My Journey toward better and healthier living
by Sacristia

Update - June 24, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my journey toward healthly living.
I have been thinking that if would have been on vacation for 2 weeks when I was fasting during detox time, I might have made it past day 13. I am serious thinking about scheduling my next fast so that my vacation falls around the day 13 so I might get past the hardest part of a water fast. I can’t remember how I did it last time I fasted in 2006. Oh well. I have been focusing on healthy eating and reading what veggies are high in fiber so that I can still be cleaning out my system until I am ready to fast again. I really would love to fast until completion, but it is really up to what m ...   read more

I had to end my fast - June 24, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my fasting journey and steps toward healthy eating.
I ended my fast Tuesday morning, June 22, 2010 after being up at late Monday and that night vomiting mucus and water to the point I couldn’t keep down a little bit of water. I was starting to get lightheaded and when I tried to sleep all I had horrible nightmares. I had to resort to buying some my pedialite mixed bit a bit of water to keep anything down. I was so weak, that I almost fainted in the parking lot of the grocery store after buying my pedialite. When I was feeling a little bit better, I went to the grocery store and bought some watermelon, grapes, carrots, apples and some oth ...   read more

Day 12 - June 21, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my fasting journey
It was a horrible horrible day. I was up most of the night getting sick after I drank any water at all. It was filled with mucus and what I learned today also bile. I never had this problem the last time I fasted. I went to work feeling a bit better, I sipped water very sparingly, but still I got sick twice while at work and finally went home because I was so weak. So when I got home at 10:00 a.m. I had a 2 ounces of cranberry juice which I sipped slowly. I was able to keep that down. I finally got some sleep. When I tried to drink some cold water, I got sick again, which was filled ...   read more

Day 11 - June 20, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my fasting journey
Weak, weak, weak. That is all I feel any more. This weekend I spend most of it laying in bed relaxing and sleeping since, I wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and can’t get back to sleep until about 7 a.m. I have to get a handle on this before work in the morning. My boss is sure to noticed my slow movements and restless nature (which I get when I am in any kind of discomfort) My back hurts all the time when I sit. My best friend suggested taking a pillow with me to place in my lumber section to help with my pain. She said it sitting up straight hurts and slouching to trying to get rid of ...   read more

Day 10 - June 19, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my fasting journey
Last night was hard. I gave myself an enema because the detox symtoms were just horrible. Drinking water was just not doing it anymore so I knew I had some toxic in my that needed out. I had a lot of cramping but when it was all over, I emptied my intestine and bowel out of a good amount. More then I thought I would have had. I feel better immediatedly! I still tossed and turned in the night. My normaly sleep position laying on my left side, with most of my body resting on my body pillow didn’t seem to give me peace or bring in sleep like it used to. I found sleeping on my stomach or ev ...   read more

Day 8 & 9- June 17,18, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my fasting journey
Ta-DA! I am back. I had to take a day off of posting because I was in Pataskala with my Gramdma Mert, and My mother who is moving to Michigan. There were no wireless hot spots where my grandma lived so I couldn’t update. But I am doing great! It was very hard, because my mother was trying to get me to eat several times. Late Wednesday I just didn’t go with my Grandma and my mother for dinner. I pled a sour stomach, which I had. The next morning wasn’t as easy, I went with them and I told them food just turned my stomach so badly, which it has been. Sometimes watching people eat just ma ...   read more

Day 7 - June 16, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my fasting journey
I was not active at all yesterday. My heart was not in it at all. My fast has been hard for me, as I am detoxing slowly, so I kind of feel horrible and then P. drops a bomb on me while I am at work. He texts me and says he is going to be out of town for a couple days and will probably be back on Sunday. It made me very nervous and emotional, because it is getting closer and closer to him leaving, which I can find a way to prepare for. I felt so drained, a bit nauseous when I got home and then finding that he took almost all the things he owned with him, made my system feel even worse t ...   read more

Day 6 - June 15, 2010   14 y  
My daily Journey as I under take my water fast
My fast is doing okay at the moment. I had a lot of nausea yesterday, but I think I realized why. It is my ketones, but the more active I am the more of those ketones flood my body, causing the nausea. Around 5 p.m. I checked my ketones that they still were in the high range of 80. When I went home yesterday and relaxing in bed, I felt so much better and I didn’t get nauseous once. I didn’t have to drink water as often to dilute the ketones. Actually, I don’t think I drank more 8 ounces of water in 7 hour period before I went to bed. I still sleep a like around 8 pm, but it was just a sho ...   read more

Day 5 - June 14, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my water fast.
Today is going okay so far. When I woke up I felt pretty good, with no nausea. My tongue is still coated white and I had a horrible taste in my mouth. Yuck! I felt a little bit better after I brushed them. I noticed last night as I was changing in my pajamas that I had 5 reddish blemishes popping up. 3 of them were just below my neck line. Another one on my neck and I also found one on my upper thigh. I didn’t have these before so I know it is the beginning of detox time for me. I went and bought some ketone strips at Walmart yesterday so I could have them on hand so I could check my fa ...   read more

Day 4 - June 13, 2010   14 y  
My daily diary of my water fast
Today I feel really sick and nausous. I felt fine this morning. Actually I had alot of energy when I woke up. I did some body brushing after I took my shower. My tounge is coated and I have a nasty taste in my mouth, which only brushing my teeth a couple times a day will get rid of. I have also noticed I can taste my filling in my upper tooth. It taste metallic which is nasty as well. I don’t know if my ketones are high because I have no ketone strips to use to see how high they are. I felt really ill when I was at my friend’s old house, which was mildewy and moldy. The smell was just m ...   read more

3 day - June 12, 2010   14 y  
daily blogs of my fasting journey
I made it though the 3 day without any issues or really problems. I had a slight sour stomach, but that is normal for me when I have fasted in the past. I was a bit tired last night as I am tonight as well. I was very active today as I went to visit my Generic Dad and my Grandma Mert. I was planning on staying home and resting, but I had alot of nervous energy so I went to visit them. I feared how I might get out of eating with them if they decided to take me out to eat, but I was lucky that it didn’t happen. My Generic dad got bored and wanted to go to the Casino, so I went with ...   read more

Day 2 - June 11, 2010   14 y  
Summary of my day to day fast
I had wanted to do a fast in the last month or so, because I could feel myself becoming toxic with all the bad eating I had done over the Christmas/winter season. It hasn’t helped that P. eating preferences are different then mine. In the 10 months he has lived with me, I have gained weight due to his choice of foods when he cooks dinner. He is a more of a hamburger/beans/pasta type of guy and I have always been fish/chichen/veggies and fruits type of woman. So I would eat what he made, which was delicious, but caused me to gain weight beause it too many carbs for my body to burn. Espec ...   read more


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