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FMT donor
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Published: 9 years ago
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FMT donor

Hi Hadenuff,

It is great your are doing well on FMT .

I guess you already know what my answer would be on Dr Borody's business idea. He is going to make money with it, no doubt, but I sincerely doubt capsules are going to be anything like real FMT therapy.

Just compare probiotic capsules with a glass of home made yogurt.

Just a single glass of home made yogurt contains trillion times more live bacteria than a full bottle of probiotic capsules.
Why would anyone waste money and time on something inferior, when the most supperior medicine is flushed down the toilet every day? Convenience? Frozen pizza is far more convenient compared to home made pizza, but there is a trade-off.

Your FMT donor

One thought striked me about your doenor, and is not willing to leave my mind since I heard it. You said somewhere your donor is healthy vegetarian? Am I right?

Why is he vegetarian? Religion? Belief? Ecology? Health? Fashion? Animal lover?

I have met thousands of people following different vegetarian diets. I used to be vegetarian myself for longer than 12 years, so you can imagine how many simlar people you can meet in 12 years, including members of your own family.

More ofthen than not, vegetarians are vegetarians because they really feel better and feel healthier on vegetarian diet.

Feel better on vegetarian diet = intolerance to animal protein and / or animal fet.

I myself was intollerant to animal fet.

Intolerance to animal protein / fet = poor liver function and also poor microbiota.

I solved my problems 14 years ago with multiple Liver Flushes over a year or 2 time, but I am stil in contact with many vegetarians who are struggling with their health.

If I would be looking for FMT donor, I would look for a person who is able to eat anything, even able to drink alcohol and anything, able to smoke tobacco, eat any kind of junk food, and is still healthy and feels good and is visiting toilet regularly.

If a person is able to eat and digest any junk and any drinks and is still healthy without any symptoms, it is a great sign the persons liver is extremely healthy, bowels are healthy and also microbiota is healthy.

That is a kind of poop donor I would have been looking for. Not many of them left today, but sure they exist.

Now, do not get me wrong, your donor might be 100% healthy person, and his decision on being vegetarian might have nothing to do with his food tolerance, but I just had to write all this here, so any other people understand that a vegetarian donor is not necessarily better donor when compared to omnivore. Actually, it could be a worse donor.

Keep us updated with your progress on FMT.

One more thing you can do beside FMT is make your own yogurt and your own kefir, and use it from the rear end, it can aid the FMT . Especialy those days you do not have access to fresh poop.

best of health

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