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Still struggling with SIBO & More
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Published: 5 years ago

Still struggling with SIBO & More

I'm going to try to be as thorough as possible, so this may become a bit lengthy. I've posted around here seeking advice before, and will include what I have tried that has been suggested. Not necessarily have I tried everything, and will try to include what I haven't which I intend to try still so maybe some thoughts can be given in regards to those too.

I'm an absolute wreck basically, dealing with stomach pain which feels like there's a bubble made of spikes constantly beneath my right rib. This feeling used to be lower but for the past several months it has been higher, more constant, and very stressing for me. Nothing seems to relieve this lately, not even if I have good BMS, naturally if I'm constipated it's worse (I alternate between loose and hard) but it's not much better when I'm not either. I've also been getting a lot of cramping beneath my left rib too, which is relatively new as this area usually would only give me grief when trying probiotics... Now it's all the time, and I'm not taking them anymore. I also have terrible brain fog, headaches, back pain, cramping through my waist, post nasal drip, bad memory, oppressive Depression and feelings of disinterest in just about everything I once enjoyed doing... I just have no ambition anymore and it takes me a good hour or two just to get out of bed.

Here's what I know I have, I know I have Sibo, I was tested for it two years ago and put on several courses of Antibiotics , some helped some did not, either way it's always come back. I've tried herbal antimicrobials, uva ursa, goldenseal, d'arco, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, clove, oregano oil (I have gastritis so I've not used this very much as its way too strong) EC peppermint capsules, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil...these things seemed to help shortly after my diagnosis but now the bacteria or whatever I have going on just shrugs it off, I get no relief. This is especially frustrating as now I feel even more hopeless of ever feeling anything resembling normal again...

Gastritis, as mentioned above is also very bad, I've had my throat scoped and there is inflammation, but no h pylori was found. I've tried l glutamine capsules, slippery elm, marshmallow root, DGL licorice (this stuff actually makes it burn I discontinued it, which again is frustrating as suffers of similar issues swear it's healed them) again, I can't seem to get anywhere with these, the irritation remains.

Diet; I've tried to clean up my diet, I don't drink soda, I don't use the microwave, I usually only drink filtered water. I try and eat organic, though this isn't always the case. I avoid dairy like the plague as it gives me issues, I miss yogurt terribly but can't handle it. I've lessened my gluten intake and try to obstinate from it altogether some days, this can be hit and miss, sometimes it may help but often it doesn't seem too. I've been tested for celiac and other gluten intolerances diseases (repeatedly) nothing was found. I do a lemon cleanses to replace meals some days, this just seems to give me reflux and no relief either, some days I start with lemon in warm water with honey, again if this is doing anything I haven't noticed it...

I sometimes have multiple bowel movements in the morning, or incomplete evacuation. Things I have tried to increase movements is magnesium citrate, triphala powder, smooth move tea (only if desperate as it makes me feel horrible) vitamin c, ginger... Again even if I pass an ample amount of stool the pain and cramping remain. I have done some water flushes...but really really really don't like them, so would prefer to avoid enemas currently.

I'm finding more and more foods seem to give me bad reactions, recently I've found peppers to give me terrible cramping the next day which isn't lessened until the following day, if I'm lucky...

I'm worried I may have candida or parasites too, but I'm not sure of course, I'm in NY where most online tests aren't covered...they seem to want people to stay unhealthy especially in this state, so I don't know how to test for these. I know I have fructose and possibly bile malabsorption, I have terrible cramping with most fresh fruits and some days have really biley diarrhea (though this is rarer, it happened more after my gallbladder was removed nearly three years ago.)

I'd like to try coilldial silver, or possibly iodine... But am unsure of what or where I should get these. I know I'm probably dealing with biofilms, which would explain the stuff I've tried not working well. I'm unsure of what to try to address this, as I've had a hard time finding information about it... I read peppermint or clove can assist in this, but how much and what kind?

I've tried a multitude of probiotic supplements, too many to even bother listing, I've always had a bad reaction. I find low Sugar or Sugar free kefir helps with digestion a bit, improving BMS...but the cramping pain and gas/ bloating are still there seemingly 24/7, and this is becoming more and more stressing as it can't be healthy for it to be in pain all the time like this, I'm worried about permanent damage or worse colon cancer down the road if I can't fix this. I've had two colonoscopies and they both came clear. Both my gastric doctors have just thrown up their hands to me, and even the natruopath I saw was seemingly clueless, and never got back to me after I did a books worth of again, I'm feeling very hopeless and like I can never get any better, only worse.

I think that's everything, I'd really appreciate any help with this, as I really don't know what to do. I tried an artichoke liver cleanse recently, pills, and they weren't cheap and didn't seem to do anything to help, I've thrown so much money away on these things and I just seem to get worse and worse. So I'd really be very grateful for anymore insight, and thank you even just for giving me your time to read this.

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