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My two cents. :)

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Published: 4 years ago
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My two cents. :)

(-- You may want to print this and your other answer-posts--)
((-- In order of importance, the stuff at the top helps most in your current situation --))
((-- the stuff at the bottom is to be used at convenience and available income levels --))
((-- God bless. --))


Love my IOAMT dentist, has done spiffy work and I love my new teeth. I had to save quite a bit for it, but sleep and mental state has gotten a lot better.

Vitamin C (only as ascorbic acid) and salt loading in the 2 weeks before the removal appointments is a good protocol (helps prepare the body against possible exposure), though no vit C on the day of the dental appointment, to avoid interacting against anesthetic (numbing medication).

After Amalgam removal, continuing the salt/C loading is good. Your body may tell you it needs pauses from the salt if you start to feel more tired. In that case, mono potassium phosphate (another salt) can help lift your spirits a bit.

I can see you write about God sending you challenges!
You're in similar company on this site, make no mistake. ;)
In teenagerhood a human is meant to wake up spiritually (to those realms and our creator!) In most pre-industrial societies there's been a very STRONG structure to help point new youths in the way forewards, but if you're in the states, canada.. heck, a lot of places, there's a religious spirit of apathy and twisted religion. It's sometimes preferable to stick to the various alternatives, like the hope that if one's body is perfect, then the heart and the soul should feel good and whole too, right?

There's testimonies and explanations here and there on Curezone and similar places that there is a healing crisis (major questions of identity for one) that happens when you take up a healing journey-
some write, for example, the pineal gland wakes up. Teens is really where it's most active in maturing the body for that matter, small wonder we start to care about these things ;)

If you're cleaning up from Amalgams you may trip over iodine.
Iodine shoves mercury out of the body
Iodine triggers the formation of stronger tissues and sulfur bonds (cellular integrity and formation of hormones)
Iodine is the workhorse of the thyroid (triggers formation of thyroid hormone)
Iodine triggers cellular regeneration and strengthens the immune system
Aannd a whole load of other details which you should be able to read at leisure.

Iodine's a hellova buttkicker if you haven't done your reading and dive into it in heavy doses before the Amalgams are fully out though. The salt loading and vitamin C I have pointed out are preperatory stages for using it, and rightly so.

Iodine strengthens meditation by the way. Wildly so. I experienced for the first time in my life feeling Jesus sitting beside me at my peaceful place (a shady tree with fields of ripe wheat all around, near a seashore), and that relationship has taken on new dimensions ever since. At this point in my walk I stop and quiet thoughts very often to listen internally for him to show the way. I've found him to be compassionate especially where my sense of self worth was completely misconstrued (family history of mental abuse) and /supportive/ in getting better, instead of authoritarian and distant. I have, honestly, been able to trash a few addictions- having an internal dialogue of reassurance and affection very much changes the downward spiral dynamic!

In the thick of anxiety or difficulty getting to sleep, this helps:
1/4 tsp salt (himalaya, celtic or pure sodium chloride, no flow agents)
1/2 tsp potassium bicarbonate, chloride, citrate, phosphate or other
1 tsp vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid)
1/8-1/2 tsp magnesium sulfate ( Epsom Salts )

Mix in water, dilute to taste, drink. Distilled water is absolutely best.
Potassium almost never fails to help me sleep, salt helps level out anxiety attacks in a huge way. It's like a buffer mineral for the adrenal glands.

Lithium aspartate is hugely calming, it helps the nerves retain sodium (salt). Don't overuse it, lithium is a thyroid hormone depressor. Just a sprinkle of the powder from a capsule on the tongue is plenty, you can use a whole capsule (5mg capsule) over several days.

Selenium is a good tool, but overuse without sulfur nutrients when cleaning out mercury can work against you.

Phosphorus and sulfur are two of the nutrients that up seretonin and energy levels, but they can lower your calcium levels (bloodclotting, calming, healthy metabolisim).
Google powdered egg shells, cheap way to make calcium/mineral supplement at home, and quite tasty in lemon juice!

A vegan/raw diet is not a sulfur-rich one, and the body uses sulfur to help protect against heavy metal overload. It's excellent when you are stronger in the immune system (remember, vegan lifestyle instructions are a cornerstone of aryuveda, which comes from a tradition in india which was very pre-industrial)(!).

Ovo-lacto vegetarian is more my style, since there's a good level of long-chain fatty acids (for example omega 3 and DHA) without plastics (from ocean fish) from chickens and cows which have been on grass. The choline levels in egg yolks alone is well worth it- phosphatidylcholine supports the liver.

Lastly, get your manganese levels up! That's support for the dopamine system and against candida overload! Grab cinnamon or nutmeg essential oil, mix it into a little food oil, rub it on your inner arms and neck area. You'll smell like a little bit of heaven and start adapting your body for using it eventually internally. Cinnamon and nutmeg are extremely high in manganese and antioxidants, and are great blood-cleansers (nutmeg especially is Hulda Clark 's absolute favorite for clearing the blood of parasite eggs). If you've had tooth rot, you may feel a 'buzz' around your teeth when you use nutmeg. Bacteria no likey. ;)

Avoid the glyphosate (roundup) products/foods and bromide-sprayed fruits and veggies. You may have known that already, but both screw up thyroid health rather terribly.


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