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Yes, I am back! After Ejuva and now to RAW.   17 y  
Ejuva and Raw Food
Well, I am back. I am back to being raw, if you want to look at it, technically 95-100% because I do not always use raw seasonings...;) I did the Ejuva Cleanse last month, I have to say that it was one of the best cleanses I have ever done. I would not say that weightloss was the huge thing, it was more just getting all the mucus and cooked food residue out of my body. I love the Master Cleanse, but I suck at transitioning out and maintaining, ergo weight comes back and off...blah, blah! But Accountability keeps me honest and I did the EJUVA cleanse with a group at Cousin’s IV (se ...   read more

Recommitted - Juicing....   17 y  
Gotta go for it...
Ok. I have got to stop bingeing. I think it is a combination of the full moon ( I am a moon child) and PMS. I can’t take it!!!! I mean there are worse things I could eat...but I am going to be in a bathing suit in 3 weeks. yes, for vanity, but yes for health. In the last month since I lost those extra pounds, I was clamer and more peaceful (for me) and I remember to take a deep breath...I think that added to helping my calmness. I really did feel lighter and happier. So, I need to think of how I feel right now...sad and guilty. Not as of this moment at 9:34 a.m. No more ...   read more

It's back on!!!!   17 y  
Fell off the wagon a lil' bit
I know I have been MIA for almost two weeks. I had two bookings and I have not been at a computer for a long time! I think my weightloss contributed to my bookings! Anyway, spent a couple of days on set and they have food all the freakin’ time! I stayed pretty much raw except for some steamed broccoli and dry roasted macadamias. I tried to start the Master Cleanse again yesterday, but I made it until I got home and I downed two trays of my essene bread! Yes, yes I binged! And then I broke into the stash of girlscout cookies I ordered from a friend and I was saving it for my son! Ok ...   read more

On the go and new restaurant   17 y  
On the go, new raw food restaurant in town
I have been crazy busy this week with auditions and bookings! I am sooo happy I got my stuff together and it has really paid off. I have been packing my little red cooler filled with dulse dip, my essene bread, dried seaweed and cut veggies and fruit for snacks. Thank goodness I had that! I am really making an effort to plan my food the nite before so that I can remain on track. It just makes it easier so live this raw food lifestyle. I am sooooo happy. An new restaurant opened in Chicago that is completely raw! Finally, a 2nd restaurant. With Chicago being such a big city, I ...   read more

Next Cleanse. Raw Quickies...   17 y  
Next Cleanse, Dulse Dips
Well, I have started with my Parasite/Kidney cleanse. I talked to the ’Apothecary’ and he told me to do that cleanse for a week and then do a bowel cleanse separate (P & B) because the bentonite sucks everything out (even the good stuff) and then I could move on to the Liver Flush and then run whatever cleanses again that I feel I should do. Only confirming everything that I have been researching. (Don’t get me wrong, I do not doubt anything I have found out, I just wanted to confirm all the herbs and what not I was buying since I am a rookie!) You all have been fabulous! All this kn ...   read more

Transition-I am so annoyed at myself   17 y  
I suck when transitioning off a fast. I fell off! I ate my gosh darn dehydrates I have been making! I came across a little bit of stress this evening, and that made me do it. Obviously, I do know where my eating downfalls come from. Yes, yes I know it is not like I went out and had a steak and cheesecake, but I feel like it because I have been studying the protocols so hard and I am going to start the kidney/parasite cleanse tomorrow. What is my problem?!?! But I have resolved myself and I will work it off at the gym tomorrow. I have forgiven myself (almost), but I will sweat it ou ...   read more

Transition and my UTI   17 y  
Trans, UTI, Raw Dehydrates
Well, thank goodness my system is clean b/c my uti cleared up in about 6 hours...took the tincture and some boiron homeopathy pellets. But am feeling a bit ’off kilter’ today. I gave my self an enema today. Well, I would like to say that I think it got some good stuff out b/c I do feel a ’lightened’ spirit, I mean in a good way. It just feels so good to have my system clean. (Despite I am feeling ugh today). Raw Food Stuff - My flax crackers are doing great. Flax Cracker recipe: Ground Flax Seeds Whole Flax Seeds Sesame Seeds Juice of 1 lemon Bragg’s (couple of squirts ...   read more

Ending MC...but...   17 y  
Ending MC, Transition
I had no time to blog yesterday and I was feeling quite lost. It was a rough day b/c I had to work. I usually don’t work on Sundays, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. So I was planning on going on with my Fast (WG and Coconut H2O), well, I went to Sherwyn’s to get all my herbs and tinctures for my Parasite/Kidney/Liver cleanse...well, low and behold I get a UTI!!!! Think it is too much to do the kidney cleanse at the moment b/c of all the stuff going on...anyway, bought some homeopathy and tinctures at Whole Foods and because I have been fasting, I hope that this goes fast! Anyway ...   read more

Day 13 Still goin',    17 y  
MC, Essene Bread
Gosh, my lemons won’t go away! Still on that, did an enema, quick one, this morning. I just can’t get things moving with the senna tea nor the sea salts. So this is the way I have to go. I just do it every other day b/c I am afraid of my bowels getting ’addicted’, plus I have an *h* factor to contend with that I recieved so lovingly from childbirth ;). Had rejuvelac with some probiotics and kamut. So am trying to transition over to my next step. Back to my essene bread that from sprouts I had been sprouting this week. It is smells soooo good! This time I used the following: ...   read more

Day 12 - Not Hungry   17 y  
Transitioning out of MC, some raw shopping tips
I am just not hungry. Am I going in a ’bad place’? Or is this ok? Well, (gentleman, pardon me), my cycle started a week early. This has happened when I endure a longer fast. I know that is a good thing because the cycle is a ’cleansing/detox’ action the body is taking. I was told by my Detox/Raw Food mentor, that this is also a good time to fast because the body is cleaning house. I really am just not even hungry for the lemonade. But I made myself drink it. I also had some broth with extra cayenne because I was FREEZING! At work I have a mini space heater pointed at me direct ...   read more

Day 11 - Final Day?   17 y  
Day 11 - burned out
Ok. Today, I am actually sick of the drink now. But I do not have a taste for anything else. I actually do not have a taste for food, but I was talking big about the coconut water and wheatgrass. I did a 2 oz. wheatgrass shot today, felt a bit woozy after it, it has been about two months since I did one. blech! But I do not have an appetite for coconut water either. Oh well...what to do, what to do... Juice fast? I know, I know, I have to move on to the other cleanses, I really want to but I need to read up on the whole eating protocol and get my herbs! I think I am in some ki ...   read more

Day 10 - MC...What now?   17 y  
Day 10 - Time to move on
Ok, so here it is day 10, just about do I feel? Great! Still have a few lemons. Not sure how long I will be going. I think I will keep going until lemons are gone and I think I am going to go over to wheatgrass and coconut water for a few days. I love coconut water. I do not need to reiterate what amazing qualities that coconut water has, do I? ;). I ate broth with spirulina flakes for lunch, think I overdid it, because I am so fulllll! Only lost 1/2 lb. I know the weight loss is slowing, which is why I am going to go to my change in fast per above. Just not sure i ...   read more

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About 2 1/2 years ago, I did a detox program and became 95% raw. I did the exclusively for about a year and a half. I am still vegan, but have gone back to cooked foods...I gained about 20 lbs and I want to go back to where I was when I was raw, I was energetic, calm, focused and looked better than I do now. But with certain changes in my life, 'convenience' and temptation got back to me. It is time to go back to being a raw foodie devotee. Doing the lemon cleanse… more...

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