Taurus Rising
by gosslin

Water Fast day 17 - halfway done   9 y  
All is good.
In 8 hours I will be officially done with half of my 34 day water fast. Of course this is not set in stone - but that was the original goal, which I see no reason not to be achieved at this time. All is good. I have been coaching football almost everyday and end up running a bit during those which is fine. I try to keep it minimal. Weekends are the hardest as visitors come over and eat and drink at my home. This is the hardest to sit through because I want to partake. I am not hungry and normal meals throughout the week do not bother me. I am still playing with dry fasting fo ...   read more

so you want to learn about fasting   9 y  
I would love the art to become popular.
How many people do I meet who are willing to go to the gym every day and do different forms of training. Of these how many are willing to spend their money on high quality minerals and supplements. Of course these things are good. The moment the idea of fasting, even intermittently, for most people is a simple no. It is not popular. It is not understood, in fact the art of fasting is very misunderstood. We have all had habits or ”addictions” of different kind that we have either changed or kept. Some of these are beneficial while others are destructive. Rarely does the averag ...   read more

This soft center   9 y  
Amen does this soft center remain when all falls and seems to die
there is a place I wish I always held to call it a place would be close enough as all potential frequencies exist in all spaces here it is quiet and it is soft, with just enough warmth here my mind is finally used by me and me not being a slave to it there is a place for which I have no name when I am there I could truthfully say it is the only place I have ever known though when I forget it could not say such a thing as easily in this place I am loved as equally I am part of love itself some may call this crazy and if this is the small price I may not speak of ...   read more

Water Fast - Day 15   9 y  
With that, I am both extreme in my approach and considerate of my body, and proceed again :)
I have officially passed the two week mark. Though I am proud of the accomplishment I am learning a good amount in this fast and am really enjoying the process. I have noticed more than ever the need and benefit of good skin brushing once a day at minimum while deflating so quickly. Most of all I am interested in dry fasting. My weight fluctuates from 184.0 at the lowest to about 189.0 depending on my hydration and I am really playing around with this to learn more about the topic and experience possibility. Today I experienced perhaps the most exciting and awesome physical thing ...   read more

Water Fast Routine Day 12   9 y  
In addition every morning I drink the following herbal and ph (alkaline) water after this and throughout the day as needed.
At this point the fast has settled in and it is fairly routine. When I have friends come over (like this weekend), it is hard to stay up late with them and be much more than an object taking up air and space. Every two days I have been re-mineralizing. Here is what I do on these mornings. *I TBSP coconut oil. (for absorption of minerals) *2 TBSP Vitamineral greens *5 sprays magnesium chloride *1.5-2g himalayan sea salt (for sodium mainly) *5-10 drop biosil (for silica) I also take in this drink *Vitamin C and D *Wormwood, Milk thistle, garlic ------------------------ ...   read more

Drinking to Thirst   9 y  
One thing I can say for certain is that it makes the fast much easier in that food does not even cross my mind as a thought.
Dry fasting is exciting to me. As curious as I am, I am only comfortable in dipping into the shallows of the practice at this point. Between research and personal experience, I am far to limited to speak on the subject with the experience of someone who is more experienced. I mentioned previously that in see no value in de-mineralization at any time, especially fasting. I also believe a beginning faster usually does not know how to properly re-mineralize. This can take a bit of study and self experimenting. The bottom line is the purified stripped water we drink continues to de-min ...   read more

The Risen   9 y  
Amen as we become the risen And the risers
Have you been looked over Even when you have fallen Lost through miles of blind streets Not knowing if you would return again Do you know the edges of despair Where only a small hole in the road rested And while you sat you wondered If this road has led to a cold grave Have you ever asked for help In the deepest echoes of night Where not one sun could be seen And the wind spoke only cold whispers Amen for we were found I know this place well my friend And the rising of one Is the rising of all Amen as we become the risen And the risers   visit the page

Day 7 Water Fast and Increasing the WIFI Reception   9 y  
So again we attest to life, for there is only life.
It is day 7 and my routine is becoming normal again. I wake up early, usually around 3am. Today I was able to sleep in and get up at 4:45am. Then I go to starbucks armed with everything I need to get in as many hours of possible of thing things I need to do for work as well as the things I love to do. So here I sit again. By the end of the day I begin to tire. I do not allow myself to nap as that makes my sleep cycle much less stable which I do not prefer. I wish to keep my early rising at the cost. I tried blogging last night and noticed distinctly the feeling of my spiritual ...   read more

Questions of strictness / detox pendulum   9 y  
Let us be gentle and learn to run a marathon. And if we cannot run the whole way, let us finish together. In Peace
I have experienced all types of fasting now for 23 years and continue to learn. As a self proclaimed ”thinker” that entitles me to nothing other than the expectation to be just that. Anyone who is open minded and willing to knock on hard stone doors until their knuckles become raw just to make sure no one is home I would consider the same. We can be stubborn in our pursuit but love being flexible in our thoughts. Just when I think one thing, I am happy to modify it and add another. There is only one thing I am absolutely certain of, yet that has nothing to do with a reality than can ...   read more

Fasting TIP #1 - understanding attrition   9 y  
For this we walk on. We defy attrition as we have shined in the face of darkness only to smile. For that which is greater than us do we survive what some cannot understand.
After my last post I felt the desire to talk about something that has helped me greatly in the past and something that will make or break me in this fast. We are used to moving outside to get things. We are used to action and results. Close our eyes for a moment and imagine everything outside that we want. The images of cars, time with our children, a hot dog... whatever they may be. They are out there. Fasting trains the mind whether someone wishes this to be trained or not. It takes away one of the most primary fundamental outlets of what our consciousness attunes to throughou ...   read more

My Fasting result will be:   9 y  
Amen to our health and let us not get torn down after periods where the wind that pushed us from behind subsides.
  read more

34 Day Water Fast - Day 6 update   9 y  
My energy is high and I feel very social, which seems like a natural balancing act after deeper connection and solitude.
*Note I am posting my journal from the last few days. Fast April 2015. 3/30/15 Monday – Day 4 I am on day 4 of a 34 day water fast. I like to break it into “chunks” of time to make the fast a little more maneagable in terms of goals, so I have divided every day into 4 x 6 hour blocks, meaning there are 4 chunks in a day. I have completed a 28 day water fast and multiple 21 day water fasts over the years (about 6). Now I set a record in both days and hopefully in my quest to optimum health. Today is March 30th, the second to last day of the month before I begin to go throug ...   read more

Electric Ocean   9 y  
Luckily for all of us, truth is not proprietary.
I thought of a few possible titles. Nothing other than an old Cult song, and one of my favorites from the 8th grade, “Electric Ocean”, was dusted off from the upstairs memory banks. I will summarize what this place is to me for no reason other than I enjoy the topic. It would not have, or would need, an official title. To say it is an actual place would be highly contested amongst many, but contending it is a place to one will likely be found acceptable. It can be a state found in dreams as equally it can be reached during what we refer to as awake. It is alive and can be seen ...   read more

Introduction   9 y  
Though this is a blog there is only a silence as I sit here, alone. Seemingly alone anyway but only as alone as anyone else would accept if this could be possible to begin with.
This is not my first time staring at a blank page and attempting to paint my dreams, thoughts, and prayers while watching black lines dare to create colorful paintings. So to clarify and make this easy for myself without excuses I will write what rests in me. I will write what makes me soar as it equally soars through me as I know no other way. If you find things here that are beautiful, then it is not mine but ours as real beauty is always only shared unlike most things of this world. It may help you to understand a little bit about my writing style if you read my posts. In many ...   read more


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