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The cause of peeling lips, EC, BO, acne, eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis etc
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Published: 9 years ago

The cause of peeling lips, EC, BO, acne, eczema, psoriasis, folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis etc

What is causing peeling lips, extreme Body Odor , acne, cracked lips, Exfoliative Cheilitis, Factitious Cheilitis, Idiopathic Cheilitis, Angular Cheilitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Seb-Derm, KP, allergies, hives, etc ?

I posted this message further down on this forum, but to make sure all people see it, here it is, explained.

"what are your thoughts on what ec is?"

In some people it is just an allergy to one or several chemicals like SLS, or cat allergy or wheat allergy or gluten intollerance.

But deep inside, what caused the allergy or intollerance is a serious imbalance or damage in intestinal microbiota, often caused by Antibiotics or by some other medications or modern lifestyle and diet.

Damaged intestinal microbiota is also cause of huge long list of other diseases and skin problems like acne, extreme Body Odor , Seborrheic Dermatitis , allergies, candida, eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, KP, and even some cases of multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, arthritis, and many other diseases, including cancer.

Our intestinal microbiota ( hundreds of different types of bacteria, yeast and viruse living naturally in perfect balance or in constant war inside our colon ) is probably one of the most important organ for our health and one of the most important organ generating our immunity to many diseases.

I call it an organ becuase it is inside our body, but no doctor will ever call it an organ. They will say it is actually a part of our external environment, and is not an organ in the very strict sense of the word. They also treat it as if it is not an organ, but is a part of our environment. They poison it, destroy it, kill it, cripple it.

Nevertheless, intestinal microbiota is so important, and unfortunately so misunderstood and so abused and mistreated by modern medicine and modern lifestyle, diet, hygiene, modern everything.

We are abusing it and mistreating it with sulfites , benzoates , sorbates , nitrates , nitrites , citrates , alcoholic beverages, chlorine in water, preservatives , sugar, vinegar, pesticides, Antibiotics , ..... and in the end we expect it to work for us like a perfect Rolex clock.

Good Luck with that!

Beside helping our digestion, one of the main functions of
intestinal microbiota is to keep our immun system healthy and working the way it is suppose to work.

Autoimmune diseases and disorders were almost non-existent prior to the age of Antibiotics , age of pesticides, age of amalgam, age of root canals, age of molar cavitations, age of sterile food and sterile world. Allergies were also almost non-existent.

Fastforward today, and 25 - 33% of all kids born today are going to develop an allergy during the first 18 years of their life.

200 years ago allergies didn't exist. Exteremely rare!
Imagine having a polen allergy 200 years ago?

Welcome to the age of antibiotics and welcome to the clean and sterile world !

God forbid eating something with dirty hands!
You will get sick!
Wash your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wash them with antibacterial soap!!!
You don't want those nasty bugs inside of you!!

No animal in the world washes its "hands" before eating!

Dogs eat dogs shit! That is how they keep their microbiota running full speed!

You don't even have to be treated with antibiotics ever in your life today!

If your mother and your grandmother was treated, your microbiota is already damaged.

You are born crippled!!!!!

Even if you are missing just 5-10% of the species that should be there, you are like born crippled!!!!!

You are missing some important species, and it is very hard to make them live and survive inside your colon, unless they were introduced at birth.

That is the biggest problem!
To be healthy, human need huge number of microscopic species, and to develop properely digestion, we need it from the first day of birth.

When a newborn child is born, the first feces is almot 100% sterile.

It is dark green, almost black.
How do you know that intestinal microbiota started forming?
The feces start coming out yellow, usually the second day.

Intestinal microbiota converts green bile into a yellow color, mixed with mothers milk .

The real problem with damaged microbiota is that it creates
long term damage! Damage that even crosses generations!

How is human intestinal microbiota permanently damaged?

Human intestinal microbiota can be damaged in many ways:

- cesarean birth ( baby don't get in touch with natural bacteria living inside vagina, instead it gets in touch with sterile blood and strile hands of a surgeon. On top of that, cesarean birth often results in no milk, so the first meal baby gets is sterile formula made from cow milk powder and a long list of other ingredients )

- lack of breastfeeding ( baby don't get in touch with natural bacteria living inside mother milk. This is extremely important, and even modern doctors are now becoming more aware of how breastfeeding is important, and how important it is for babys health (the rest of the life) )

- if mother have used antibiotics or other medications before or during pregnancy, she damaged her own intestinal microbiota and now she is passing damage to her kids, even in case of perect natural birth, and perfect natural breastfeeding.

- diet (there are antibiotics and preservatives in modern diet , not to mention sugar, alcohol, vinegar, pesticides, chlorine, and a long list of chemicals added for killing bacteria.)

- if yiu are exposed to other unnatural chemicals, it can damage your microbiota. The longer exposure, the higher chances of permanent, irreversible damage

- infected teeth with root canals can affect whole body

- infected cavitations left after extraction of molar teeth

- Amalgam in teeth

- poisoning with food or anything else

The real underlying cause of EC is damaged microbiota or whatever caused the damage in the firt place ( doctors with medications and procedures, dentists, toxins etc).
That may lead to allergies, intolerance, intestinal damage, intestinal inflamation, and in the end you have EC, or acne, or eczema, or depression, or schisophrenia or psoriasis....

Damaged microbiota can lead to: allergies , food intollerance , intollerance to other chemicals , liver damage, kidney damage, autoimmune diseases , intestinal damage ...

In some poeple it is a downward spiral.

How to restore damaged microbiota ?

Diet can help some people. Some people can reverse damage 100% wit diet, others can only manage it with diet.
In some people intestinal microbiota can be damaged beyond the possibility of it to be repaired by good diet.
In that case, beside diet, you may need to use some "heavy guns".

Heavy guns in healing digestive tract are:

Heavy physical activity. (this one may not help to those who are already into heavy physical activity, like people living from sport).

5 - 25 liver flushes, one every 2 - 3 weeks (oilve oil + grapefruit juice ) ( there is a liver Flush FAQ on curezone with all questions answered and also a forum with the same name )

Lugols Iodine ( there is Iodine FAQ on curezone with all questions answered and also a forum With the same name )
It is safer to use it externaly on your skin, rather than ingesting large doses orraly. Oral Iodine can damage intestinal microbiota. If you paint it on the skin, it goes into your blood without touching your intestinal microbiota.

Fecal Transplant FMT . This one is the most powerful therapy, but only if you get a good donor. Donor is 99.9% of the therapy. (there are many pages on this site with all questions answered and also a forum With the same name )

chewing food longer works for some poeple.

home made yogurt or home made kefir or other fermented foods made from raw milk work wonders for some people.

many others I can't think of right now

If this approach doesn't help 100%, look into other subjects like Amalgam , root canals , cavitation surgery , gastroparesis , candida options, paleo diet , house cleanup (chemicals) etc.

I am not a doctor or nutritionist or naturopath, or any other lable. I am just an obsrver.

When something is labled AUTOIMMUNE, it more often then not means messed-up intestinal microbiota is the cause.

Repairing intestinal microbiota can often 100% cure many cases labled AUTOIMMUNE like Atopic allergy, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Addison's disease, Alopecia areata, Atopic dermatitis, Celiac disease, cancer, Juvenile idiopathic , Rheumatoid Arthritis , Psoriatic arthritis, parkinsons, Lupus erythematosus, Endometriosis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Schizophrenia, EC, eczema, and can even prevent type 2 diabetes.


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