Water Fast for Spiritual and Health Renewal
by bluesky68

Feb 14th   8 y  
water fast, spiritual fast
Iím going strong on the water fast restarted 10 days ago. Daily regime of enzymes, probiotics, antifungal supplements and enemas are keeping any toxic backlash at bay. The amount of stuff coming out with the enemas is nasty. I read that many with candida also have parasites, so I added some anti-parasite supplements and 2 x PB drinks a day to help flush out intestines & colon although I use less than 1 tablespoon of whole psyllium husk at a time. I am also alternating some of the antifungal supplements, since candida can become resistant. Iíve had energy to work daily and take long wa ...   read more

Feb 9th   8 y  
An update on restarting a water fast
It was more difficult mentally to restart the water fast. For a few days, I fasted during the day yet had an evening meal of lean meat, mainly wild caught fish. However hunger faded away and its been a now a week since I last ate. Iím taking probiotics, enzyme supplements, and Candigone. I try to remember to take some coconut oil as a natural antifungal supplement. Iíve started daily ACV enemas and the biofilm coming out has gone from flakes to some strands. I know some will say that I am not truly water fasting because of the supplements, however this balance works for me spiritually ...   read more

End of Day 24   8 y  
An update on day 24
A lot has happened in the last 10 days - steps back and steps forward. I went to a clinic that tested for food allergies & food intolerances, and was told that fasting the day of the test was okay, but testing in the midst of a long fast may result in false positives. So I while I was debating whether to interrupt the fast or not, an unexpected family event happened & I was not mentally prepared to say no to the food or think up an excuse to avoid the event. I ended up breaking the fast on Day 16. I got tested on Day 20, however I didnít get tested for specific food intolerances, bec ...   read more

Day 14   8 y  
Update on Day 14 of a water fast
After 13 days I am down 21 lbs. My weight loss is trending 1 day even, 2 days drop. Iíve had bigger drops in the initial phase of a water fast, however I remind myself that each lb down now is primarily fat. Detox symptoms have been tolerable so far; boredom is an issue in the evenings. Normal evenings are spent with friends, watching tv or reading. I donít want to go to a restaurant or bar. I lack concentration to read and I simply lack interest in watching tv. Its pathetic when an enema becomes a highlighted event. Since the primary purpose of this fast is spiritual, I have ...   read more

Day 12   8 y  
Update aver 11 days water fast
Going strong and so far the detox symptoms are manageable. I have a coated tongue and severe cotton mouth. Brushing the tongue only provides temporary relief. After 11 days I am down 19lbs. There are moments that it feels that I need to take a bowel movement, but so far nothing. No hunger pains - I was able to walk by homemade chocolate chip cookies at work without a blink.   visit the page

Some additional comments   8 y  
An explanation as to why I am blogging about my 100 days of fasting, beginning with a 40 day water fast.
Okay, 3rd entry to start off this blog today. While I was walking the dog, I thought of 2 issues I need to address to myself. 1. Why am I blogging at Cure Zone about a spiritual fast? I have a separate journal to record daily Scripture passages, reflections and meditations. The problem is that during a water fast, detox symptoms and weight loss become hard to ignore, and end up consuming my daily time with God & fill the journal. So I plan to blog fast & detox here, and keep my handwritten journal focused on spiritual renewal. 2. As stated I am planning a 40 day water fast stopp ...   read more

Day 8   8 y  
My comments on the first week of a water fast
I have felt a call to fast mainly for spiritual reasons, yet the Lord knows there is a big health reason. I am obese. Seems like when I was negotiating the start of the fast with God, I binged on holiday junk food and reached my heaviest ever. Starting weight: 250lbs 5í10Ē female mid-40s Day 8: 235lbs Iíve stated this as a water fast, however I have had squeezed fresh lemon juice in hot water each day. No honey or other sweetener. I am drinking distilled water (room temperature) throughout the day. Iíve noticed that I have to force myself to pour a glass, yet end up chugging 2 gla ...   read more

A choice to fast   8 y  
My reason to start a water fast
After putting off the call to fast until after the holidays, I began January 2nd on what I plan as a 40 day water fast primarily for spiritual reasons. Iíve fasted in the past 12 years 28, 21, 14 and 10 days. Based on the saying, any fool can fast yet it takes a wise person to break the fast, then I admit that Iíve been an idiot in the past. For the past decade, Iíve been drifting spiritually and unfocused mentally, allowing my physical senses to dominate. As a result I allow petty external/environmental cues to dominate my life and end up making poor choices that negatively impact my ...   read more


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