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Re: The answers are out there if only you will look
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: The answers are out there if only you will look

very good article Tony you did on the history of the AMA and the raids on alternative practitioners and doctors going outside the box

a good read for anyone that is highly recommended by those seeking to understand this better.

Reading it made me very angry at what that profession has done to harm so many...very angry indeed as human suffering especially needless human suffering bothers me greatly.

also remember Dr Christopher was arrested 6 times and Dr Schulze three times closed down in a terrifying raid with battering rams and machine guns where they came seizing computers and records and terrorizing people in the process.

I also remember Dr Christopher talking about a reflexologist and another alternative health practitioner who was helping his mom with diabetes and dropsy who were arrested.

Here is the exert of it from herbal legacy of courage and yes, these people blazing the way were courageous and cared more about the patient than the medical industry.

from Dr Christopher's biography:

Ray's "mission" of healing was all the more appropriate in light of his mother's condition. Melissa Craig Christopher, the woman upon whose lap he had snuggled that afternoon in the orphanage, endured the quiet desperation of diabetes and dropsy. Her's was a chronic and debilitating condition. At first it confused the little boy, who suffered himself with crippled feet and the wheelchair that had become his prison. Later, it tore at his heart as he sat, helpless against the diseases that ravaged her and unable to ease her agony.

"Once as he was playing among the fragrant blooms of the garden on Highland Drive, his mother watched him with unusual interest. At last she knelt beside the spot where he worked the imaginations of youth and asked, "Raymond, what are you going to be when you grow up?" "I'm going to be a doctor!" he announced, without hesitation.

"Oh, Raymond!" she laughed. "How can you be a doctor? You can't stand the sight of blood. You've never been able to slay the rabbits you raise for food, and you run from the kitchen whenever I raise the old butcher knife to a chicken. What kind of a doctor would that be?"
There was a moment's pause before he answered this time, and a look of intent unusual in a child his age. "Mother, I will be able to heal people without cutting them up," Raymond replied.

"There will be natural ways of doing it" His musings in the garden that day became a prophetic statement that would describe his life's passion.

With the hope of becoming a doctor, young Raymond watched with interest as various practitioners treated his mother. One visit from a health practitioner proved to be especially noteworthy to the sixteen-year-old. One day his mother drew him aside with quiet determination and told him, "Son, a doctor's coming to visit me today, but he's a new type of doctor, different form any of the others who have treated me. I thought you might like to see him.

At the appointed hour, Ray eagerly answered the door, and the young man noticed that the doctor glanced nervously up and down the peaceful neighborhood street before stepping across the threshold. As he introduced himself to Melissa, she offered, "Let me tell you what is wrong with me."

"No," the doctor urged emphatically. "I will tell you what is wrong with you." Fascinated, Ray watched as the man looked into his mother's eyes and recited with pinpoint accuracy the conditions for which she had sought medical help over the span of many years, and the conditions for which she had taken countless prescriptions of orthodox medications.

Ray listened to every pronouncement the doctor made, absorbed with curiosity about his gentle efficiency. He took mental notes as the doctor prescribed wholesome changes in diet and as he pressed a collection of herbal remedies into Melissa's hand. As they bid the doctor goodbye and watched him travel down Highland Drive, Ray told his mother, "That's the kind of doctor I'm going to be when I grow up."

Several months later when Ray tried to locate the man, he had his first glimpse of what would prove to be a foreshadowing of his own future-the doctor had been arrested for practicing medicine without a license, and had been jailed. Ray tucked his ambition away temporarily and worked to finish his high school studies.

After graduation, news accounts and magazine articles about a Canadian practitioner caught Ray's eye. This man, the accounts said, massaged people's feet and effected remarkable healings. His treatments were in such demand, in fact, that people stood in long lines, even pitching tents for weeks at a time, in order to see him. Ray knew that this man could ease his Rheumatoid Arthritis , but, even more important, he yearned to study under him, to learn his natural way of healing. Cautiously, he approached his parents with his plan.

They could feel his excitement for his plan, but did their best to discourage him: The Depression had tightened its grip on most of the families living along Highland Drive, and there was no extra money to finance a trip to Canada. Ray pleaded, "I'll find a way," he promised. "I'll thumb rides. I'll do whatever I have to. Somehow, I'll make the trip." Just as he was completing his preparations, his enthusiasm was crushed-news filtered from Canada to Utah that the practitioner had been arrested. It was a devastating blow, and Ray temporarily abandoned his ambition to study medicine."

the rest of Dr Christopher's fascinating story full of many cures is found here as is his website with formulas and advise for a number of diseases.

For those who do not know Dr Christopher was one of Dr Schulze's teachers and original made the "incurables program" that Schulze intensified and saved many life's with that were given no hope by allopathic doctrors.

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