Master Cleanse Jan 2006
by anumii

Appetites   18 y  
We do strange things to ourselves sometimes
First of all, thanks for the kind comments supporting my decision. I want to be clear that I will most likely do another MC in the future, but not to lose weight and not in the very near future. So yesterday. More details on what was going on. One thing I have learned over the past three years on my weight loss journey, is to CHECK IN with myself when I want to binge. So I was standing in my kitchen, looking over the crap I bought to binge on. A pint of Ben and Jerry’s. A bag of carob malt balls. A bag of carob-covered almonds (yes, I prefer carob to chocolate, I’m a freak like t ...   read more

No more fasting   18 y  
I tried to get back on the MC for the wrong reason, and it's driving me insane!
After a lot of funky internal dialog and a lot of struggling today, I decided to discontinue this half-ass attempt at continuing to fast. I did a lot of mental and emotional inventory, and realized that I am doing this cleanse for the wrong reason. The first cleanse I did for 12 days, and this recent one, were successful because I truly wanted to clean house. I wanted to start up again this time, because my 35th birthday is coming up in a few days and I wanted to see the numbers get as low as possible on the scale before then. NOT a healthy, sustainable, ecological reason for me to fas ...   read more

Day 2   18 y  
More of the same
My favorite thing to do on the MC in the mornings is heat up a mug of lemonade. This morning I’m sipping on my green because I added a dropper of chlorophyll. I also added a dropper of B-complex, a tsp. of grapeseed extract, and a tbsp. of herbal iron. Later I’ll take DMAE. It seems to me that the CoQ10 isn’t digesting, because it’s oil soluble, so no more of that until after. I will break on day 7 this time. No matter how great I feel. It is ESPECIALLY important to break on a good day, I will remember this time around!! Weight this morning: 145.5, so up 1.5 ...   read more

Back on the juice - day one again   18 y  
Food is such a frigging hassle. I wanna be a breatharian!
Yay! After I broke fast, I did a p&B shake and there was a LOT of stuff that night, so I’m not as cleaned out as I thought. I’m back on the wagon, ready to roll for another week. I’ll be fasting on my birthday, no birthday dinner for me, and I’ll be LOVING it! Oh, yeah :) Stomach is gurgly again, had some senna tea for brekkie and have my lemonade for the day in my big lexan jug. Life is good!   visit the page

TOM is EARLY!!!   18 y  
so timing has changed and
so...i think i’ll start another cleanse in a day or two!   visit the page

Day 2 post cleanse   18 y  
fuzziness and pms
Yesterday I had miso soup all day...YUM!! and a Lara bar, which is just dates and spices and stuff, all raw, no added sugars or anything. Had very loose, hot BM’s this morning, some cramps. Yuk. This morning I had a rice protein/berry shake and some flaxseed/flax oil, and am sipping on kombucha right now. I also took a multidophilis capsule, forgot about adding probiotics back in. I’m feeling kinda tired and foggy....but that’s probably the PMS, and a huge amount of stress dumped on me yesterday as the house I had a deposit on to move into next week went to someone else at the last m ...   read more

Day 10 - broke yesterday   18 y  
Yeah, um...nevermind...
If I had paid attention and realized this is PMS week, I would have definitely ended on day 7. Yesterday was horrible, and finally I caved and started drinking veggie broth later in the day. This morning I have miso soup on the stove. I woke up feeling good yesterday, but the day went downhill from there. I had FIERCE urges to eat and eat and eat. And eat. After realizing that ttom is coming up quickly (which I ”knew” but didn’t ”grok” if ya know what I mean) I decided that the benefit of one more day on the fast was far outweighed by the misery caused. Considering all of the de ...   read more

Day 9   18 y  
10 days is going to be all for me
I am tired, but blissed today. I was up all night with friends, dancing and having a great time and didn’t wake up until 11 am. Drug my bootay to the kitchen and made a single glass of lemonade because I was too fuzzy to make a batch, and went back to bed. Just woke up, feeling lightheaded, and had a couple of tablespoons of straight syrup to replenish calories. I burned a LOT yesterday and the last thing I want my body to think is that I’m starving it! I am so ready for this cleanse to be over. Day 10 is going to be it! And then a liver flush. Still dying for some blackeyed peas.. ...   read more

Day 8   18 y  
Dreaming of bingeing on blackeyed peas...
Woke up feeling happy and light :) Last night I dreamed that I broke the fast by pigging out on salad and blackeyed peas. Oh MAN am I craving those peas!! MMMMmmmmmm..... The P&B passed right through yesterday, so I had nothing to worry about I suppose. Looked like it soaked up some bile and moved it out, but that’s it. Still not hungry. I bought some Meyer’s lemons for today as a little treat for myself for sticking to the lemonade when I initially expected to be breaking the fast today. Allergies are more manageable. I’m sneezing and a little stuffy, but no massive conge ...   read more

Day 7   18 y  
scales are nothing but random number generators
Woke up feeling awesome this morning. I took 500mg of L-tryptophan before I went to bed to help me sleep. This morning, took the iron and grapeseed extract, will take CoQ10 and DMAE in a minute. Just a little water BM, annoying. Zero appetite. I may have just screwed myself but I figured what the heck and had some psyllium husks and bentonite clay. I’m such a freak, I always take the BC by itself because I love the taste, hehe. I suppose the PB officially takes me out of the Master Cleanse and puts me into the Ultimate Cleanse realm. This morning, the scale was back up to 147 ...   read more

Close of Day 6   18 y  
Bikram's yoga + MC = BLISS
I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I practiced Bikram’s yoga for 18 months, then took a break because it’s expensive and the studio is 35 miles from my home. But with a belly full of saltwater, and a cayenne fire burning inside, I bravely marched into the studio, laid down my towel and mat, and sank into the floor. Heaven. Oh, I MISSED the heat, I missed the humidity, I missed the twisting and bending and balancing and most of all, the SWEATING. Oh, JOY!! Have I mentioned there is arthritis lurking in my spine? I better ice it tonight or I won’t be able to walk tomorrow. I’ll be m ...   read more

SWF results   18 y's the "flush" part?
Nada. Nothing. The ”flush” in ”saltwater flush” seems to be missing. My belly is nice and distended, though! Yesterday and today I passed a couple of tiny bm’s, and *maybe* a cup of fluid. This sucks. No more SWF for me! It’s smooth move from here on out... But, on the plus side, I don’t have to worry about dehydration at Bikram yoga tonight! I should have the makings for a couple of quarts of sweat, no problem!   visit the page

Day 6   18 y  
and I'm going for 10 days
Goooood MORning!!!!  Wake up!! Rise and Shine!! WOO!  I am high on life!  It’s 8am, do I know where my sanity has gone?  :) Usually I wake up at 9:30.  Today I woke up at 7:30.  I actually feel a little jittery, like I just did the backstroke through a big mug of Folgers. Weight is holding at:  146 Saltwater flush wasn’t much of a flush, and I feel little bloated, so I will add a smidge more salt and try again today. Zero appetite this morning.  My stomach doesn’t feel empty, doesn’t feel full, just doesn’t anyth ...   read more

Day 5   18 y  
Bow DOWN to Celtic sea salt, y'all!
Grrrr....I lost my original post!!!! I hate when that happens! Okay, day 5 and I feel AWESOME. If you are going to to a MC, I HIGHLY recommend you go off all wheat and processed foods at least two weeks before. I feel AMAZING, last MC I felt pretty crappy and tired. This time, I feel like I could run all day!! *jumps up and down* Alright, I’ll tell you what my diet was for three weeks before the MC: Brekkie - shake w/2 Tbs. Nutribiotic rice protein powder, 1/2 c. fresh or frozen berries, 2Tbs. flaxseed, 1Tbs. flax oil, ice and water. Snack - handful of raw nuts Lunch ...   read more

Day 4   18 y  
and I'm already halfway through??
Wow, time flies. Last night, I spent time with loved ones and danced for a couple of hours to Hamsa Lila and Shpongle. I felt terrific! And I outlasted my friends, which is a change....I was in a great mood, they were...not so great, which is another change, usually I’m the cranky one :) Let’s see...hunger pangs finally died down. I switched from Very Hot (40,000 HU) cayenne to Hotter than Holy Heck cayenne (90,000 HU) today and am happy with the extra spice. Been drinking the Smooth Move tea, and have had only a little bit of mucous and lemon pulp pass through. I am con ...   read more

Day 3   18 y  
and all is well
Yesterday morning and this morning I warmed up a mug of lemonade and drank that as a substitute for my morning ACV/lemon/honey drink. Nice! My tummy likes the warmth, and it is soothing and comforting. Last night I could hardly sleep, my stomach was gnawing so badly. I pressed on my stomach and heard more gurgling, but felt some relief. Decided it was probably acid, dragged myself to the kitchen, and drank a glass of water with 1/2 tsp. of baking soda. Wa-la! Perfect! I went to bed and fell asleep quickly. Discomfort relieved. I drank a mug of Smooth Move tea this morning a ...   read more

Master Cleanse day 2   18 y  
very few hunger pangs, feeling chipper
So far so good. I was only hungry for a bit yesterday, once my stomach stopped gurgling and clamped down and got used to being empty, the day was much more pleasant. I went for a walk, and did about 20 minutes of yoga. I did sit and meditate at my altar for a bit, which helped set my intention for the day. So...I had a DUH moment this morning while talking with my significant other. The cayenne gets hotter the longer it steeps in the lemonade. grr....someone keeps interrupting me, I’ll bbl... Okay I’m back!! Day 2 is coming to a close and it’s been a pretty uneventful day ...   read more

Note to self...   18 y  
Back away from the blogs....
Do NOT read other people’s raw food/juice fast blogs! Just reading about somebody’s food suddenly made me start craving it. Bah.   visit the page

Master Cleanser Day 1   18 y  
Despite a sleepless night, I'm ready to move on to the Master Cleanser
After a restless night, I woke up feeling much better this morning. Still a hint of nausea, but that’s not too unusual for me. I often get nauseous when my stomach is empty, first thing in the morning. Kitchen is clean and waiting for me to make a batch of lemonade for the day. Before I do that, I will spend some quiet meditative time in front of my altar. I am dedicating my fast to god (as in, god - the verb). Official Day 1 weight: 150.5 I may not post my weight every day - I had a hard time breaking the scale habit and don’t want to get hung up on the random number generator ...   read more

Liver flush ABANDONED!   18 y  
Unexpected migraine and vomiting derail my evening
Well, hasn’t this been an inspiring journey thus far?? By the time for my 2nd dose at 8pm, the nasty migraine had taken over. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. I could barely move. There was a lightning bolt piercing the entire right hemisphere of my brain and nothing else existed. I decided to try to push on...went to the kitchen to take the 2nd dose, and promptly vomited. Now, I tend to experience nausea fairly often, due to allergies and often digestion problems I attribute to belly fat, but to actually toss my cookies? That rarely happens. Well, since I quit drinking, anyway ...   read more

6pm, first epsom salt dose   18 y  
ew ew ew ew
3/4 c. apple juice/epsom salt mix. Ugh. It’s a tequila shot...tequila shot..tequila shot... Around 3pm, I started getting a migraine, to the point of nausea. NOT GOOD! Probably because I drank apple juice today, can’t remember the last time I drank juice. Sugar overload. It’s less bad, but staring at the computer screen is making it worse.   visit the page

It's 2 o'clock...   18 y  
It's food cutoff time, and I'm in mourning...
And no more food, ’til two Sundays from now. Why am I tearing up? hahaha I made the espsom salt recipe and it’s in the fridge cooling off now. I wasn’t hungry, but all of a sudden I want to stuff my face! Breathe...breathe...don’t’ve fasted WAY longer than a week before...focus...focus... There is a just-started scarf on the couch with my name on it. I’ll go work on it and distract myself, after I fill my water bottle. This may be the week that I knit more crap than ever about a knit ART CAR? Sounds like a fun project!   visit the page

Master Cleanse prep   18 y  
Doing a Hulda Clark liver flush today, to prepare for a master cleanse start tomorrow.
For the past three weeks, I have been eating squeaky clean. Last night I caved and had a handful of Wheat Thins (mainly because I knew I was going to start cleansing today), but other than that, it’s been three weeks of fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, salmon, and brown rice. I gave up soda years ago, not a regular coffee drinker, also cut out white sugar and white flour about a year ago and noticed a tremendous improvement in my mood stability. So. Today I am doing a liver flush for the first time. I am a little nervous. I am afraid of becoming nauseous! So we’ll see how that go ...   read more


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