Blog: Twisting the Cat’s Tale
by Savagegrace

Story I

Things that happened and could have happened.

Date:   4/3/2015 1:19:25 PM   ( 7 y ) ... viewed 956 times

The Walrus, Grace, you're over due.

Too true, but it's been hectic, my operation, the wife's operation. She's had serious complications I'm afraid and they're ongoing.

Still doing their BS while you're going though that? Oh my yes, even stepping up their game. Multiple teams on the road stalking and harassing. Phone calls again, I'm told "He" told "them" to only call once each. However, not to bright about telling them what phones "not" to use. It includes the pharmacy, hospital and Dr offices as well. Aren't the Doctors and nurses afraid of losing their licenses? People will always justify themselves as "good" people. Even if it gets people killed.

So! Here's your first story, not polished as I would like, but I think it will get the job done.

Present Day:

Agent Hotchner viewed the wreckage. It included 2 school buses and three passenger cars. The bodies numbered 117 children and five adults. The majority were nothing but charred remains. The driver who caused the accident had crossed two lanes of oncoming traffic onto the shoulder, escaping any injury. Unfortunately, a passenger car slammed on its brakes to prevent being hit. He was being followed by the two buses. All were doing about 15 miles above the speed limit and following too close together. The first bus smeared the car, the 2 buses collided and burst into flames, taking out 2 other cars. The driver who caused the crash? Agent Hotchner knew the driver. He also knew he wasn't responsible.

3 Days earlier:

To get a clearer view, Agent Hotchner walked away from the security gates and the 6 cars involved. At the end of the short block he turns around. On the left is a large high end truck, the driver had been hit twice. According to the victim, it had been blocking the exit gate from the community.

To the right was a center median containing flowers, further right in the median, a column with keypad, to punch in a code and open the entry gate. 2 suvs were sitting right of the keypad, blocking the entry. Behind them the vic's car, behind it a van. On the other side of the entry gate sat a security car.

Except for the vic and the driver of the van, a black woman, all drivers were dead. The driver of the security car was a local police officer, who, according to the van's driver had set the entire thing up. She'd had to write out what happened as an icepick thru the throat put a damper on talking. She was lucky.

Her job was to come up behind His car and block it between the 3 vehicles with the 4th preventing the exit gate being accidentally open at the time and allowing him an opportune escape path.

According to her, the drivers of the 2 suvs had taken the time to make their bumpers flush. Not realizing it would get both of them killed. He had stopped 4 feet from the 2 cars, as she came within 20 feet he floored it and rammed them, causing both airbags to deploy. He then reversed and rammed her van with the same result.

Hotchner walked it through in his mind, seeing if all the points alined. His airbag didn't deploy (why not?), he grabbed an auto-punch his "girl scout" wife had him put in both cars years ago and an icepick from a lunch cooler (odd that). He got out and ran to the van, took her out first by auto-punching the driver's window and stabbing her thru the neck with the icepick.

He then ran to the furthest right of the 2 suvs and opened the passenger side door. Found a gun on the passengers seat, which turned out to be a throw away. If he had brought the gun, he would have shot the van's driver. Both drivers were still struggling with the airbags. But it wouldn't have mattered, they had boxed themselves in so neither drivers door could be opened to allow escape. He fired 2 shots, one to the head of the first driver. Then pushed the gun between the driver and airbag, firing. Another head shot.

He exited and fired 2 shots into the teenager driving the truck blocking the exit. The kid was young enough that he was probably in shock before realizing he needed to escape. Giving the vic time to take him out.

Agent Hotchner placed himself where those shots were fired and looked right, looking past the security gate maybe a 100 feet away was an intersection. The security car came from the left and from this vantage, the vic was able to see the front bumper of the car but the driver wasn't able to see him. The trucks tires blocked any view of his legs or shoes.

The row of houses, the windows rolled up and the AC on, had blocked the sounds of the shots. The officer drove up to the entrance gate, and at that time, most likely saw the deployed airbags. With 2 shots remaining, the vic rolled under the exit gate, rose and fired. Blowing out the passenger window, hitting the officer in the shoulder, the second followed, smashing though his skull.

Present Day:

The List came from toll road records. They checked the 12 cars before and after his car went though a toll booth. At first they did 6 months, found connections, went to 20 cars ahead and following, went back a year, added yet more names to the list, again, another year and so on.

Checking dashboard cams and cellphone videos, 3 cars had pulled over that the drivers or the cars were on the list. They had caused the horrific accident.

The Walrus looked up. Grace? Do they have any idea how screwed they are if something now happens? Well, I say, you would think that a truly "good" person would contact the F.B.I. and let them know how out of hand this has become. I mean, the nurse that hurt my wife by intentionally inflating a catheter in her urethra should go to prison for committing a hate crime. At the very least lose her license as a nurse.

Ah well, I know you like gross, so you'll love the next story. Yes? How about a child's brain on the grill of an In&Out grilling with those animal style onions! You wouldn't believe what they did to the burger, along with the 30 minute wait. But wait, which would you prefer? McDonalds, Target, Olive Garden, Panda Express? I've had it happen at all. Remember the kid that said he was being poisoned at McDonald's and, I can't remember if he shot the place up or did something else. Well, he really was being poisoned!

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