Time To Get Freaking Real With Myself, Right?
by #63992

Going on Vacation!   17 y  
Have a great 4th. Will be back on the 5th.
Have a good one.   visit the page

So Many Emotions All At Once!   17 y  
Today is day 7 w/out any alcohol
I have to admit that it’s probably been over two years since I’ve gone this long without alcohol. A couple of years ago I went 22 days w/out it, fell off the wagon, and have drank every night since then. However, this past week has been about getting real w/ this problem by being forced to share this decision w/ my family because we’re postponing the wedding which was supposed to be next Saturday. This past week I’ve felt two-fold about the whole thing. One side of me is pissed because I have to call all these people and frankly I just don’t want to. I don’t want to deal with, ”well ...   read more

A Slap of Reality in My Face   17 y  
or was it really?
So this past weekend came about and Sunday rolled around. Father’s Day. Of course my fiancee and I were to go to his father’s house with all the family for dinner to celebrate the day. I guess it’s around 1-2pm that afternoon before our dinner. My fiancee David came home to our house from not having answered his cell phone a couple of times from my call which is waaaay out of the ordinary. He’d been gone since 8am that morning. Even more out of the ordinary for him to be gone that long of a stretch too. He sat in the den with a serious look on his face. I just thought he was bore ...   read more

Attaining and Implementing a True Positive Attitude   17 y  
The real fundamentals thereof
I am so glad I found this website. I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever found a more inspiring, knowledgeable, or supportive resource before in my life. The wealth of information has been incredible and I’m so grateful to all those out there who have been so kind to offer a sincere and helping hand. I’m a person who is fascinated with the dynamic of mind over matter. I dive into any reading I can get my hands on where this is concerned. I think I would love to consider studying Tai Chee, a type of martial arts which I know nothing about. The thing about it tho, I’ve read numerous stori ...   read more

Well, I Broke the News To Mom   17 y  
Now THIS was an interesting conversation....
So I’m on the phone with my Aunt who’s really cool. She knows about the wedding and was asking me if I’d told mother yet. I told her it’d been weighing hard on my thoughts the past 48 hours and I think I’m going to go ahead and tell her. But I really, really don’t want to. My aunt told me she hadn’t talked to my mom in quite some time kinda waiting on me to go ahead and tell her first. She also convinced me that mom does need to know so she can prepare in her own way. So long story short, I committed to my Aunt that I would in fact call mom that night. As I paced the floor giving ...   read more

Dealing with Mother   17 y  
What's REALLY going on here?
As I journey on through my process of achieving self-love, unequivocal self-confidence, and a healthy mind and body, I’ve gotta be real about what’s going on with my relationship with mother. Oh boy. Mother is an extremely intelligent, strong headed, lonely (tho she doesn’t know that), stubborn, isolated person. She has never remarried since her divorce from my father when I was in the 2nd grade and now I’m 38. I am the first born girl and have one younger brother. Her sense of physical affection (giving or receiving) is pretty much non-existant though she has been very generous to ...   read more

The Most Wonderful Gift That Ever Came Into My Life   17 y  
It's amazing the detailed steps life takes us to where we're ultimately supposed to be.
So now I’m feeling euphoric after walking from that damn corporate company I left. This has been about a year ago. Since I’d made the decision to take a year off, I guess it’s time to do a little traveling, right? So I’m living in Atlanta at the time. My college sorority roommate also lives in Atlanta so we hung out together quite a bit. One Saturday morning, we’re sitting around having coffee shooting the shit and she says, ”wonder whatever happened to my old boyfriend from college?” I replied back agressively from my caffeine buzz, ”I don’t know but we’re gonna find out!” I grabbe ...   read more

The Big Moment   17 y  
There comes a time when enough is enough
I guess it’s been about a year ago...working with a corporate company in agressive sales, suits everyday, surrounded by men, one of the few females in this position, SELL, SELL!!! ”We’re doubling your quota” ”Gotta make more calls” Performance meetings.....ya know the drill. Working all day Saturdays, Working ’til 7 & 8pm at night. Pressure. First thing I wanted to do after work was go to a bar, have some cocktails to wind down, and be served a rich red meat meal prepared for me because I was too mentally exhausted to cook at home. But oh, I don’t want to go sit by myself, let’s get ...   read more

My Story   17 y  
Queen of immediate gratification.....
I think the time comes in ones life as we continue to mature and grow to really reflect about our pasts, what’s really going on with our present, and how that’s going to play out in our future. I know this very serious reflection and thinking has been going on with me for about two years as I near my 39th birthday. Being what I call a naive young adult post college, I didn’t understand the notion of defeat or true loss. I won all the sales awards, I won all the tennis tournaments, successful with everything in my world. I was happy, naive to defeat, and on top of the world. I hit my ...   read more


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