Twisting the Cat’s Tale
by Savagegrace

m.i.c.k.e.y m.o.u.s.e.   8 y  
Less than a month to freedom.
As I leave the house heading to work, a car at the end of my street (almost always a different car) takes off like a bat from hell. They or another one (or more) will do a passive block (or acclamation to cause an accident) as I drive to the freeway. Sixteen miles from home, I glance to the right and scan the on-ramp. It’s one of those that has no traffic because it’s a dead end. A dull black truck with an insignia I can’t make out is parked far down the slope of the on-ramp. If its a police car and doesn’t move before I lose sight of it, there’s less than a 10 percent chance it will co ...   read more

Story I   8 y  
Things that happened and could have happened.
The Walrus, Grace, you’re over due. Too true, but it’s been hectic, my operation, the wife’s operation. She’s had serious complications I’m afraid and they’re ongoing. Still doing their BS while you’re going though that? Oh my yes, even stepping up their game. Multiple teams on the road stalking and harassing. Phone calls again, I’m told ”He” told ”them” to only call once each. However, not to bright about telling them what phones ”not” to use. It includes the pharmacy, hospital and Dr offices as well. Aren’t the Doctors and nurses afraid of losing their licenses? People will always ...   read more

Ted, Sting, creativity & 1 trick pony's   8 y  
Creativity, or modernizing lone-wolf terrorism. Only Losers go to Syria.
Grace? I look up as the Walrus hits the spray paddle. The spray dies and he continues. I’ve been catching up on my Ted videos and I don’t understand Sting’s 10 year ”writers block”. I smile, it’s a mind consensus thought. Fat is bad for you, ”Oh, I can’t be creative on demand, I have writers block”. Fat is not bad for you and creativity is a process that can be easily learned but more importantly, it is NOT done in a sterile environment. The fact that it took him 10 years to ”overcome” a writers block explains why a lot of people are 1 trick pony’s. They all believe creativity i ...   read more

RoadHogs! Now that's funny....;-)   9 y  
Vignettes and warrants galore! Kinda long.
Greets and Salutations! A little of this, a little of that. - In ”The delay?” I tell about the hill incident. The following morning as I approach the same area, a speeding car coming from an adjoining on-ramp passes me on the way up the hill. I tag them with a 96% chance of being stalkers. They get about half a mile ahead of me and dodge around several cars, attempting to hide from my view, then proceed to sandbag, allowing me, within a couple of minutes, to catch up with them. I allow them to remain in front of me and indeed they contrive to block my getting around them. A large t ...   read more

Attempted murder at Lost Wages?   9 y  
Wow, what an unfun place. Thank you Homeland bitches.
So I tell a particular person about going to a certain casino. We wait a week before my wife gets reservations. She tells the person 3 times the dates wanted, it’s repeated back to her. She upgraded the room to wireless so we could watch our dog at the kennel she was being bordered at. She made a firm point about it. She doesn’t receive an email the following day showing we have a reservation. She contacts them again and they show us being there the day before we’re suppose to arrive. Had we shown up we would not have had reservations as they would have been cancelled the day before for ...   read more

The delay?   9 y  
Never say, "Things can always get worse!", they just might.
Sadly, after a couple of weeks, the relief from pain my wife had is quickly diminishing. Another surgery is needed (not related to her back) but we had to wait on breast exam results due to bad news about a ”mass”. Also the possibility of colon cancer. Bad news after bad news after more bad news, I feel so bad for my wife. I get home and she tells me about her trip home from the doctor about a nut driver who was veering in front of her, hitting the brakes and doing sudden turns without using the blinker. Because this happens to me everyday going to and from work I do not tell her ...   read more

Finally, the End is near.   9 y  
See the little piggies, running scared.
Greets, The epidural my wife got seems to be holding. So we can now initial the lawsuits and move. It’s been a long time coming. Between 2 knees and a hip surgery it just hasn’t been possible for her to do a major move or even travel very far. We did a sting at Lost Wages and needless to say they took the chum not realizing it had been poisoned. The next several days should be really, really cool. Well, not for them. Everything should be wrapped up by the end of November. I’ll be giving you a breakdown over the next few days on how we’ve baited them to go further ...   read more

Trippin' with the self-righteous.   9 y  
I shall overcome!
So a couple of weeks ago another attempt to get me in an accident. In the 4 miles to the freeway I have a TT car sandbaggin’ me all the way there. I get ahead of the car before we get to the last couple of lights, as the driver is setting a sedate pace. The light turns green and I head across the intersection towards a long line of cars waiting to turn onto the freeway. The lane next to me is empty or was, should I say, as the sandbagger is now doing ~70, cuts over in front of me and slams on the brakes. What’s weirder, a high end car has suddenly appeared in the empty lane, he to, has hi ...   read more

Car accident anyone?   9 y  
Odds are the officer that showed up spearheaded your accident.
A dark Friday morning with no moon, early enough to get ahead of what would become a slow moving parking lot. A license plate I saw years ago described it best ”FN91”. Once again my driving skills allowed me to get ahead of one of their cars laying in wait. I had completely bypassed the long line of cars waiting to get on the freeway. The car was hanging several car lengths behind me. Odd, no headlights and the damn thing was painted flat black. This thing wasn’t hard to see, it was next to impossible. I toggled my lights off and on to see if the driver wasn’t aware and would switch the ...   read more

Death, this way comes.   9 y  
A temporal displaced conversation with the Walrus.
Or perhaps, early retirement with the Walrus. Plop.....Bam! ”I told you”, the walrus smooched the mister lever with its nose. A soft hiss and a cloud of vapor enveloped my friend. Sigh, with his whiskers peaked up and out like a cats, he’d been complaining about a ”sawing” itchy feeling. I did due diligence but no parasites were to be found. Now it was obvious he’d been feeling ultrasonic shearing forces of ”something” going bad. I looked at the nexus chronograph, crap, we had slid 75 days uptime from relative. A klaxon went off, oh hades and double crap, the ”NEED REPAIR” be ...   read more

Minus 2 years - Lies 4 Money   10 y  
See this badge? When I lie, you'll believe me.
Day 4 counting down. Unless specifically told to do so, I neither answer the phone, go get mail or open the front shutters in my office. From day one living here we’ve had 2 crank calls per week. Innocuous for the most part. No threats. Nothing we could ask anybody to do something about, yes, we have an unlisted number. So I’m told to go out and get the mail, I’m cutting directly across the street. A child, a young girl is going past the mailbox. Even at our closest we’re about 30 feet apart. She starts running. I continue to the mailbox. No biggie, right? The ca ...   read more

Hate Crimes or Trailer Trash Fun & Games   10 y  
Odd acts of violence? Merely "bad" people being harassed incessantly.
Day 5 counting down. They have a map, there are several hundred dots showing the locations of them ”showing up”. They’ve told themselves it’s legal as they do it one time (officially) in every new area I go to. Funny how conspiracy, stalking and outright lies are now legal. Thanks Homeland InSecurity. That’s odd, our map has thousands of dots. Most within 3 blocks of our house. Look at that! Several hundred on the freeways to and from work. Isn’t that illegal and just plain dumb? But they don’t just ”show up”. My wife and I are eating at a restaurant 400 miles from home. An office ...   read more

The 10 year plan – Part I   10 y  
You can pay me now or you can pay me later, but the price will be high indeed.
Day 6 counting down. Well, originally it was the 5 year plan, however, flexibility with your plan is what makes it successful! It took 3 years before the police owned security company became involved. There had been no real problems till they got a 6 month try out contract from the association. So, I’m cutting back sword plants at the front of the house. The security car rolls slowly towards my house, unaware of the super peripheral vision I have. I adjust the stool to make the off duty officer driving the car, think I didn’t see him. Not 2, not 3 but 5 times he drive ...   read more

Hospital Hijack – 3 counts of attempted murder   10 y  
To Protect & Serve - But only if it benefits us
Day 7 counting down. In the wee morning hours I wake to a faint calling of my name. I find my wife laying on the hard tile floor of our guest bathroom unable to move. A puddle of congealed blood 6 inches in diameter shows the seriousness of the head strike. An eternity passes before the EMT’s show up and strap her to a board. This is the third time in 5 weeks she’s been rushed to the hospital. Her blood pressure medicine hasn’t been working. The lead EMT refuses to take her to our hospital. So? Over the years she’s been taken at least 5 times, never to have this ref ...   read more

Time Warp – Nov. 14 2013 - Morning Joe   10 y  
The truth about Trayvon Martin.
Day 8 counting down. (1st person because it fits the emotional context.) Mika and Zimmerman are on one side of the table, I’m sitting across from Zimmerman. Joe is out because of my conditions of this get together. The man simply doesn’t know when to shut up. Rev Al Sharpton, whose presence is another of my conditions, wonders why he was asked to be here. He was discreetly maneuvered to an adjoining sitting area so Zimmerman wouldn’t see him. The sitting areas wall TV, displays the show. I’d told the producers to have a separate cameras recording both their faces s ...   read more

Don't Worry, Be Happy. Bah humbug!   12 y  
...brings thoughts of killing the Guy...
For some, it brings thoughts of killing the Guy who wrote and sang that song.....;-) For those who are healthy, it’s a hell of a lot easier to be Happy! Yes, the majority of people can in fact decide to be ”upbeat” most of the time. However, there can be real causes of various dark doldrums. Lack of good fats, vitamin deficiency, medication, Splenda, childhood imprinting etc. Ask any addict of drugs or alcohol and you’ll find out the Merry Season isn’t so Merry for a lot of them. It can be the harbinger of oh so dark thunderheads. A real eye opener is the The Amen Clin ...   read more

God's Sandbox   12 y  
God..."front man of known personage"
As I’ve stated before, meditation can be used for many things and in many ways. During what I call my New Age period, I read a lot of ”out there” books and some not so out there. It also included several types of bodywork’s. A chiropractor who would hold your feet, come up with a word, go to your head and press different areas of the skull while you related the word to your world experience. This caused imprints to be eliminated. I use to get uptight at work, it would cause my lower jaw to shift forward to the point of not being able to close my teeth together. This no longer occurs, ...   read more

On Breath and Meditation   12 y  
Or....of blindness and death.
It was about a decade ago that I started meditating. I remember lying down on the bed and doing.... slow.... aware.... in.... and.... out.... breathing.... exercises. Every cell in my body started screaming! Talk about pain! Guess what? Your body does appreciate that you ”STOP” and listen to it once in a while. I never had that pain again, but WOW! It was incredible. I’ve tried various breathing, walking etc exercises over time. I’m not a regular meditate-or by any means, you don’t need to be, but it’s best if you are. It does exercise the brain in a completely d ...   read more

Ode to Fravia   12 y  
And his greatest failure.
On Sunday, 3rd May 2009 Fravia passed away. I believe it was in ’97 that I came across Fravia’s reverse engineering site. I remained a lurker for almost a year before starting to post, as I really had no skills to benefit what he and his followers did. The gist of it? Fravia was about expanding people’s ability to think. He started with software reversing (which was reversed itself to help software developers understand the limits of software protection), going into internet searching which blended into Reality Reversing. There are essays from slavemaster reversing, philo ...   read more

What is True Health?   12 y  
Take "Stay Well Days", not "Sick Days"!!!
Greetings and Salutations Dear Hearts! Would you agree that most people have the belief that they must be ”fairly” healthy if they’re ”not sick”? Or they must be ”fairly” healthy if they only get sick once or twice a year. Sadly, the majority of people don’t understand ”how” to view ”Health”. ”Health” should be viewed as the ability of BOTH, body and mind to handle stress. If your liver or gall bladder are congested you may get Seasonal allergies. Simply means you don’t have the ”stress” overhead to handle the extra toxins. You have a verbal fight with a relative and ” ...   read more

This blog isn't about you.   12 y  
My posts may be dangerous to your mental structure.
Reprise.... Two hoes bit the moist earth as one. JanNar maintained a steady rhythm, her forward motion in sync with her breathing. KeTaRo wove a double then triple movement within JanNar’s strokes, but always biting the ground in the same instant. KeTaRo’s hoe sliced the earth without the slight sound of the second hoe. He paused and glanced back. JanNar was leaning on her hoe, intently watching a wisp as it cut across the field. The wisp floated towards JanNar and began to whisper, as it did so it’s shape changed. It became humanoid in form....but featureless, the face a smooth b ...   read more


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