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More mite and acne talk.
Trysten3000 Views: 14,686
Published: 15 years ago

More mite and acne talk.

Well a little report. Ive been using the cold cream for two days now, and just like glaxony said, I have had a lot of whiteheads. I dont normally get too many whiteheads either. Usually my cysts stay red and swollen forever and then eventually get a hard, white top on them and then scar and stay a red mark on my face for the rest of time. I notice the next morning after I do the cold cream mask I have smaller whiteheads. Still lots of cysts though :(. My face looks really terrible, but it has looked terrible since I moved here, and well heck, it always looks terrible just worse I mean. I mentioned in my other post it seemed the chlorinated water was making my skin break out in a million tiny zits {they looked different than my normal hormonal or stress Acne which is the big cysts}. I was thinking maybe the water change was agitating the mites and they were dying or something..maybe not but it did get me on the mite train of thought so I began researching.

My skin looks absolutely horrific right now though..the cold cream is really soothing which is what I like about it..but Im still covered in cysts and whiteheads. Its so hard to know if its working. I strongly suspect I have demodex mites but I dont have the tools to do the test. The thing that makes me really suspect is the crawly, stingy and sometimes itchy feeling in my face. People have always thought it was weird when I told them "ow! Im getting a zit!" but I would really feel a tiny sting or tingling feeling.

Ugh the thought of something crawling on my face is so disgusting! But better to make sure its not that at least.

I suspect its many things..weakened liver and organs and stress in life=weakened immunity=candida overgrowth and other internal parasites=more weakened immunity=feeling crappy and depression=MORE stress which continues breaking you down=perhaps all these factors feed the mites somehow, and that could be why stress and hormones break us out more, maybe the extra oil production from the stress hormones or just the stuff coming out feeds the mites or they react to it somehow..

It makes a lot of sense..Ive done so much for my body internally and it does help my immune system, but it makes sense how if there are physically parasites in our face, things only help temporarily because I would imagine these mites would always adapt and come back and continue irritating us, unless we iradicate them completely, much like internal parasites.

Im debating digging into savings to order the chinese demodex creams, but the skeptic in me is worried they are overpriced and not worth that much. Glaxony is the only person Ive read about having success with it. Is there anyone else who has used this stuff? I think I remember plasticat saying it was really harsh and ruined his/her skin {sorry if that wasnt you plasticat but I read it somewhere}.

I was also wondering if doing an internal parasite cleanse would help with the mites? Probably not huh. I start one on sunday {yay! about time!}. I know every time Ive done a parasite cleanse I break out terribly, so I figure since Im already looking horrific {and Im not exaggerating guys, its BAD, my entire face is red and lumpy and has white dots} what the heck might as well go for it now.

Also, does anyone know any solutions for the scalp? If mites are in my face, Im almost certain they are in my scalp. Ive had itchy, oily and flaky at the same time scalp as long as I can remember, and its MUCH worse at night which is a sign of the mite activity. In fact now that I think about it, I usually sit in bed and scratch the hell out of my head every night, I never even made the connection until now. I dont want to destroy my hair and I definately cant afford the shampoo from the chinese place.

...I feel dumb asking this, but is there some kind of demodex pet shampoo I could use on myself? lol I bet pet stuff would be cheaper but I dont want to ruin my hair.

Please someone help me figure out the best path to take with all this? Or give me whatever thoughts would be appreciated thanks!

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