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The answers are out there if only you will look
Tony Isaacs Views: 10,010
Published: 14 years ago
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The answers are out there if only you will look

Though you replied at more length, you really didn't address the questions that have been posed to you and you continue to trot out the same justifications that have been fed to us for decades.  Have you even read what has been posted here?  You surely didn't read the articles I referred to or Daniel Haley's book.

Are you really so niaive as to believe that you would get unlimited funding and a Nobel Prize if you found a cure for cancer?  Cures for cancer have already been found, sir.  Read "Politics in Healing" and you will see clearly what happens to people who find cures for cancer.  They don't win Nobel Prizes.  In some instances they don't even survive.

I do agree that furthering your knowledge is the route to finding a way to beat cancer.  That is what we are imploring you to do.  One thing should be crystal clear:  you and your profession will never find a solution to cancer if you continue to "further your knowledge" by looking only at the tried and failed methods of trying to cut out, poison out or burn out the symtoms of cancer instead of addressing prevention, the root causes of cancer and ways to eliminate those symptoms without harming the rest of the body, furthering the spread of cancer and paving the way for the return of cancer.

Furthering my knowledge is something I began to do over 15 years ago, when I was a firm believer that the only true medicine  came in brown bottles and the only true healers were medical doctors.  I had no prejudice against mainstream medicine - just the opposite in fact.  I was prejudiced against alternative medicine the same as most people who have been brainwashed for generations, just as have our doctors, by being told that alternatives to mainstream drugs and treatments were quaint at best and either ineffective or downright dangerous at worst.  But I did have an open mind and soon my eyes were opened to the truth, which is just the opposite of what I had been conditioned to believe.

You can do the same thing, sir, just as have many other brave doctors who have become the true healers they intended to be.  It does take courage and williingness though.  We have tried to show you the way.  Now it is up to you whether or not you take off your blinders and truly learn about healing.

Big Pharma controls mainstream medicine.  Regardless of the funding source of your university, which you conveniently failed to identify, medical curriculums only teach AMA approved treatment methods and all you have to do to see what the AMA is about is read my article on the history of mainstream medicine.  Are you even familiar with the evil Morris Fishbein and what he did to Royal Rife and Harry Hoxsey when they resused to sell out to him?  THAT is what happens to people who find cures for cancer.  Do you know about the quack Abraham Flexner, who knew nothing about medical education but was the tool used to eliminate medical schools who did not teach AMA approved curriculums?  Are you familiar with the history of the IG Farven drug cartel and how they conspired to replace natural and alternative healing with lab created unnatural compounds they could patent, control and profit from?

How is that in the time we have gone from the covered wagon to the Space Shuttle, flickering black and white tube TVs with three channels to wall sized plasma screens with hundreds of channels, rotary phones with party lines to pocket sized cell phones, the slide rule and abacus to 9 inch laptop computers, vinyl records to MP3 and MP4 players, etc., that the most heavily funded scientific industry in the world continues to cling to the barbaric and failed methods of cancer treatments they use and the best it has been able to with medications is to produce unnatural compounds that mostly manage symptoms and have side effects over 95% of the time which often lead to other conditions which require yet more unnatural drugs in a never ending cycle so that by the time a man reaches the age of 65 he takes an average of 15 prescribed and over the counter medications daily?  And it all began with one or two conditions which could have been treated and corrected effectively by nature.

It is a wonderful model for profits, sir, but a horrible one for healing and humanity!

If you are reluctant to begin your search outside your mainstream comfort zone, you could start off with the JAMA report that identifies mainstream medicine as the number three cause of death in the U.S.  While only a handful of people at most die from natural supplements and alternatives each year, 140,000 people die each year from the side effects of properly prescribed and administered mainstream drugs. And that is just the tip of the proverbial iceburg.

Next, you might take a look at the mainstream report from Virginia Commonwealth University which details the failures and abuses of chemotherapy "Concrete options and ideas for increasing value in oncology care - The view from the trenches", which details, among much, much more, such items as how we spend twice as much in this country to get the same results as others, how 16-20% of patients get chemo within 14 days of death, how 1/3 of hospice stays are less than 3 days before death and how 25% of Medicare costs for chemo is spent within the last month of life.

Ask yourself what is wrong with this picture and why mainstream medicine's goal appears to have changed from beating cancer to turning it into a chronic disease that can be treated in a way that maximizes profits from draining as much insurance, medicare and life savings money as possible before the patient finally dies.

Then perhaps you can ponder what is wrong with attempting to treat cancer with drugs that are themselves carcinogenic and why more people die from the effects of chemo than actually die from their cancers, and wonder if perhaps there might be a better way and move on to looking outside the mainstream box you, and we, have become trapped in.  Thus the purpose for this website.

More suggested reading: Chemo Does Not Cure: Often It Inflicts Damage and Spreads Cancer

Again, the answers are out there.  All you have to do is seek them out.

Best regards,



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