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Re: Spiritual Basis of CFIDS
Liora Leah Views: 9,743
Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Spiritual Basis of CFIDS

Hi, Ali

I like your getting-rid-of-pain way of thinking! yes! You're training your mind not to "go into reaction" and feel the energy as "pain". This is fabulous!

I know for me, some of my MCS symptoms are a matter of Pavlovian response--ya know, Pavlov, the scientist, who would ring a bell and then give his dogs a treat--the dogs learned to associate "bell" with "food" so every time he rang the bell, even when he did NOT give the dogs a treat, they would salivate.

When I smell a smell--say, paint fumes, for instance, I go "uh, oh! Paint! I'm going to be sick! get a headache! gotta get outta here, now!" and of course, the instant I smell the paint fumes I get a headache and experience anxiety and am looking for the exit, sometimes in a panic. Pavlovian response--my brain has been trained to react instantaneously to "smells" that in the past meant I'd get sick. This is not to say that my MCS is all in my head, it just means that my mind/brain has become oversensitized. How much my brain has become oversensitized to smells, and how much is physiologic response, I don't know. You can't separate out the mind from the body from the spirit. I do know that if I have a really bad cold and can't smell very well, my reactions to chemicals in the environment is lessened--not eliminated, but lessened--hence my theory that the "smell" itself triggers brain chemistry that adds to whatever else is going on in my body.

If I can do this to myself, then I can "undo" the reactions, too. Spirit has told me that I need a "shift of mind", basically to accept the chemicals, not hate, fear, despise them, but accept them as they are, and tell myself that there truly is nothing that can harm me as all chemical substances are made up from the same basic elements that are the building blocks to all life on the planet. Haven't gotten there yet, but I'm working on it!

Love, Liora Leah


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