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Day 9 - Yippee!   16 y  
Day 9 - Yippee
I feel great! I have been late blogging today. I look forward to this, but it has been a non-stop day. Sheesh! Last nite, I just had to give myself an enema, I was reallly getting bitter ;). And apparently, it totally ’helped things along’. I lost 2 lbs. Yippee. I have made a firm decision to keep going to the 14 days and probably ease into a juice fast. I am real anxioius to start the parasite cleanse though, so will have to scour the forums once again. Today, I talked to two different people about the MC and both are incredibly interested in it. So it will be good to have some ...   read more

Daily OM - Shout out...   16 y  
The Daily OM
Hey-Just wanted to pass on a little bit of nice info. For a long time now I had been receiving Daily OM email and also my daily horoscope from the same website. Since we are on some kind of journey, you might want to sign up for the emails if you have not yet. Unfortunately, until I started my cleanse, I would receive them but NOT read them. Silly, silly, silly. I find them inspiring as much as I find all of you on the curezone. I began REALLY reading them because I needed some kind of ’meditation’ start point (which I still suck at b/c my mind won’t shut-the-**-up!). I have it emai ...   read more

Day 8, feel great!    16 y  
Day 8 - feeling great...
Am feeling great except for the #2 factor, which I SWEAR I am taking care of it tonite. Yes, I surfed the forums and found that some just cannot do SWF and the tea does not work for me. It really does have the opposite effect and I suck at figuring out the dosages. So, I will go the enema route for the next 5 days. I will definitely do implants to restore the good flora. I lost 1/2 lb. since ytdy. still +1/2 from Friday, but still in a loss mode. I know, I know quit reading the scale, but yes, my real motivator is to lose weight. I just think I might just keep going until I feel ...   read more

Day 7 - Verge of giving up...   16 y  
Day 7-want to give up, but I will stick
Am late blogging today. Well, I set my alarm for 4:30 am today so I could get up early to SWF before I worked out this morning. Well, I stepped on the scale and I gained a pound!!! I know, I know, do not look at the scale...I am soooooo irritated at myself. I know it is my fault, but I feel the need to give up, not give up entirely, I will just eat and eat only raw. Ok, I will blame myself b/c I guess I did cheat b/c yesterday I did have broth...but I usually do, but I did not have any of the usual broth mix I use so I went and used my miso paste. I did not use the 2 tsp. that is u ...   read more

My renewed Mantra   16 y  
Renewed Mantra
I have been getting out my books and reading about raw foodie from the ”Eating for Beauty” by David Wolf...this is the reason why I gained 20lbs after eating cooked foods again (even staying wheat/gluten/sugar free as possible)...from Page 8 ”...If we are not careful, poor food choices will catch up to us. It is great to remember that if we start feeling the effects of indigestion, poor digestion, constipation, or the lack of feeling of satiation, then we know these ”effects” can be remedies by eliminating the ”causes”. And if we listen to our body’s messages, we will unde ...   read more

SWF...I did it...   16 y  
What a loser, posted this in the wrong it is... What a loser I am, I do not know what I was afraid of...It does not taste as bad some people seem to think. Took me about an hour to drink it down b/c I was busy hunting around curezone and raw foodie sites... I did have a little ’accident’, I actually was at Whole Foods picking up lemons...they did not have any organic lemons out, but one guy went in back to hunt for them...(I think he has a crush on me b/c he will try and find whatever I need ;)) He found them and I got them...I was almost going to die if they did not hav ...   read more

Day 6 - SWF I am going to do it....   16 y  
Day 6 - SWF and ramblings
Ok, I confess. I have not been doing the SWF’s, I know I said I was going to try it, but I did not. Ok, this is my fear, I am not home very much and I am afraid I am not going to make it to the toilet b/c ’the moment’ will happen when I am on the road. Plus, if I go to ’perform’ in a place other than my house, I feel that my performance my scare other people ;). I know stupid fear... Not going to weigh myself today, I am still angry about ytdy. Had 1 small bm ytdy, hoped for a big one with the lax tea I have taken, but oh well. I know, I know, I have to do the SWF. I was close t ...   read more

Day 5...grrrr. Got a plan now!   16 y  
MC, Longer Term Plan
Ok, feelin’ ok, but the scale, oh the scale. I know not to get attached to it wtf. Ytdy, I lost another 2 pounds, but when I weighed myself today, I only lost 1/2! F! I know I should be quiet... I know I am just whining...I do know what it is...I do feel like something is ’hanging’ around inside, so yes, I will do the SWF or an enema with Epsoms. I have been reading around the site about liver flush, parasite cleanses, gallbladder flush etc...etc...etc... I feel like I have done it all wrong. I should have started weeks ago with the parasite zap, then the liver/gallbladder flush th ...   read more

Day 4...Feelin' great   16 y  
Day 4
Ok, this is cake now...despite only one little ’woozy’ episode when getting up from the couch last nite, I feel great today. Want to do a liver flush and parasite cleanse, but am still insecure about tr7ing to figure out when is the best time since my schedule tightly scheduled...Should I do it right after MC before transition or transisiton go on another MC and then flush? Oh well...going to make my lemonade for the day... Have a blessed day!   visit the page

The Scale...Oh no!!!   16 y  
The Scale
Ok, I finally stepped on the scale today. I did not weigh myself at the start of the fast because I knew it would not be good! Anyway, I was at 130.5. I was relived it was not over 133. I think I was at 134-135 on Monday. I am convinced based on my clothes. I know I have a ways to go because my ’fat’ jeans are still a bit snug with my love handles spilling over this sides...I am going to hit my driver’s license weight...realistically, I am aiming for my birthday in June.   visit the page

End of Day 3...SWF? Is it time?   16 y  
Day 3-SWF time?
I can do it! It is the end of day 3! In previous fasts, once I made it past day 3, it was smooth sailing. I feel so good that I think I want to continue to my DLW-driver’s license weight-ha! ha! ;). about 8 months ago, I was so disgusted at my weight gain that I went to the DMV and changed my weight to my lightest raw foodie weight. I figured I would change my karma that way, wanna hear something else? I also make sure I take the gym locker with my short-term target weight goal for this month. Aren’t I a dork...lists, numbers...whatever I need to do, right? Back to day 3, I have ...   read more

Start of Day 3    16 y  
Day 3...I am in for the long haul
Ok, it is an evil hour of the morning, but yes, I am up. I am going to the gym. My Knee feels so much better! Right now, for my own mental process on this fast, I would like to give credit to the fast and the lemons! I can actually bend it, I do not hear any clicking and there is no pain! I actually usually work through the pain becoz I have tendonitis in my ankle, ya know after years of dancing. But if you have been a dancer, dedicated athlete, obsessive about exercise/physical activity, you work through the pain! But my pain was so bad, I actually have not worked out in two days!! ...   read more

omg...i am so out of shape!!!   16 y  
Shoulda, coulda, woulda
The proof is in the pudding. I am this moment a certain show is airing where someone comes to your home and helps certain areas of your home...I look like the fat wife with the good-looking husband! Nice tire! Should have done the Master Cleanse before the SHOW.... But if you do happen to catch it (not willing to divulge anymore info), I am saying they made it look much worse than it really was... At least I have documented proof, that I do not want to look like that anymore, but it is permanenty on film!!!!! ARRGGGG   visit the page

End of Day 2...Only one more to critical Day 3!   16 y  
Day 2-getting there
Ok, you know what I did to keep myself on the right track? I am a total geek and fired up Excel and make daily checklists. So I go along my list, mark off what I had to drink, 1-10 btw. I have made it to 6 and I am just not wanting anymore. I have to workout, meditate and drink my teas. So I think it’s working. I just haven’t worked out yet because of my knee injury. I can’t take it, going to work through the pain tomorrow because I know the lemon is healing by joins! Right! Apparently, I function better with a list in front of me, ya know, I am obsessive, compulsive and I have to ...   read more

Day 2!!!!   16 y  
Day 2 MC...'side effects' it is, day 2. When I first got up, I was blacking out...actually, it happens quite often when I do fast. (Anyone get that too?) My son is on mid-term break and he is driving me nuts! Too much energy for a 5 year old! Ok, my patience is down to nothing ;). I am starting to get cold again...grrrr and brrr. I know, if I can just get to Thursday, I can make this 10 day fast. Right now, I want to do the transistion and then another 10 day and then a liver flush. This site is so motivating and inspiring. (Also, much cheaper than joining my $200 detox class, plus I can at lea ...   read more

I think I made it past day 1   16 y  
Day One over...I think I made it...
I think I am just going to down the last of me lemonade (I think about 32 oz total today) and hit the sack! If I am just not thirsty, would it be bad if I did not make it to the 60 - 80 oz of lemonade...I am just not thirsty? Also, can you use agave nectar instead of maple syrup? At least I did not eat anything!!!! Thanks!   visit the page

Day 1 - Master Cleanse   16 y  
Day 1: I hope I do it!!!!
Ok, I have tried to start this cleanse about 5 times in the last month. But now, I am so aggravated with myself, it is time to get real serious. I have a knee injury now and it is going to sideline my workouts. It is so painful I cannot do pilates or yoga. The only exercise that does not hurt is my AB LOUNGE! Well, hopefully, after this cleanse, we will see some of those abs! :) Anyway, back to starting (failing) my day ones....I am usually really fine until I get home and start making dinner with my husband and son do I completely loose focus. I eat a meal, not bad mind you, just ...   read more

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