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Published: 9 years ago

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Hi all,

I just wanted to post some observations of cure Zone and health matters generally.

I have been "ill" since 2006 with many ups and downs. Started with chronic pelvic pain which caused a terrific amount of anxiety the first year, then allergy/histamine symptoms (that still persist), liver and adrenal dysfunction. Probable bouts of candida too. Symptoms wise i have flaoters which after 4 years are generally manageable (better when I control dehydration/histamine issues) and what i call histamne symptoms that come and go - tingling skin, itching mainly.

What I wanted to discuss was Cure Zone from my persepective as a long term member but infrequent viewer and poster. Please be aware that Im not looking for an argument or to provoke, upset, patronise. Im really not.

First thing to say is that for me (I suspect Im not alone) some of the posts / forums here are quite scary (that is the correct word) in that people are often talking in immense detail about their recoveries, health problems, solutions and it is quite frankly mind boggling. (I have 2 degress and a post grad qualification and am a trainee psycohologist so I dont think its my lack of education that beffudles my brain). The candida and parasites forums are good examples.

Now I can here some people saying "there are some very ill, bed ridden people on this forum if you are not as ill dont post". Clearly there are many of these people on here. But here I am 7 years into recovery working full time, leading a happy life. BUT my health issues are always there, hold me back when they flare up and do have an impact upon my life. So Im not chronically unwell but I do struggle at times.

To give you more detail I am nearly always to some degree inflammed - histamine & mast cell proliferation Im sure. Many things help but Im yet to solve it beyond following the HISTADELIA / UNDER METHYLATOR protocal. This is helping as is regular hydration, lower cafeeine, alcohol, red meat etc. I also do Liver Cleansing and have a generally health lifestle. I pretty much stick to an anti candida, low grains / carbs diet and have for many years. I am also gluten free.

However, many times Ive gone on this forum and left deflated thinking "Im not doing enough". There are people here whos posts Ive traced back 8 years who are still talking at length about parasites, candia, new protocaols to embark on. Nothing against these people per se - most seem like genuine, intelligent, motivated individuals.

But GOD knows you have to wonder where does the intensity stop / reduce. When are people recovering, are people recovering? Ive often thought I have parasites, candida eating me alive until I leave the forum and gain soem perspective.

And by the way I am not a puritan. I eat well, exercise, dont smoke, take liver support, avoid Sugar and refined carbs (mostly). But i drink alcohol friends on occassion, and dar i say it I eat CHOCOLATE maybe once a week. YEs my histamine issues that are ongoing do bother me but turning into a health puritan is not something I believe for me is healthy or needed. I have to say there are people on this forum that have made wellness their life goal (which is great) but Im not sure I could do it with the same intensity and motivation.

Am I making any sense to some of you? Im hoping theres more of a response that "well most people here are/were very ill"!

Thank You

Be well


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