scenario. However in my 30+ years of experience in watching the medical community treat my mother's eczema, I did learn from them that 'common sense' was lacking in their approach. Therefore, I took the road less traveled by the medical community (common sense); and as a result have enjoyed enduring success. Unfortunately, from the many postings I've read, it seems that the chinese medicines and the homeopathic medicines are falling into the same pitfalls regarding healing the body of disease that conventional medicine has taken. More emphasis is being placed on symptom suppressing medications; as opposed to feeding the body (through good nutrition) the nutrients needed to replenish its deficiencies and restore its good health. Of course this isn't the case for all chinese medicine or homeopathic practitioners; but now an individual will have to weed through the good and the bad in each perspective field. The children and the adult sufferers don't have time for this. They need results that are real and honest. An informed parent or adult patient is better equipped to discern the good from the bad; and therefore able to achieve results more quickly. In whatever form of medicine or method of healing you choose, my purpose is to provide wisdom regarding the skin and eczema; so that a parent or adult is not blindly trusting a practitioner. Don't let degrees intimidate you! For example; if a mechanic tried to sell you square wheels for your vehicle, you wouldn't have to have a degree in mechanics to know that the mechanic was off in his/her approach. This is why I didn't receive the negative diagnosis regarding eczema and the 'no cure' adage. I saw it as a 'square wheel' and I wasn't buying it.

The root cause of eczema is an imbalance in the immune system brought about by toxic overload from allergen/irritants and promoted by poor nutritional health. The following deficiencies are represented by eczema sufferers: beta carotene, zinc, quercetin, essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, & GLA), vitamin C, vitamin E, and magnesium. These nutrients are replenished into the body by what we eat or drink. Replenishing these nutrients will restore the balance to the immune system, enabling the immune system to fight more effectively the damaging effects of toxic invaders.

To effectively treat eczema, these three things must be addressed simultaneously: internal (immune health), external (skin care), and foreign (identification & removal of the allergen/irritant from a sufferers environment). You address the immune health through nutriton (what you eat or drink). That would be a good balance of fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, other whole foods, and water. Also, regarding the internal health, cleansings/detox will be essential as well (moreso in the cases of adults). Because the skin is an external organ and is the first line of defense against allergen/irritants, it is essential to maintain (on a daily basis) good, natural skin care. The skin's moisture barrier serves as the protective layer (repellent) against allergen/irritants. Daily moisturizing of the skin with natural skin care that replenishes the nutrition needed for good skin health maintains the skin cells ability to operate and function properly. Regarding the foreign, obviously ridding the allergen/irritant (culprit of the flareup) from the environment of the sufferer will prove to rid the sufferer of the flareup.

Identification of the allergen/irritant doesn't have to be as complex as it sometimes is. What confuses identification of the allergen/irritant are symptom suppressing medications. In the cases of eczema, the body will alert you to an allergen/irritant rather quickly, making the culprit easy to spot. This is the purpose of the symptom; unfortunately, too many people have ignored the purpose of the symptom and opted for suppression, lengthening the suffering time and making it more difficult to pinpoint the exact culprit. However, even with that obstacle, identifying the culprits aren't that difficult a task when you know how to read the body. First, you need to understand that allergen/irritants for eczema extend beyond food. Pet dander, dust mites, molds/mildews in air, harsh chemicals in soaps/detergents/household cleansers, metals, harsh chemicals in fabric (like wool or polyester), toxic paints/fumes, smoke from cigarettes (etc.), flouride/chlorine in water systems, vaccinations, and Antibiotics . I can usually spot the allergen after asking a few questions. If you want help in this regard, I can lend my insight and be a third pair of eyes. Realize that because your son's immunity is so compromised, it has made him more vulnerable to a multitude of allergen/irritants; therefore several instigating factors may be present.

For information purposes, chamomile, vitamin E, calendula, and camphor have natural anti-itch as well as other skin healing properties that may prove beneficial in your son's skin care.

In summary, your son's case isn't hopeless and doesn't have to take two years to heal.


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