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Spiritual Basis of CFIDS
Liora Leah Views: 10,336
Published: 16 years ago

Spiritual Basis of CFIDS

My Spirit Guides tell me that the forerunners of the "New Human" are the ones experiencing "ascension symptoms" such as chronic fatigue and other immune system dis-orders:

Spirit speaks:

You humans are so readily distracted, your minds travel in multiple paths/roads/dimensions all at once, most of which you are not aware! No wonder you are so tired! You are not aware of the enormous amount of energy it takes to be multi-dimensional while in a 3-D body!

As you read in the article tonight on CFIDs (chronic fatigue/immune deficiency syndrome), the incidence of "chronic fatigue" as your doctors/scientists label it, is on the rise in humans--why? toxins in the environment? viruses? No, more humans are becoming inter-dimensional while still in a 3-D body! You/they are the forerunners of a new kind of human, you believe us not as you are indoctrinated with the human/Western ideology of pathology, illness, dis-ease, yet your minds/energies/souls are far out-pacing your bodies and you can not keep up with the energy demands this "work"--for it is work--entails!

You have noticed how many of those you know with these "dis-orders" are also spiritually "sensitive" or "aware"--the two do not always go hand-in-hand, but for many humans it does--thus you see in spiritual/healer communities a higher number of those with these "dis-orders".

It is difficult to "balance out" these "disorders"--they are not really dis-orders but transitional "selves"--with the demands of the 3-D world such as making money to support yourselves. So many of you must "drop out" of this maintenance-sort of life in order to do your spiritual work! There is no shame in this, to have others support you, for you are indeed doing the spiritual work of the community as a whole, without the 3-D awards or recognition for all that you do! But we acknowledge you and appreciate you and all you do for humanity; we honor and praise your name!

Liora comments:

I find your explanation re: increase in CFIDS disturbing--the answer seems so "pat" and yet it makes sense. What I don't get is the amount of human suffering that goes with this "dis-order"--society views it as an illness, a disability, and the person with it suffers from issues of loss and grief as they no longer can do the "normal" daily activities of the 3-D world. The problem itself may be in the mind of the person with CFIDS, I know, as I/they have been "brainwashed" by the mainstream medical establishment to view themselves as sick; they have no or little awareness that this is a transitional state of being--especially if it means they will be transitioning for their entire bodily lifetime! It doesn't bring much comfort to a person who is ill to be told "well, you're transitioning in this lifetime, but in the next lifetime you'll be feeling so much better!" because we only have the awareness of this current lifetime.

It does nothing to alleviate the pain and suffering they're feeling right NOW--and don't you guys always say to live in the NOW and not look so much to the future, but look down at your very feet to see where NOW you stand on the path? And if you're "ill" with CFIDS or any other "dis-order" then when you "look down" at your path, so to speak, then CFIDS/MCS/MS/whatever is what you see! How can this possibly be encouraging to those that suffer from it? Feel ostracized by society from it? Have lost their ability to care for themselves, work, or even enjoy a lot of their lives? By doing the work of "Spirit" as you say, how does this justify having the "rug pulled out from under us" in this lifetime? Why can we not do the work of Spirit and enjoy the physical 3-D existence, simultaneously?

Spirit Answers:

As to your concern/questions about CFIDS/"ill-ness", "dis-ease", "dis-orders" yes we acknowledge the difficulties humans have when dealing with/facing these challenges, for challenges, "hurdles" if you will, they are. They are "honing devices"--yes, you have heard this from us before and did not like it then as you do not like it now--write this down please, we feel your anger and resistance, it is o.k.--these "dis-orders", to begin again, are "honing devices" meant to strengthen, not weaken, the person carrying them.

"Strengthen for what?" you ask. For the next phase of human evolution! Yes, to hone you and others with these "afflictions" for the evolution of the "New Human". The forerunners of the "NEW HUMAN" are these that now manifest the "dis-orders" of which we spoke--those that you would call the "immune system" deficiencies. It is difficult as we said, to contain the energies that are pouring "through the Heavens" or dimensions right now, and many of you, including yourself, feel as though you have become "sicker", "weaker". These are the "symptoms of ascension", although we do not like that word.

We do not like that word because "ascend" means to "go up" as in leave your body and go to a nonexistent realm called "heaven" whereas we want you to "descend" into the Mother's, the planet's, energy--there is no "hell" in "descension"--it means to claim your body, "elevate" it, if you will, to a higher vibrational mode of being to match the higher resonances of your mind/heart/spirit. This process produces all kinds of stressors for the body-physical and hence the increase of "ill-ness" as manifested in greater fatigue and bodily discomfort. For some, it will pass in this life time. For others, it will pass when they choose to leave their bodies and transition back to the "veil" i.e. other body-less dimensional plane(s) of existence.

For you, Liora, your outcome is not yet clear. You may continue to hold residual affects or energy-strings of MCS and your other bodily "dis-orders" for the rest of this earth-plane existence--or you may shed the "string" vestiges of the old. It is up to you how much you want to "let go" of this earthly life as you have known it and take the plunge, with trust, into the "unknown" of inter/multiple-dimensionality. For you the key is TRUST. TRUST US. TRUST YOURSELF.

We realize this is hard for you to do in your "evolution", where you are at now. Take one baby step at a time as you leave your open cage door, and then a possible, potential, leap!

Your we-Guides

Namaste, Amen

See "Multi-dimensionality"


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