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Re: Prayers Needed
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Published: 4 years ago
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Re: Prayers Needed

some peanut gallery action:

#commentsChemProfAFA, Colorado Springs, United States, moments ago

He had a bad conduct discharge for domestic violence against his wife and child. That (domestic violence) should have prevented him from purchasing guns. However he got them, the guns laws did not prevent the shootings; a neighbor with a rifle stopped further shooting. The places in the US with the strictest gun law have the highest shooting totals. Only an idiot would think more guns laws are going to fix the problem.

Brain Fog, Munich, Germany, moments ago

The MSM is spreading the fake news, that this leftist murder wants to kill his wife. But HIS WIFE WAS NOT IN THE CHURCH. His only goal was to kill the Christians. There are several questions that haven¿t been asked: - Is his wife a Christian? - Is he divorced from his wife and are they living in separate apartments. - Why his Facebook Page was deleted. - Why the Media only get one post that supported the narrative of MSM. (She is a bad bitch). - What is with the other posting of Facebook. - Is his wife living in the place where the church is? - The media said there is no motive after one atheist person who despise the Christians killed many of them. - If he wants to kill his wife (Fake news from the media) why does he go to place (church) where his wife is not and killed Christians? - Why the media do not interview his wife or portents?

Kim Alsøer, Copenhagen, Denmark, 7 minutes ago

It is very hard to listen to all the religious BS. But now they can join their beloved lord in the sky. lol. GL.

Joe Hunt., Orlando, United States, 8 minutes ago

Plumber/biker saved the day. Shot bad guy and saved hostage. Hero should be rewarded. Maybe with a top of the line new Harley???

Stephen H., Dallas, United States, 10 minutes ago

Christians are being slaughtered all over the world. Christians, get armed.

Don Sanders, StatelineNV, United States, moments ago

Raise a gun for Jesus? Either you are a complete heritic, or you are a war monger looking for an excuse as you LONG FOR murderous vengeance... either way GOD HATES YOU!

jrbsmk247, Columbia, United States, 11 minutes ago

I refuse to read this! Who cares about his life or getting to know this mass murderer?! Maybe if we quit reporting on these idiots the next person wouldn¿t be trying to top it!

WalkNotSoSoftly, Michigan, United States, 15 minutes ago

He was just doing what he has been programmed to do. With all the hatred being pumped out against White Christian Southern Conservatives what do we expect? The Leftist are happy to used the "evil" AR-15 to kill White Christian Southern Conservatives to advance the gun control agenda... In this way it's a bonus! Expect more of this as Antifa ramps up their "resistance". Of course the MSM will label this guy as crazy... most Libs are.

Chanel Gal, Everywhere, United Kingdom, 17 minutes ago

God is good. Our church housed 80 homeless people last week. Fed them, loved them and cared for them. What did you do last week to improve the world, non believers?

Walt Creasy, Bridgewater, United States, 23 minutes ago

The shooter was denied a gun permit, so do gum laws work? Hell no! But libs will keep, pushing for gun control because that is gospel to them even if the opposite is true.

GBL, Casper, United States, 13 minutes ago

Criminals don't follow the law- why can't they get that through their heads!? Look at Chicago- the strictest gun laws in the nation and the highest murder rate.

herdoutcast, Bogland, Canada, 31 minutes ago

Good thing Langendorff and Willeford had the right to bear arms and were therefore in the position they were to set off after the killer and prevent more calamity. And just to further my point, I doubt Kelley was a NRA member.

Stalker6Recon, Ormoc City, 36 minutes ago

While this story is very sad, and tragic, no law could have changed what happened there on that day. I person with the will, always finds the means. In every country around the globe, where the government has outlawed the ownership of firearms, there are only two types of people that have them. The government, and the criminals. This happens no matter what. Now I am sure that British people are all blaming our laws for this horror, and believe that gun laws should be strict because of incidents like this. You have a few things wrong with that belief. First, and most important of all, if you live in a country that denies the basic right of self defense against criminals or against a tyrannical government, you are NOT a free person. You are indeed a subject of your government. You are also helpless against any attack, be it government or criminal. Good luck with that. I would never trade my right to live, for false comfort. You may get lucky, but not everyone is lucky like you.

Lui Maravilla, Raleigh, United States, 50 minutes ago

Willeford and Lengendorff for Medals! They ran toward extreme danger, bravely and heroically, willing to risk themselves to stop the bad guy. Not trained first responders, even, just (super) citizens! Hope their families and town are extremely proud of their selfless actions.

r23, cape coral fl usa, United States, 53 minutes ago

Since he was in supply in air Force and discharged dishonorable and served sentence. Stop calling him an air Force veteran .a veteran serves and discharged with honor .but the military needs to improve vetting of enlistees in light of the fort Hood murder a Dr who was in charge of fitness of personnel wonder how many unfit he allowed in or to stay

John J Moore, Huntington Beach, United States, 55 minutes ago

He was shot by someone who had open carry, that is what stopped him as long as we have no mental health and can't put people into a mental facility against their will this will continue. Thank God Texas has open carry.

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