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Re: Still struggling with SIBO & More
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: Still struggling with SIBO & More

Again, thank you so muchÖIím going to try and make a quick rundown here of things you suggested, just to make sure I understand.

Frequent/incomplete BMS ĖMagnesium carbonate, powdered lecithin

Biofilms Ė EDTA (you mentioned metals being released though, is there anything I should take to ensure theyíre swept out properly?) Iím admittedly a little discouraged about this, since so many things, which are the only things I can find info about are ineffective. I found another post that suggested raw honey with Ceylon cinnamon for biofilmsÖI would think the Sugar would just help them make more biofilm!

Have you found anything that has any amount of the d-amino acids? I canít find squat on thatÖ
I think thatís three things? Forgive me I can be a bit slow to absorb things I had to read it a few times, but want to make sure I get the right stuff.

Now hereís a list of things Iím currently taking, and Iím wondering if I should continue with them in your opinionÖas they donít feel as if theyíre doing anything right now.

Vitamin c, 1,000mg, l-glutamine powder, two tsp a day for gastritis, turmeric and cucurmin(sp?), a vitamin b complex, once daily, a d3 supplement, once daily. I take just the recommended dose for all of this, not in excess at all. I also just recently started coildial silverÖbut not sure itís the greatest brand.

A few last questions;
Should I ever bother with probtoics again? The last one I took at their advice of a naturopath was a bifidus/lacto two-strain, the more common ones I canít remember how to spell them :-(, but this really messed me was 6 months ago and my pain and cramping has been so much worse, and nothing really helps like Iíve said. Itís very frustrating, and I suppose that alone should be an indication to steer clear, but 85% of places say you need themÖbut every time I try any brand, and type they just make everything worse, or do help for maybe a day or two then stop completely.

Lastly, is there anything I can do to minimize gas? Iíve tried activated charcoal, doesnít help, or is it I just need to get more out of me when I go to the bathroom? Just seems that I go so many times I should be getting enough out but I donítÖitís all so confusing because the type of pain, and where it is changes now and then, but itís always there.

Anyways, thank you again for all your help.

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