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HELP Adrenal Fatigue and Severe Anxiety
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Published: 6 years ago

HELP Adrenal Fatigue and Severe Anxiety

Hello everyone,
This is my first post on Cure Zone but I've been following the forums for quite some time now, mainly the Adrenal Fatigue one.
I apologise for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language, so please bear with me :)

I am in the late stage of Adrenal Fatigue, with extreme anxiety and high adrenaline/noradrenaline 24/7, which is getting worse everyday.
I am currently consulting with a naturopath specialising in adrenal dysfunction.

I was advised to take high doses of Vitamin C (just plain ascorbic acid) until I reach bowel intolerance, I went up to 12.5 grams (12 500 mg) and still didn't experience any diarrhea, paradoxically I got even more constipated.
The first few days I felt slightly better, the anxiety lifted a little bit, I also had more energy.
On the day 6 however I started feeling more agitated.
I didn't give this much thought, I continued raising my dosage but by the next day the panic and agitation was UNBEARABLE.

I had no idea that high doses of Vit C can worsen anxiety, until I read about it on the forum.
I also found similar information in this article:

After researching, I decided to discontinue it and see what happens.
It's been three days and my anxiety keeps getting worse and worse, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't think or breathe normally, I'm sweating all over..I am even having trouble with writing this message. It's hard to describe just how bad it is.
I've had constantly progressing severe anxiety for about a year now, but it never came even close to this.

I made a mistake of going too fast with my dosage, in just a week I was taking 12.5 grams, raising it everyday a gram or two.
I know it was stupid and I'd never have done it if I knew it will lead to such side effects.

What could be the reason of my reaction?
Inablility to eliminate Vit C metabolites (resulting in build up)?
Heavy metal detoxification?
I heard Vit C in high doses can act as a chelator.
I am pretty sure I have copper excess in addition to AF, I've got all the symptoms.
I read that Vit C is necessary for the production of adrenaline.
Is it possible that it made my body excrete even more of it?

I have contacted my doctor's office but they told me he's off until next week, so I have nobody to turn to.
The staff there advised me to take Seriphos, which my doc recommended before for anxiety.
I took it yesterday before sleep and had the night out of hell, the worst panic I've ever experienced in my life and today I'm feeling even worse than the day before.
I'm not sure if it's due to Seriphos or is it still the post-Vit C effect, possibly both.
The worst is the fact that my anxiety is 24/7, it doesn't pass, I have no rest from it even for a minute.
Sometimes it does get slightly better after 10-11 pm (my doc explains that it's when my body is still able to produce cortisol, so it doesn't have to compensate with adrenaline).

Has any of you had similar reactions to Vit C or Seriphos? How do you manage your anxiety? Do you know of any remedy to lower the adrenaline in those with AF?

I have previously tried 5-HTP, Tryptophan, GABA, taurine, glycine, L-theanine and various herbs (ashwagandha, kava, passionflower and others) which did nothing for me or caused paradoxical reactions, making me even more agitated.

I even turned to meditation, although it's hard to do it in a state like mine.
I also do 4-7-8 and alternate nostril breathing exercises.

Plese help.

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