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Liver Flush Success   16 y  
Liver flush went well but think I have a parasite problem
Although my bum may not feel well for quite some time, my flush went well. I passed a lot of semi-hard green matter and tons of little dark green flecks. I also passed tons of what looked like tomato peels. I’m figuring them to be some kind of parasite but I don’t know much about any of that. Most importantly I’m feeling so much better. To help the process along, I followed up with an epsom salt and apple cider vinegar bath and restarted my oil pulling this morning. It makes me wonder why I’ve been so neglectful of my body. Next step for me will be parasite research and some sor ...   read more

Liver Flush   16 y  
After being away for more than a year I'm doing a liver flush to help with a med change
I’ve been away for too long. In the past year I’ve taken a lot of different meds and decided to start my cleansing back with a good ’ol liver flush. I’m nervous about it since I haven’t done one for so long but look forward to seeing any results. Since I’ve just gotten off a medication that gives horrible withdrawl symptoms, I’m hoping that this flush will stop my heart palpatations and such. I was surprised when I bought the idea of moving things along (as far as my medication change) that my doctor agreed with me about doing the flush. I brought her information about how it work ...   read more

Overwhelming Sadness   17 y  
Please don't smoke... Take care of yourselves...
I haven’t been good to my body lately and expect to be MCing again soon. It feels like a rug has been pulled out from under me. My chest even feels heavy by the weight of it. My best friend in the whole world has been my beloved sister, Kathi. She means so much to me. So many times I tried to get her to eat healthier, quit smoking, walk with me. We dreamed of growing old together. I thought we would be together forever. She is the only one who has ever really known me. Now she is gone. On September 2, 2006 she was gasping in her sleep. The paramedics were called but they cou ...   read more

Progress   17 y  
While transitioning to food, it is a great time to review what you really need
I had my first BM this morning! I was so excited because of the typical worry about how you digestive system will do. No stress, no strain, our bodies really take care of us when we take the time to let it take care of itself. This morning I had a lemonade for breakfast and blended watermelon for mid-morning snack. I’m looking forward to soup for lunch and a simple salad for dinner. I have no desire for meat (although I’m not willing to give up eggs or dairy at this time). This longer fast has had a MUCH greater impact on my body and tastes. In fact, last night I had a caesar sa ...   read more

Out of control hunger   17 y  
How do we know when we are listening to our body and not our mind?
Today between 9:30am and 1pm I was super hungry. At first I had a bowl of soup but then I needed another and another (spaced out to give me time to feel full). I was getting worried because I didn’t want to reverse all the hard work I accomplished over my fast. I went to to figure out my calorie intake and it was reasonable so I decided to eat if I was hungry. I also continued to drink plenty of water. I had four bowls of soup total (1/2 to 3/4 cup each) and a small serving of fruit (less than 1/2 a cup). Quite suddenly about 10 minutes after the last bowl it relented. ...   read more

Post-Fast Update   17 y  
Transitioning back to food... Need to work on willpower
Yesterday was OJ day! I juiced oranges for my co-workers in the morning (there are only a dozen or so in the corporate office these days). It tasted like heaven. I came home from work for a couple of hours because we had a vet come over to look at our cats. Our older one, Rowan, has heart disease and has been losing a lot of weight. It turns out he is dehydrated but doing okay. She gave us some glue-type supplement. One and a half teaspoons gives our cat tons of vitamins and over 2,200 calories! Wholly Mollie! It is also an appetite stimulant so let’s hope we can get him back up ...   read more

Funny Soup Problem   17 y  
It is possible to have too much of a good thing?
If you’ve been following along with my blog, you know I bought veggies way before I was done and have been chopping them to pass the time and help with my excitement over the post-fast soup. Well today is OJ day so the time had finally come to prep my soup for the crockpot. I got out the bowls of already chopped cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, celery, carrots. I still had the unchopped yams, red and gold potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and red onion. When I went to pour the chopped half of my veggies in the crockpot, they filled it full along with another big pot for the stove. Hmmm s ...   read more

Day 30   17 y  
I made it!
Day 30 went smoothly. I worked a reasonable 10 hours. On my way home I bought 14 pounds of valencia oranges. I’m juicing for the whole office in the morning to celebrate OJ day. When I got home I chopped more veggies for my upcoming soup. By then I was so sick of lemonade that I just couldn’t do it anymore. So, even though I should’ve drank more, I only had 4 lemonades all day. That evening I was hungry but stuck to water and one last lax tea (steeped along with a detox tea bag). I think the hunger is why I couldn’t sleep that night. In fact, getting up this morning was difficul ...   read more

Final MC Measurements   17 y  
Wonderful progress as the end of this part of my health journey
I couldn’t leave the headline at final measurements or it sounded like I was dead or something. This journey is far from over. So how did I do? Well most importantly I feel better, more energetic, optimistic about my future eating choices. Height 5’ 8” Weight 156 lbs (down 20 pounds since start of MC) Upper Arms 12” R 11.75” L (down .5” each) Chest 39” (down 2”) Waist 30.5” (down 2.5”) Buns 41.5” (down 2.5”) Upper Thighs 23.5” R 24” L (down 2.5” R 2” L) Calves 14.5” R 14.75” L (down .5” R .25” L)   visit the page

Day 29   17 y  
A day for car shows and bbqs
Day 29 was another warm humid day in the NW. My hubby and I drove to the XXX Drive-In (last XXX Rootbeer drive-in left) in Issaquah to participate with our ’68 Chevy C10 in a classic truck show. It is still a work in progress so we didn’t expect to place or anything. All the same it is fun. I’m very glad I was fasting because the onion rings (called Piston Rings on the menu) smelled soooooo good. They have the biggest, messiest burgers in the world too. That was less tempting but boy those onions were torturous. I sat chatting with this nice gentleman next to us. He put tons of ...   read more

Day 27 into 28   17 y  
One more wonderful day closer to my goal
I went to Super Supplements after work last night and bought some malic acid (for liver flush prep) and probiotics. The end is feeling so near now. The accomplishment I feel so far is incredible. It’s strange to think I only planned a 10ish day fast, as usual, in the beginning and yet I’ve come so much further, pushing myself to a new level. I look forward to another extended fast in a year or so. The extra cleansing time seems much more beneficial. Today is a beautiful 94’ day outside (that’s quite rare in the Pacific Northwest). I took a walk to Blockbuster and Schucks. Even th ...   read more

Day 26 into 27   17 y  
God's strength will help me complete my fast
Happy Friday everyone! Today is going to be a beautiful 94 degrees in the Seattle area. I’m determined to leave work by 4:30 to enjoy it. After today I only have three more days and I’m very proud to have come so far. While driving this morning it occurred to me that I made this goal as a gift to my body, which God provided me. My life in this body is the most precious gift the Lord gives us; therefore, I will complete my final days and break my fast slowly as a small repayment to him. This may seem like a simple idea but has given me all the strength I need to avoid temptation unt ...   read more

Food Obsession   17 y  
I only have 4 more days but it's not time yet. Silly child voice inside is getting me into trouble.
I’ve been hungry for a couple of days and constantly thinking about food but today I took my food obsession too far.  It is funny how I could take it or leave is just three days ago but now food is all I think about, the texture, the smell, the nutrients. Ugh So I dropped by the Yakima Fruit Stand on my way home (I only worked 9 1/2 hours today - Yippee!!).  I was supposed to pick up lemons and limes as I do twice a week.  It should have been no big deal. Instead I bought every veggie that looked like it could possibly be added to a soup (which I’m not making f ...   read more

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