30 day water fast
by miatay76

Update Da 10   12 y  
Update waterfast
So I am happy to say I broke my fast...I plateaued at 175.9 for a couple of days, which was really rough when your only drinking water. lol After seeking advice from some people in the waterfast support forum..I was told I would be very dissapointed on a water fast for 30 days for weight loss. I mean I had my other reasons for fasting but weight loss was the main reason. So seven days on water was an interesting experience; and making the decision to end it is bitter sweet. Funny thing is after breaking the fast on fruit, I went down 2 lbs! This morning I weighed in at 173! It was great b ...   read more

Day 7   12 y  
Day 7 30 day water fast
I am feeling good this morning. Started drinking more water which is helping. Trying to get in 6-10 12 ounce glasses everyday now. Dark urine is a sign of dehydration. Since Iím not having carbs or sugars to retain water,the more water the better to prevent that. Iíve lost about 20lbs and I canít believe the difference 20lbs has made. I look so much better in my clothes. Stomach is much flatter, skin is smooth and glowing! Double chin is going away! lol I think my last week of the fast Iím going to juice and exercise. Iíve heard some horror stories of people who water fast and gain 9 ...   read more

Day 6   12 y  
Day 6 30 day water fast
Day 6 and Iím feeling ok today. walked for half an hour on the teadmil already and did a few reps with 10lbs weights. Trying to take advantage when I have energy yesterday I was feeling so sick to my stomach and very, very tired. pretty much laid in bed most of the day and did nothing. Down only .7 lbs today. Going to keep at it though. Iíve been fantasizing about food the past few days, but for some reason today the thought of food makes me sick. The though of alcohol makes me really sick! Who would of ever thought! Thatís about all thatís going on with me for now. Have a geat Sunda ...   read more

Day 5   12 y  
Day 5 of 30 day water fast
Day 5 and I have no energy, compared to yesterday I was full of energy. I was too tired to blog this morning but had to work a couple of hours(blah!) but I am up and blogging now. Iím down 2 pounds so that was inspiring. My weight went along with my energy. lol I guess you gotta take the good with the bad. Not really craving anything now. Last night my boyfriend was eating a plate of food, smelled so good. Had me dreaming about food, but again no desire to actually eat. I would be crazy to eat something after putting in all this work! Friday nights are going to be a bore until the fast ...   read more

Day 4   12 y  
Day 4 of 30 day water fast
Day 4 of my 30 day water fast. I have to say I am not hungry at all this morning. Then again I was never really hungry in the morning. Hunger always hit me hard in the evenings. On this fast Iíve had some hunger pangs, but nothing as bad as I thought it would be. For some reason I have alot of energy. probably because around day 3 or 4 the body holds onto fat reserves as a survival mechanism. Then the weight just comes of after that. So Today Iím down 1 pound instead of the average 2 iíve been losing. But that is ok because i feel so much better. No more night sweats, acid reflux, breat ...   read more

Day 3   12 y  
Day 3 of 30 day water fast
Day 3 of my water fast and I donít think I have ever been more focused or on track with anything. Yesterday, work went fine. I had enough energy to sustain me through the day. I became tired in the evening so rested most of the evening. Tried to watch a movie but I passed out as soon as it started. Much needed rest. Woke up with energy. Walked 1 mile on the treadmil and did a few repitions with 10 pound weights. nothing too strenuous. Fantisized about food last night too but no desire to actually eat anything. Just a fantasy for now lol Anyway, feeling good this morning. I am so h ...   read more

Day 2   12 y  
Day 2 of my 30 day water fast
Day 2 and I am excited that I made it! yesterday, late afternoon into the evening was rough. I became tired and a little light headed. Drinking more water did make me feel better. When I got home from work I made dinner for the kids. That was rough too! lol I made them cheeseburgers and fries (sorry to mention food on here) Normally on any other diet I would tell myself I can eat a handful or take a couple of bites then end up eating everything! This time I did not touch not even 1 french fry! I weighed in this morning it was so worth not eating. After putting them to bed i rested for t ...   read more

Day 1   12 y  
day 1 30 day water fast
Day 1 184.3 lbs 5í5Ē Today is day 1 of my 30 day water fast. I have to say Iím feeling really good about it. Right now I am not having any cravings for sugar, carbs or alcohol. 1 week ago I started a very strict diet on pineapple, lots of greek yogurt, alittle tuna with whole grain crackers. I was also been running 2-3 mile on the treadmil. In that week I lost 9 lbs. I went from 193 to 184 and I feel great. I was going to go longer with that diet but I am listening to my body. I am ready to fast. Looking foward to seeing how the rest of the week goes. Have a great day!   visit the page


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I am starting a 30 day fast Ēwater only tomorrow.Ē I have gained 50lbs in the past 2 years. My very poor diet and drinking led too weight gain, mood swings and some depression. For the past week Iíve been eating extremely healthy, stopped eating fast food, started exercising again and stopped drinking completely. Iíve already seen a difference in my health, body and mood. Not only am I happier, but my relationship and family life has also improved greatly in such a short period of time. I am taking this step further with water fasting along with prayer. I have done a 15 day juice fast befÖ more...

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