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Re: My Master Plan
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Published: 14 years ago
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Re: My Master Plan

This sounds like a great plan and like me, seems you have obsessed over and researched this matter enough to earn a doctorate. My eyes are vampire red bloodshot from staying up all night in my search for the elusive cure for this curse. At least my eyes now match my baboon-butt lips and I would not be shocked if my eyeballs did not start peeling. I always envied full, lusicous lips. Now I am thankful I was not born with them. What is worse than cheilitis? Big, full, fat lips with scaling, red cheilitis. Anjelina, look out.

I am very pessimistic at this point after excluding every type makeup, chemical, and food I can think of to rule out allergens. I've done the hydrocortisone, anti-bacterial ointment, anti-fungal... everything. I've quit the vaseline/petroleum jelly and every single lip protectant that may possibly have some ingredient which complicates the matter. Vaseline has a tendency to seal out oxygen and seal in germs along with the moisture so it's not the grandest lip moisturizer to use in reference to cheilitis. Goodbye and no thank you to all the zillion products with evn one synthetic ingredient.

After exhausting all of my options I have come down to a very simple plan. I have found a combo of too many things makes it difficult to rule out which ingredient is helping or making the matter worse. Here is my plan:

To retain moisture: NOTHING but pure vitamin E oil for moisturizing. I find it inconvenient to sterilize a needle to poke a hole in the gel cap but it's much thicker than the stuff in the bottle and stays on longer. It has excellent healing properties and I can do without extra redness and peeling the vitamin A may cause. It's a good idea for your type of problem but remember retinol, retin-a, retinoids which cause redness and flaking are derived from A.

My plan:

Morning and night: 2 tbps of UNdistilled, organic ACV/apple cider vinegar mixed in warm water with enough honey to make it palatable. Apple cider vinegar is more ancient than buddha with a fantastic medicinal reputation for detoxifying and killing off (pretty much)all negative internal bacterial, parasitic and fungal infections known to man. It is famous for restoring proper PH balance to the entire body and is a natural, powerful antiseptic.

Night: After dental routine with a Tom's Natural Toothpaste, non-alcohol mouthwash, and plain floss (no mint or cinnamon, etc. as possible agents may irritate.) I then apply 1:1 ratio ACV and water directly to my lips. (Warning: This will light your lips on fire and literally turn them the color of death; a blue-greyish palor that is genuinely scary. Don't worry, your normal color will subside within about 30 minutes and the burning will cool down also. You may want to experiment with milder strength if afraid of the burning.) Why use it? ACV is a powerful topical antiseptic and my hope is to battle any and all bacteria on and around my mouth to coerce the skin on my lips back to a proper PH balance. Now this is VERY drying but it is also exfoliative. Should there be any parasites or mites I may have possibly missed in my previous attempts to cure myself, there will simply be nothing for them to gnaw on, which I believe perpetuates the cycle for those of us with severe scaling and peeling. This also sterilizes and prepares my lips for a thick coating of pure vitamin E oil before bedtime for some (hopefully) great healing and restorative value during my sleep. I just started this 3 days ago and will continue it for a month to see how it goes.

So basically, there it is. Besides taking a handful of regular vitamins which is part of my daily lifestyle (B-12, B-complex, mega C, E, soy isoflavin, Omega 3 fish oil, a loaded multivitamin and evening primrose (PMS) I am only using ACV internal and topically, vitamin E for moisture and avoiding ANYthing non-organic.

Now for a little fun: Sufferers of cheilits know this is a curse from hell. I have the type that goes in a daily cycle over a week.

Day 1. Swelling, redness, tingling, dry
Day 2. Swelling, redness, raw, chapped, feverish, dry
Day 3. Swelling, redness, raw, chapped, feverish, dry with miniscule blisters all
along the vermillion border. (My lipline)
Day 4. Less swollen, light peeling, raw chapped, blisters lightly weepy, DRY (ARGH!)
Day 5. Even less swollen, harsher peeling, not so raw, blisters dried but crusty on
lip-line/border; dry as always.
Day 6. A GREAT day! Looking somewhat normal, feeling good. Lips dry but no peeling.
Day 7. See day 1. *screams*

Remember I stated feeling pessimistic? If I tried your master plan I would probably have some kind of unexpected reaction from the zinc or vitamin A and not know which was causing it. The redness on my upper lip would spread upwards into my nasal passages which would begin the same cycle from hell that is now confined only to my lips. That would begin an entire new treatment plan of Q-tips and all manner of ointments, sprays, etc. to deal with my nose along with my lips. From there, the stuff would spread into my ears and eat away through the membrane which seperates my ear canal from my brain... until eventually I just fall out and go plum screaming mad...The men in white jackets come to carry me away forever...and my lips still swell and peel...forever... because I reFUSE to click on the button to purchase Orlando's miracle cure he found for his son. That creep should share that info freely if it's merely handy stuff right from the kitchen as he claims.

Good luck with your plan!


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